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Effects Of Violent Video Games Young People Essay

Paper Type: Free Essay Subject: Young People
Wordcount: 1590 words Published: 1st Jan 2015

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In the last several years the television debate has been extended to video games, many of which involve aggression. Several articles have recently reported that video games may have negative effects on children’s aggression and desensitization to violence. Children can enjoy them in moderation while they are also participating in easy activities that enlighten them, provide physical and mental exercise. The laws should be passed to ban the advertisement of violent video games.

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Anyone who has ever watched a crowd of teenagers gathered around a video screen. Some of New Jersey’s high school students spend at least three hours surfing the Internet or playing video games on an average school day (New Jersey real-time). Playing video games is a point it hurts children’s social relationships, or messes with school (New Jersey real-time). Video games have replaced friends and family as the source of a person’s emotinol life. Video games become the entertainment features of our daily life(New Jersey real-time).

Video games help adults in jobs, making adults more efficient or getting adults ready for a job. It will help doctors with a surgeon’s job, like it makes doctors perform faster and make fewer errors in the surgery. The computer-based video game was rolled out as a recruitment and training tool (Doll). The marinas adapted a version of a game called “Doom” as a training device (Doll). High performance on the three video games was a greater success on the top gun test than past gaming experience (Doll). Surgeons who are whizzes at video games perform faster and with fewer errors in laparoscopic surgical training than their non-gaming surgeons. Surgeons who played video games for more than three hours a week in the past performed 42 percent better, madder 37 percent fewer errors (Doll). Video games will help adults in the military by reacting faster to targets and helping adults when their a surgeon by, making them more efficient and, making them perform better than the nongammers.

Video game players reported more depression, lower extroversion, and greater weight problem than non-players (Do video games). Many kids are spending less time exercising, and more time in front of the video game console. When people play video games they also are lazy, and don’t for hours in a day, so they don’t exercise. So they will just sit their, and more food, and get over weight.

Video games make children better with their coordination or concentration on visual details. They make have faster coordination in sports and activities children do that involve coordination. While playing a video game, kids have to watch the screen, scan the screen for enemies or objects of interest, and use their thumbs to move the analog stick to navigate on the screen (Shulman). Sports are better for general coordination and balance; video games are arguably better for improving fine motor skills. Sports have always been regarded as the best way to improve hand-eye coordination, but recently it has been proven that video games may improve it just as much, if not more than sports (Shulman). A recent study has shown that video games improve surgeon’s hand-eye coordination enough that it was recommended that surgeons play a special developed video game (Shulman). Play a video game requires kids to use your eyes to adjust the amount of force each individual finger is using while their eyes analyze (Shulman). Video games will help you develop better coordination skills and video games will not make kids over weight. It makes you see visual details much better.

The reports are the shooter Lee Boyd Malvo played the game Halo before his sniper attacks around Washington, D.C, and those columbine killers Eric Harris, and Dylan Kelbold loved Doom (McCormich). A video game connection also been dangled after past killings to the irritation of bloggers (McCormich). Violent video games graphics made more people think that the game was real, so they went out, and starting shootings.

Video games help kids release a lot of stress when their mind is focus on something else then what their mad at and, it helps when playing against their friends because they will try to beat them, it will keep their mind off their anger. While this might seem counter productive, study shows that thirty minutes of playing video games can reduce stress levels (Sanders). Video games can also reduce stress by giving the hands and mind something active (Sanders). The action of the hands combined with the mind’s concentration can make the player more awake and alert (Sanders). Some people can’t get a single day without switching on the xbox whole others would rather read or watch a movie. Recent studies show that video games may help reduce stress (Sanders). The mindless activity of punching buttons and watching the screen can effectively take the mind away from stressors and focus energy in a positive direction (Sanders). One way in which video games are supposed to relieve stress is by giving the mind a vacation (Sanders). Video games make kids less stress, so Lee starting the sniper shooting in Washington didn’t start because he was reacting the game, it because Lee was insane in the mind. Video games would of made him less stress in the mind and hands.

Violent video games are coming under increasing attack for desensitizing troubled young kids (Violent video games…). This work suggest that kids who are more immersed in violent video games may be more likely to get into physical fights, argue with the teacher, or display anger (Violent video games…). It shows that across the board, playing more violent video games predicts higher levels of verbal, and physical aggression later on. Violent video games make kids more mad, and so when someone says something to them they’re going to get into a physical fight, all because of a violent video game.

This is my best supporting argument, which video games are actually in the military training to help fly plains in the sky and take pictures in the sky of the enemies, and make quick decision in the field. The armed forces have been using war games and simulators for almost two decades (Campbell). No one wants to let a rookie fly anything as dangerous, as an F-17 until the pilot has logged some serious time on a simulator (Campbell). There was a Nintendo in seven out of the ten households that included children between the ages of eight and twelve (Campbell). When the department of defense went looking for its next generation of war technology, it took a trip to the video arcade. The video game software industry has produced shooting, flying, and fighting games that look so real they can be used for actual combat training (Campbell). The marines adapted a version of a game called doom as a training device (Campbell). The marines say players learn teamwork and decision making skills (Campbell). Video games help military get into a simulator and practice for flying and hand-to-hand combat.

The videos games help them train for when they go into the war they know what to expect for in the war.

This is why laws should be passed to ban the advertisement of violent video games, because of their violent graphics, in today’s world. Mostly my position is, if they advertise the violence the violence into video games on television, kids will want the game more if they see violence. They should ban the violent video games off the television. So they should stop advertising violent video games on television. The laws should pass the ban on advertisement on the violent video games. Because, kids don’t know the difference between real world, and just video games.

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