The Tourism Industry And The Tanzanian Economy Tourism Essay

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The tourism industry is a very important sector to the economy of Tanzania. It plays a critical role in Tanzania's economic development and is a major source of foreign exchange. Additionally, it is creates thousands of jobs directly or indirectly; approximately 157,000 individuals are supported by the industry (Kweka, Morrissey and Blake, 2003). The industry helps to enhance peace and understanding at national and international levels. The government of Tanzania is the major shareholder in the tourism industry; however, to revitalize the tourism industry it has liberalized it (Kweka, Morrissey, and Blake, 2003). As a result, there has been increased investment in the sector by both local and foreign investors. Currently, the tourism industry accounts for approximately sixteen percent of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of Tanzania and estimated twenty-five percent of total export earnings (Wade, Mwasaga, and Eagles, 2001). The continued prospects of increase on the foreign exchange and the number of tourists visiting Tanzania create many investments and developments opportunities in the tourism industry. Our core business strategy is to identify the highlight places in Tanzania and build the ultimate cultural theme park, Tanzania Fantasy.

To develop Tanzania Fantasy, we target to improve the current tourist activities by making them more organized and developing new tourist attractions. The priority goal is to create more employment opportunities for both the Maasai and other local people. Creation of the employment opportunities is a very important aspect to cope with since, it directly affects the economic conditions and living standards of Tanzanians. GDP is one of the significant indicators of a country accepted worldwide; therefore, the growth of GDP remains important. Once the country has high improved its GDP, it yields positive solid results such as a reduction of crime rates and poverty among its citizens. High employment rates will directly not only help to improve the growth of GDP but also indirectly better standards of living of local people in Tanzania. Human capital is considered one of the most valuable assets for Tanzania in driving its economy to its gateway; therefore, our strategy will make this our focus. This focus will include taking into consideration of both the normal people as well as those with disabilities.

Considering the unique landscape of Tanzania, the most recognized tourist attraction is mainly recalled to its Safari and its unique local culture (Wade, Mwasaga, and Eagles, 2001). Tanzania Fantasy is developed in such a way that it creates more fun and cultural atmosphere to give the tourists a life-long memorable experience. It is divided into six sections; the show, buffet, shops, games, museum and indoor entertainment park. The construction design and architecture are out of this world, and there were abundance of activities to keep you busy while waiting for the 9pm show time. It included some very well lit, bright, and colorful shops. There is a section dedicated to carnival games and other competitive games with lots of prices to be won.

The show

The shows enlighten the tourists about the history and culture of Tanzania. The story mostly mirrored the culture of Tanzanians, their life and beliefs. The shows are excellent events for those who are interested in the Tanzanian cultures and give an inner understanding of the Tanzanian cultures. The exotic story lines that blend traditions and culture with fantasy deliver a wonderful evening event for the tourists. However, instead of having the current way of performances, the theater would make the show more organized. The audiences would be more comfortable since they do not have to stand in the sunlight while they are watching the show. Besides, they now perform both male and female dances simultaneously, which makes tourists hard to focus. They have to strive to observe both dances while standing in the sunlight, which is very hot and sweaty. Thus, the tourists get bored turn their interest to other things easily. Some tourists start to complain about the weather condition. They talked to one another more than enjoying the show.

Having a theater would also yield the advantage in terms of communication. In Tanzania, English language is considered as the second language and their pronunciation sometimes confuses the tourists. For instance, some audience got lost at the time that the local tour operators were narrating the story and history of the show. This problem can be solved by pre-recording the message each of the native speakers has for the audience since this will allow the tourists to re-run the recording as many times as they wish. In addition, they can provide the history and story of Tanzania's culture in many languages. Before the start of the show, the audience can be given the headset, so they can select whichever language they want to hear. Through these measures, they can help the tourists to understand the context better. In other words, the difficulty in transferring information between languages will be reduced.

