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This research papers main objective is providing its reader with a deeper understanding of the work relations concerning Sandals Whitehouse and the impending change of management and how it affects its stakeholders; it highlights and gives the reader an introspect into the hierarchy culture of the mediation group, the relative norms and ethical values that govern the groups behavior.

The paper continues to analyze methods of conflict resolution as it focuses itself primarily on the workplace and how a consensus can be successful achieved by all parties concerned. The paper continues to critically make an analysis of all the stakeholders in a questionnaire format and has tabulated the results and thus drew conclusions on the issue at hand and what are the most productive means of solving all the hotels issues in a professional manner which is presented in the research work.


Ensure that timely, optimum and favorable results are gained for all stakeholders.

Work in accordance with the pending management to maintain key regulations in the business's organizational procedures in order to capitalize on customer satisfaction.

To foster a culture of surety amongst staff as it pertains to their job security, shareholders' investments and the maintenance of amicable and good relations to be finalized with the community.

Establish proven leadership and management guidelines to strengthen core elements in the business.

Ethical Norms and Values

The framework of the Mayflower Movement will embody a sense of trustworthiness, confidentiality, positive and amicable relations with all concerned parties, moral etiquette and neutrality in solving the hotels current issues. The group seeks to maintain some level of stability in the hearts and minds of the stakeholders avidly communicating by various means to give them much needed informative and in-depth analysis and progressive index concerning the tabling structural initiatives and programs to iron out all the elements that in recent times has plagued the hotel likewise all her stakeholders.

The group will work tirelessly, assiduously and expeditiously in trying to solve all matters that arise that would pose to be detrimental to the hotels overall sustainability and development in the long run. We value all segments of the company and we are adamant in our stance in maintaining all policies and regulations acting in accordance with the relative laws of the land that will benefit and enhance Sandal's Whitehouse overall progression as a key player in the Tourism Industry.

Providing the physical environment and emotional environment at the same time to communicate effectively and facilitating the negotiation progress among all parties by contributing our expertise and experience to contribute to more constructive, efficient and productive resolving of all industrial disputes.

Mayflower Movement's Hierarchy and reporting relationships

Established Ways of Solving Group Conflicts

Step 1

Issue Based Problem Solving

For this method to be successful all participants must show some level of empathy, mutual respect, trust and confidentiality concerning all conversations and discussions that will take place until it has been highlighted from all personnel that the information may now be shared and disbursed to others outside the setting of the group.

A Request will be made for a meeting to take place:

Where the general purpose of the meeting, the time and date so as to have all participants have some level of consensus and suitability with the arranged time, the place where it will commence whether it be in an office, a luncheon type meeting or it will take place in a boardroom or a location where there is some level of neutrality amongst the participants. Key things that should be held in focus are the confidentiality of the meeting, privacy and noise level of the meeting, and its visibility to outsiders.

Exploring the issue at hand

The issues subject to discussion will be highlighted whether the issue was something pertaining to a rule violation, basic disputes between workers over what was said or done, working hours/ overtime.

Separate the people from the problem

Suppose you get along with other coworkers, managers and a supervisor whilst at the same time there is dissent among others. Perhaps it is the mere fact that you might have preference to particular person because similar interest, hobbies and background, the person's character and personality might also be a factor that makes you favor them. Issue based problem solving requires all judgment's, views and opinions, character recommendation to be set aside as this method will be require of you to be unbiased in every sense.

Foremost consider the persons issue, grouse or complaint rather than how you might think of he or she

Identifying the Issue using concrete examples

Take time to explore the issues

Step 2

Understanding interest/The interest based relational approach

You have an interest in an issue if what is going to highlight you have the utmost appreciation and may apply to your particular situation. It helps one to know how much keen interest others put on the issue at hand. An issue or parts of it will identify needs fairs wants or concerns. These interests will cause us to stand or motivate us to act in certain ways.

In resolving a conflict using this step/rule one should be cognicient of the following rule:

Ensure good and amicable relationships are the first priority everyone should be treated calmly and some level of respect amongst each other.

Focus on interest by:

Ask general and open minded questions

What is the importance of the issue?

Why does the other person take this particular stance/viewpoint?

Communication of our own interest

What about the issue is of importance to me and why?

Probing in depth to understand all fears and concerns that all parties are having?

Looking at what is needed and not what you already have in hand?

Emphasizing where common ground can be finalized (without all the parties losing sight of their different, separate and divergence on certain issues)

Step 3

Developing Options

To generate as my potential options as possible


As the group for possible ideas

Don't criticize any option until you have fully run out of options.

