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The Express Tribune, December 1st, 2010 in the expectation to revitalize the tourism industry of Azad Jammu Kashmir the government is trying to catch the attention of tourist by providing them with more and up to date facilities in the region and Secretary Tourism Dr Shala Waqar, said that Prime Minister is trying to initiate more schemes in Muzaffarabad not only to catch the attention of domestic tourist but also international tourist. "We have initiated several project in order to revive the tourism industry in AJK, this is a beautiful region and increased tourism is a method of generating more revenue to maintain the region," While highlighting the ongoing projects in the region she said that currently the government is working on 16 projects, including the establishment of the Tolipir hill resort, the establishment of hill resort in Tatta Pani, development of Chikkar-Sudhangali hill resort, other accommodation facilities in AJK, publicity network in the region, Chairlift/Cable Cars, development of Dheerkot tourist resort, development of Pirchinassi hill resort, development of food points in Muzaffarabad, development of Nagaishwar tourist resort, development of road side facilities in AJK, up gradation of the tourism development master plan, building of tourist lodges at Khoiratta and the building of tourist resorts in the Neelum Valley.General Manager Pearl Continental Muzaffarabad, Aamir Kazi, while talking to media said that currently they were offering very cheap packages to promote the tourism industry in Muzaffarabad. He highlighted various aspects of the tourism industry in AJK. "Sadruddin Hashwani, Chairman Hashoo Group, has built an international standard hotel in the region to promote this area to foreigners as well as domestic tourists," Aamir Qazi said. "Muzaffarabad is one of the best places to enjoy the natural beauty and to spend time with family, I would recommend this destination to all domestic and international tourists," he said.

Sana Jamal, 06 October, 2010. Tourism Department of Government Azad Jammu and Kashmir has initiated a new campaign to catch the attention of tourists from across Pakistan to take delight in lush green valleys, glittering rivers, snow-capped and alpine mountains of the northern region of Pakistan. The latest development in this regard is a documentary competition on spectacular sites of Azad Jammu and Kashmir (AJK) in order to increase the potential of tourism in AJK. This competition has been organized by the Department of Tourism, Archaeology and Culture Government of AJK with the aim to explore and expose the hidden beauty of AJK. Department of Tourism, AJK has invited Pakistanis to share their views, ideas and information in a 5-7 minute mini documentary on the beautiful scenic sites of AJK. Documentaries can be in English or Urdu and the top 3 winning documentaries will receive catch the attention of ive cash prize of up to Rs.100, 000. The entries can be submitted to "Publicity wing" of Department of Tourism, Archaeology and Culture Government of AJK, Block 06 New Secretariat, Muzaffarabad by Oct. 20, 2010. According to the notification issued by the tourism secretariat of AJK, the offer was valid for all 42 rest houses under the administrative control of the tourism department. The offer is valid for a reservation not exceeding two nights at any particular rest house; however, after two nights at one particular place, the visitors could move ahead to any other area and enjoy the same facility there.

Balochistan Times 23 May, 2009. MIRPUR AJK AJK Azad Jammu and Kashmir

AJK Azerbaijan Journalists Confederation

..... Click the link for more information.Renowned businessman and member executive committee of AJK Chamber of Commerce and Industry Khalid Sharif Saturday has welcomed the measures being initiated by the governments of Pakistan and AJK for the promotion and uplift of the industrial and tourism sectors in Azad Jammu and KashmirJammu and Kashmir: see Kashmir.

Jammu and Kashmir

State (pop., 2001: 10,143,700), northern India. With an area of 39,146 sq mi (101,387 sq km), it occupies the southern portion of the Kashmir region of the northwestern Indian subcontinent and is

..... Click the link for more information.. He expressed the hope that the catch the attention of ive package of incentives for the intending entrepreneurs for investment in the trade and industrial sector in Azad Jammu Kashmir will help encourage local and foreign investments in these sectors. He said that the Britain-based Pakistani expatriates in general and those hailing from Azad Jammu Kashmir in particular will be persuaded to move for investments in the industrial and tourism sector in Azad Jammu Kashmir. He applauded sincere effective steps being taken by Pakistan and AJK governments to encourage and boost the industrialization industrialization

Process of converting to a socioeconomic order in which industry is dominant. The changes that took place in Britain during the Industrial Revolution of the late 18th and 19th century led the way for the early industrializing nations of western Europe and  progress and to promote the tourism industry in the liberated area. He opined latest technologies should be brought and introduced for promotion of these sectors as per lines of India, China, Latin American countries. List of American countries


 Antigua and Barbuda  Bahamas

..... Click the link for more information.Khalid Sharif said that foreign investment can flow into Pakistan including Azad Jammu Kashmir in abundance if facilitated were ensured

Tourism Neelum Valley, About 200 kilometers long the picturesque Neelum Valley is situated to the North North East of Muzaffarabad. Running parallel to the Kaghan Valley . It is separated from if only snow-covered peaks, some over 4000 meters above sea level. Excellent scenic beauty, panoramic view, towering hills on both sides of the noisy Neelum river, lush green forests, enchanting streams and catch the attention of ive surroundings make the valley a dream come true. The area is ideal for trekking. A fair weather road opens the valley to tourists upto Kel, 155 kilometers from Muzaffarabad, of which about 150 kilometers has been black topped while the remaining portion is being matalled. Buses ply daily on this rout and accommodation facilities are also available in the rest houses of places of tourist catch the attention of ion. Simple cooking facilities are available but one has to make his own arrangements for special dishes.

Hindustan Times Jun 19, 2010. MIRPUR (AJK), AJK government had inked an integrated phased plan for enhancing tourism in the State in collaboration with the private sector, and for this purpose, colossal funds were being allocated in the new fiscal year 2010-11 annual budget, official sources said. "Since bright potential coupled with favourable atmosphere is available for uplifting tourism industry in AJK".