Performing the shows in the theater will further give more benefits to both local people and the company. The Maasai and local people will have more routine jobs that will improve their standards of living. The company will earn more revenue and profit at the same time since it is easier for them to advertise their shows and cooperate with tour companies. It is even easier the set the promotion that match each target group depending on their needs. Besides, this will also benefit the country as a whole by attracting more tourists. More tourists translate into more earnings hence an improved GDP growth. Therefore, this can help to create a sustainable economy. Everyone in the economy shares the economy welfare.

The Safari brings tourists to Tanzania. Every tourist desires to see as many animals as they can, especially the ones that hard to find in other parts of the world. No one can guarantee that how many species the tourists can see since some animals, such as Leopards and Lions, are barely seen. However, some tourists prefer to spend their vacation in other countries rather than spend their leisure time in Tanzania; this is due to availability of more popular and better facilities in other countries than what it is in Tanzania. In order to attract more tourists, it is necessary to be creative. The circus brings more fun and enjoyment to the audience. They have already witnessed how they live once in the safari, it will not make any differences for the normal tourists who are not really into the animals when they see them for the second time. Therefore, this is the channel to create more varieties for the tourists. Moreover, if there are animals, which are rarely seen in the wild, it will be an added advantage to the tourists. Since animals migrate from time to time, even the tour operators cannot tell where exactly they are. What they can tell is the area where animals usually migrate to according to the historical data. Therefore, there are still chances that tourists will not see animals they expect to see. At this point, if Tanzania Fantasy can bring these rare animals and feed it naturally, it would be the highlight of the tour. Verbal communication plays such an important role in marketing strategy nowadays. It sometimes has more effects than advertising since people trust what they hear from the one who has experienced it more than what they see in the ads. In addition, training animals will create more jobs for local people.


Based on our personal experiences when we visited the cultural Boma, each Maasai family has different products and charges different prices. Therefore, the final price depends on the bargaining power of the tourists. Naturally, every buyer wants to bargain as much as possible with the aim of procuring the goods at the lowest price possible. However, by looking at Maasai and their villages, we are dissuaded from bargaining more. Most of the tourists do not want to bargain much because they see how local people live and how poor they are. Some people decided not purchase their artifacts and goods; instead, they give Maasai money. Due to the difference in the prices of products they offer, some tourists could not dare to buy from the next table since they do not want to raise the conflict between those local people. Since their products are identical, tourists can find it elsewhere when they are traveling. After they had bought their Souvenirs from one place, they would often discover that there are cheaper prices elsewhere, a fact that disappointed the tourists.

Building a proper shop, setting the standard prices and having price tags indicating the prices of each item is the best way to encourage purchases by tourists and improve the services delivery. Tourists will not only have more choices but also know how much they can buy within their budget. This will also be an improvement for the local people; they will have a guaranteed market and thus, they can sell more of their handicrafts. They can easily approximate their income each month enabling them to plan how many handicrafts they should make. They can allocate their time more efficiently creating time to perform other works. Tanzania Fantasy is better off since they have certain source of supply. They will get a certain margin from selling its products. In conclusion, a proper shop improves the welfare of the tourists, local people and the company. 


There is not much traditional fare on the menus of Tanzania's posh restaurants. Out on the streets, however, you will find some truthfully outstanding and often low-priced local food, particularly around marketplaces and transport terminals. Kariakoo market is unbeatable for freshly roasted meat (nyama choma) whilst Kivukoni fish market has some of the most excellent grilled fish on the coast which can be bought straight from the fishermen who pull their boats on the beach 50 meters away (Finke, 2002). Hawkers are plenty hawking snacks such as samosas, rice cakes, roasted maize cobs, mangoes, which are peeled for you and delicious roast cassava doused in light chili sauce, afar dry from the usual mealy, mouth-drying tuber. Fuller meals such as rice and ugali (cornmeal porridge) with stew, fried fish or mishkaki (skewers of grilled goat meat) are also served. In the late afternoons and evenings, there are vendors selling scalding Turkish-style coffee in small porcelain cups. The high-quality establishments offering buffets are expensive and usually located towards the outcasts of the town. Additionally their buffets were available from Mondays to Fridays only.