Compare each option with the issue at hand- ensure it is a valid option while still exploring and analyzing other options at your disposal.

Where necessary one may combine and merge somewhat related ideas.

Step 4

Choosing a Solution

A solution is an option that resolves the issue by meeting the stated interests of those concerned. The solution should provide a simple, efficient, affordable, credible, acceptable, flexible and legal answer to the problem.

Be careful in choosing a solution as a not so good one may cause further divergence and animosity among parties.

Step 5

Implementing the Solution

All that is needed to be done and who will do it, the point in time most suitable to do it and a judgment of when it is most likely to finish all of such must be taken into keen consideration when implementing the solution to any given problem that may arise of such.

Step 6

Evaluating the Outcome

One should be aware that measuring the success of what was implemented is that defining element that determines the success of the process and if it was the right choice made.

NB. For all the above steps/processes to effectively carry out its function one must be cognicient of a mutual respect for each other and listening carefully to all the parties concerns treating them on the same page


Survey for Employees

A1. How long have you been working in your specific post at the hotel?

More than 6 months

1 to less than 2 years

2 to less than six years

Six to less than ten years

Ten years or more

A2. Are you a contracted staff on a fixed term, permanent or temporary?

Permanent staff

Contracted/Fixed Personnel

Or a temporary staff member

A3.What are the average hours you work that the hotel on a weekly basis including all overtime duties?

Average hours per week

A4. Does the hotel pay as required, offer incentive packages, or time off when one works overtime?

Tick one box only

I don't normally work overtime

I get paid for overtime as required

Sometimes I get paid or take the time off later

None of the above

A5.When you work overtime what is the main reason that prompted you to do so?

I've never worked overtime nor do I want to do so

I do it to earn more pay/better pay package

I find my job to be very enjoyable

I enjoy the working environment, camaraderie and work relations with my co-workers at the hotel?

I need the required time to complete all given task?

My job description is what enables me to do so?

Other reason

A6.Are you satisfied in working your particular post at the hotel?

Very satisfied


Neither satisfied or dissatisfied


Very Dissatisfied

Not sure

About working at the hotel

B1.Due to the recent happenings whereby new management personnel will be hired/instituted to run the hotel per see the former management committee? Of which do you prefer?

Old Management

New Management

B2.I feel a sense of respect and achievement from the supervisors/line managers and the Senior Management Representatives working at the hotel?

Strongly agree


Neither agree nor disagree


Strongly disagree

Not sure

B3.Due to ongoing deliberations concerning the future of the hotel, its viability being a magnet for tourist stopover, its commitment to community development and management practices? Are you "Absolutely Sure" or "Not sure" about your job security?

Absolutely Sure


Neither sure or not sure

Not sure

B4.From your own perspective what is the main reason as to why the board has decided to institute a new management body to oversee the operations of the hotel?

Future plans for the business including expansion

Issues including redundancies, poor work relations and legal issues with staff

Mismanagement of the previous administration in the running of the hotel

Pay Issues

Changes to the working practices of the hotel

Improve health and safety along with customer service orientation at the hotel

B5.How do you rate the efforts in providing up to date, clear and concise information with regards to the propose changes of administration?

Very Good


Neither Good nor Poor


Very Poor

Don't know

B6. The management is empathetic, treats its employees fairly, listens to its employee's plea, and responds to their various suggestions deals with work and conflict relations in an amicable manner?


Neither agree nor disagree


Investors/Shareholder Questionnaire

A1. How long have you been a long standing investor in Sandals Whitehouse?

More than 6 months

1 to less than 2 years

2 to less than six years

Six to less than ten years

Ten years or more

A2. On a scale of 1-10 how would you rate your returns on your investment in the property? With 1 representing a Poor choice and 10 representing an Excellent choice.

Scale 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

A3. Are you aware of the board of director's new plan of instituting a new management to oversee the general operations of the property?




A4. If Yes….From your own perspective what is the main reason that has prompted the board in its decision to institute a new management body to oversee the operations of the hotel?

Future plans for the business including expansion

Issues including redundancies, poor work relations and legal issues with staff

Mismanagement of the previous administration in the running of the hotel

Pay Issues

Changes to the working practices of the hotel

Improve health and safety along with customer service orientation at the hotel

A5.How do you rate the effort in providing up to date, clear and concise information with regards to the propose changes of management?

Very Good


Neither Good nor Poor


Very Poor

Don't know

A6.Using a scale of 1-10 how would you rate the performance of the precious management in its overall operations of the property?

Scale 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

A7.With a new management in place to govern all policies and procedure, regulatory and operational tactics/guidelines and initiating decisions within the scope of their job description. Do you think it will add to the overall viability as a stopover mecca for both local and international visitors and thus yield higher returns on your financial investment?