Ahmed Khawaja, June 12, 2009. Rawalakot is a city in Azad Kashmir, and is the capital of Poonch District. It is in a saucer-shaped valley at elevation 1615 metres (5300ft). It is 76 kilometres (47 miles) from Kohala, and is also linked with Rawalpindi and Islamabad via the neighbouring districts of Azad Pattan and Tain Dhalkot,and with Muzaffarabad via Kohala and Sudhangali by asphalt roads. The main tribe of Rawalakot are the Sudhan tribe.

Rawalakot is the district headquarters and is situated in the heart of district Poonch. The altitude of this beautiful saucer-shaped valley is 1615m, and is situated 76 Km from Kohala. During summer, the place becomes full of green grass and beautiful flowers including many varieties of roses. Located 12Km from Rawalakot is Paniolla full of calm and charming characteristics. About 20Km from Rawalakot and at 1981m above sea-level is Banjosa. A very catch the attention of ive site full of scenic beauty which also houses a small lake with boating facilities. Surrounding villages include Topa Soon aka Soon Topa or just Topa, Kaimon, Thithrot, Motialmara, Trar Dewan,Chare, Chuck, Tranni, Dahmni, Pothi Bala/Makwalan, Kharek, Dreak, Banjosa, Hussainkot, Hurnamaira, Thorar, Rehara, Tain, and Pachiot. Bagh District lies to the north and Sudhnuti District lies to the south of Rawalakot. The road passing through (Jalooth)Paniola connects Rawalakot to Bagh And Muzaffarabad. While towards the West are Murree, Islamabad and Rawalpindi regions of Pakistan. Rawalakot is one of the most beautiful vallies of KASHMIR located 80 kilometers away from Rawalpindi Islamabad. It is a three and a half hour drive from Islamabad to Rawalakot. Rawlakot is also famous by the name of the "PEARL VALLEY".

Syed Khalid Saeed Bukhari 04 September 2009. Neelum is a beautiful valley containing about 370 small and large villages and near about two hundred thousand population. It starts from Chelhana and goes till Taobut 250 km long. It is named Neelum due to its river, curving like the snake with transparent sky colored water. Like any other population of the subcontinent it has the most heterogeneous population with variety of rituals, customs and traditions. The whole valley is full of beautiful and fascinating sceneries.

Neelum Valley is dipped in beauty Neelum valley about 252 km long and 3620 sq km curvature shaped with majestic pine, fir and deodar trees, lies north-south of Muzaffarabad. This ninety-mile long kingdom of vegetation is ripped apart by the indigo blue Neelum river which flows serpentinely down hills to merge itself into the river Jhelum at Domail. Domail, the confluence of two mighty rivers, presents highly fascinating scene of youthful embrace. This heart-warning spectacle is most soothing to the eye. Neelum Valley is situated to the North North East of Muzaffarabad and running parallel to the Kaghan Valley.

It is separated from it by snow covered peaks, some over 4000 meters above sea level. Excellent scenic beauty, panoramic view, towering hills on both sides of the noisy Neelum river, lush green forests, enchanting streams, high altitude lakes and catch the attention of ive surroundings make the valley a dream come true. The swaying lush green forests, snow capped mountains, streams singing songs of joy, and fast flowing river Neelum, all go together to make it naturalist's wonderland. The area is also ideal for mountain tourism. A part of Nanga Parbat gigantic falls in this area which is dominated by "Sarwaali Peak" (6326 meters) the highest mountain in Azad Kashmir. Moreover like Kaghan Valley it is famous for fishing and angling activities in Neelum river and Jagran Nullah which are stocked with trout fish. Its sole tourist catch the attention of ion is a seventeen (17) century fort built by the town's founder, a chief of the Chak tribe named Muzaffar Khan, to ward off the Mughal armies of Emperor Akbar. Neelum valley is an catch the attention of ive place for tourists due to its famous lush greenery, springs, streams, lakes and hilly and sloppy mountain

Karrar Haidri, Sep 24, 2007, In accordance with the Calendar of Activities for Visit Pakistan Year - 2007 issued by Ministry of Tourism, Government of Pakistan, Alpine Club of Pakistan organized the first ever National Mountain Marathon jointly with Tourism Department, Government of Azad Jammu and Kashmir. The objective of the Mountain Marathon were to raise awareness about Mountain Tourism in Azad Jammu and Kashmir (AJK), create linkages in Mountain Tourism between Kaghan valley and Neelum Valley, raise awareness about earthquake affected areas of AJK and NWFP and promote and engender interest towards the healthy mountain adventure sports activities amongst the youth of Pakistan, in general, and AJK in particular. The Marathon started at Kawai, Kaghan Valley, NWFP on 10th September. 150 youths including 95 youths from Azad Kashmir had applied to participate in the Marathon, however out of these 83 reported for participation at Kawai. Earlier all the participants were lodged at Muzaffarabad on 9th September from where they were taken to Kawai by special buses.



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Ejaz Ur-Rehman 2007An overview of the Forest Habitat's situation in Village Barali Kass Kotli Azad Kashmir Pakistan revealed that the area facing great forest habitat peril. Habitat loss, degradation and fragmentation are an issue of primary concern in the area of Village Barali Kass. The purpose of this study was to look at the causes which exploit these meagre and fragile forest resources in the area and what are the measures to nullify this situation.

Ejaz Ur-Rehman An Overview of Forest Habitat's Situation in Village Barali

Kass, Kotli Azad Kashmir Pakistan,Ethnobotanical Leaflets 11: 266-279. 2007.