Tanzania Fantasy will be strategically located and will offer eat-all-you want lunchtime buffets with rotation of the evening buffet depending on the theme nights. Exotic meals will be served as well as all the traditional foods which give the tourists a unique opportunity to taste all the local delicacies including large and filling portions of nyama choma (roast meat), chipsi mayai (Chip omelets), ndizi (fried or grilled plantain) and ugali (Finke, 2002). This will create employment opportunities for locals; boost the agricultural production of the region by providing ready markets for their farm produce and agricultural products. Besides, it will be operational over the weekend and thus providing the tourists will a choice on where to enjoy their weekends.


The main types of games available to tourists in Tanzania are indoor games and water sports. There are courts for games such as pool, carnival games, and casinos. The tourists can play the games as they wait for other events such as the shows, sheer enjoyment or with the intent of winning various prices. Tanzania Fantasy will have an indoor park and will be offering various games including thrill rides including the Tanzanian Twister where the person lies on their back and whirls around in a vortex finally falling into the water (Finke, 2002).

One thing we noted is that Tanzania has superb beaches along her coastline and islands. This offers a great platform for water sports such as Scuba diving and snorkeling. There are numerous protected marine parks and secluded beaches. The islands of Zanzibar are also ringed with coral reefs providing excellent sites for deep-sea fishing (Fitzpatrick, 2008). Tanzania Fantasy will be organizing diving and fishing excursions for tourists. The experiences of the tourists will help to market Tanzania as the ultimate tourist destination and generate more revenues for the government in terms of taxes charged for such permits. The main fishing season runs from September to March (Finke, 2002); therefore, diversification into other activities and water sports such as Dolphin safaris and Dhow trips will help to maintain the viability of the investment throughout the year; this will ensure that the employees are earning all year round. However, it is against the law for tourist to cross to Zanzibar using dhows (Fitzpatrick, 2008).


We noted that Tanzania has five museums; the National Museum of Dar es Salaam, the kijiji cha makumbusho (village) museum, the Mwalimu Julius K. Nyerere Memorial Museum, the Arusha Declaration museum and the National History museum. All these are rich in history and culture of Tanzania (Briggs, 2009). They give a deeper understanding and the major events of the people of Tanzania as well as explaining some aspects of their culture, social and ethnographic structure of the Tanzanians. They also give the understanding of why they are so named. The National History and Dar es Salaam national museum also have preserved bones of early man collected from Olduvai Gorge and documents pertaining human evolution and entomology (Briggs, 2009).

The Tanzania Fantasy museum helps to give an insight of Tanzania's rich history and generates interest among the tourists to visit the major museum to know more. However, visiting the museums can be a hassle especially for the tourists, there is a need to arrange with the museums prior to the visit particularly if visiting as group. Tanzania Fantasy will work closely with the management of the Museums to ensure the visits are smooth. The efficiency will help to encourage other tourists and help create generate taxes and income for the government through the charges levied on the tourist on entry to the museum.

Indoor Entertainment Park

Amusement parks and indoor entertainment parks provide extra activities such as merry go rounds, indoor games such as pool, card games, parties, weekend shows, and night performances. The problem is that the local patrons tend to overcharge the tourists something, which mat work to their detriment whenever the tourists realize it. There is a need to have fixed reasonable prices, as this will help to increase revenue and the number of tourist visiting and using various services within the amusement parks.

Tourism in Tanzania is a very important sector in terms of its contribution to the economy. The development of Tanzania Fantasy will help to increase awareness of Tanzania as a dream destination in the tourism source markets. It will also help to develop new and expand existing tourism products hence putting it at a better position. The development of human capital will help to maximize the important service skills thus ensuring long-term sustainability of the venture.