Absolutely Sure


Neither sure or not sure

Not sure

Survey done with Customers

A1. On your most recent visit to the hotel, on a scale of 1 to 10 how would you rate the overall experience/customer service of the hotels staff? With 1 representing a poor grade and 10 representing an excellent customer service.

Scale 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

A2. About how long have you been a valid and loyal customer of the hotel?

First timer

More than 6 months

1 to less than 2 years

2 to less than six years

Six to less than ten years

Ten years or more

A3. How would you rate the hotel in the following areas of its business? With 1 representing Poor performance and 10 representing a Very Good rating?


Customer service 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

Organizational structure 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

Food and beverage 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

Sanitation and General Safety 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

Natural and Beautification 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

A4. Are you fully aware of the recent happenings whereby a new management committee will be employed to oversee the operations of the facility?




A6. If Yes to Question A5.How did you hear of this?

Word of mouth

Press releases (newspaper, TV, mobile)

Internet (online ads, email alerts, company webpage)


A7. What could be a defining reason as to why there is a pending change in the hotels management initiative?

Future plans for the business including expansion

Issues including redundancies, poor work relations and legal issues with staff

Mismanagement of the previous administration in the running of the hotel

Pay Issues

Changes to the working practices of the hotel

Improve health and safety along with customer service orientation at the hotel


A8.Seeing that the board is changing the management of the hotel. From your point of view do you think this is the best choice at this particular time?

Strongly agree


Neither agree nor disagree


Strongly disagree

Not sure

A9.Instituting a new management at the hotel will affect tourist stopover positively at the hotel? Do you agree or disagree with this statement?

Strongly agree


Neither agree nor disagree


Strongly disagree

Not sure

B1.Would you recommend Sandals Whitehouse as an ideal stopover to your family, friends or to a tourist?

Yes No

If Yes, what would be the one major reason?

Its natural and artificial beauty

Great customer service


Safe place

Hometown Feel

Excellent food and beverage service

If No, what would be the one major reason?

Be specific.

Answer ______________________________________________________________________________

Analysis of Data

NB. The charts and graph analyze each question written specifically for each segment of the stakeholders in depth and shows the percentage value of their responses given.

Pie Chart Analysis of Employees' Survey

A majority of respondents amounting to 23% was Very Satisfied with working at the hotel there was also a 18% split amongst respondents who answered to be Satisfied and those who's answer was Very Dissatisfied respondents who answered to be Neither satisfied or dissatisfied amounted to 15% and there was also a 13% split between those who were who were Not sure if they were satisfied with working at the hotel and those who were Dissatisfied.

A majority 76% of respondents had significant preference to the old management per see the new management which was valued at 24%.

Majority of respondents amounting to 31% were confident of their job security followed by a strong 29% of respondents who were not sure of their jobs at the hotel.

A majority 32% of respondents believed that the pending change of management was due to Future plans for the hotel a strong 23% of respondents believed it was due to Mismanagement of the hotel that resulted in the board's decision to change over management followed by 16% who thought the reason was to improve Health and Safety at the hotel.

There was a 26% majority of respondents who thought the efforts made in communicating the information across to them was Very Good followed by 24% who rated it as being Good.

A majority of respondents (40%) Neither agreed nor disagreed with the statement.

Stacked Horizontal Cylinder Chart Analysis of the Investors Surveys

Investors rating of the effort made in providing up to date, clear and concise information

Majority of respondents/investors amounting to 30% answered to the efforts made to inform them of the pending change of Management and all other pertinent information as Very Poor yet a strong 25% believed the efforts made to inform them was Very good while strong 20% answered to the efforts made as Neither good nor poor with a 15% answered to it being Poor and a 10% rounding off the respondents rating as Good.

The Hotels future viability and financial Returns on Investments

A total of 35% respondents were Absolutely Sure of the hotels future viability as a tourist stopover and marginal returns on their financial investments while there was a split amongst respondents who were Neither Sure or not sure and those who answered to be Sure as it pertains to their investments and the hotels level of profitability.

Reason for the change of Management

According to the questionnaire it can be critically analyzed that majority of the investors (28%) believed the reason for the change of management was due to impending future plans the hotel will be undergoing. This was followed by a strong 21% which assumed the reason for the change was due to changes in the work practices rounding off a strong majority in respondents were those who answered to the pending change in management was due to the previous administrations mismanagement of the hotel amounting to 20% of the respondents.

Doughnut Chart Analysis of the Customer Survey

A majority of respondents totaling 34% strongly agreed that instituting a new management at the facility will increase tourist stopover still strong is a 21% which also agreed that the change of management will lead to higher tourist stopover a 14% which disagreed and 4% which was not sure.

More than half of the respondents (54%) were briefed of the events that took place through Word of mouth followed by a strong 26% who learnt through other means, 13% through press releases and a 7% via the internet.

Majority of respondents amounting to 56% believed the reason for the change of management was due to Future plans followed by 24% who believed it was due to impending Changes in the working practices a total of 12% of respondents believed it was due to Mismanagement, 5% redundancies and rounding off the respondents is a menial 3% who belied the change of manage was related to pay issues.

A total of 24% of respondents strongly disagreed that it was the best choice made for the change of management a close 22% was very supportive as they a strongly agreed to the decision made for the change made to management. Amongst respondents 19% Disagreed with 6% Not sure.

Clustered bar chart

Major reason in recommending Sandals Whitehouse

An assessment was done of the various strongpoints of the hotel majority of the respondents amounting to 36% highlighted that the main reason they'd recommend the hotel is the Affordability of its services. The lowest value 3% was observed from those responded that they would recommend the hotel because of its Hometown feeling.

Stacked Cylinder Analysis of the Community Survey

Rating of the range of important improvements Sandals Whitehouse has brought to the Community

Majority of respondents from the community amounting to 25% believed the main improvement that the hotel has brought to the community is the overall safety with 18% of respondents who believed the main impact the hotel has on the community was the introduction of New Medical facilities, 15% who thought it was Transportation and 13% thought it was the Employment opportunities.

Column Chart Analysis

Has the community improved, stayed about the same or declined since the inception of Sandals Whitehouse

A strong 57% of respondents from the community highlighted that the community has improved exponentially since the inception of the hotel, while a minor 23% believed things have stayed about the same a close 20% rounded off the results with those expressing that the community has declined since the hotels inception.

How was the community informed about the change of management?

A marginal amount of respondents at valued 87% answered that they were informed of the impending change of management via the newspaper.

Communications Plan

Our organization, Sandals Whitehouse with respect to correct and formal rules and regulations governing policies and procurement guidelines in paving a smooth transition process for the new managements duties; as a means of effecting their transition into office without internal or external hindrance and seeing that the organization respects the rights and opinions of its stakeholders and we are resilient in effectively exercising such rights efficiently we are thus committed to:

Communicating regularly and effectively with all stakeholders.

Furnishing stakeholders with vital information about relation and future policies.

Provide stakeholders with the most effective means of communication in order to immerse them with all required information to adequately

Provision of Information

The organization will deduce pertinent information with its stakeholders in the following ways:

Communicating with Shareholders/Investors

Press releases and announcements from a credible media house.

Disperse Annual reports through the investor and Corporate Governance sections on the company's website

Pamphlets, business letters, memo's and other paper related information.

General meetings between the chairmen, board of directors, new management in place and likewise all shareholders to iron out all grouses as it relates to the security of their financial investment. Forum in which there is a free exchange of views and opinions with shareholders asking question with a response from the chairman at the meeting.

Annual Report

Generally a progress report with regards to the company's operations is tabled each month. It is available on the company's website through the investor relations section for reading or downloading. Some may choose to request a copy by mail.

Website content

The website will contain all the necessary information including:

Information about the operations of the company and key specialism, staffing, introduction to the new management, chairman and board members.

Notices of meetings and venues

Copies of Corporate presentations

Corporate Governance statement and related policies

Outline of Policies and Programs and when they will commence

Annual General Meetings

General notice of the meeting with all explanations with minutes prepared by the secretary present.

Matters raised by shareholders

Communicating with Employees

General staff meeting: whereby all members of staff directly affected by the turn of events are able to voice their opinions as it relates to their job security, management and the tenure and sustenance of the organization.

Bulletins emailed to all employees.

Telephone calls are indispensable tools in modern societies, actually it is a far more effective means of communication as opposed to emailing seeing that it will require the employees input throughout the conversation.

Most employees would prefer a face to face forum compared to that of emailing seeing that it offers a nonverbal cue or a simple telephone call.

Communicating with the Community

Mediums of distribution:

Local Community Meetings

Social media has become a widespread form of communication (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, MySpace)

Newsletters/ newspapers

Press releases

Letters, Publications, Manuals, Handouts



Communicating with Customers


Advertising in local newspapers.


With increasing numbers of consumers using mobile phones to get information we can develop a mobile merchandising strategy to communicate with our various segments of consumers.


A social media can help us increase dialogue with our customers and get valuable feedback.


By keeping employees informed on developments in the business, we can be confident that they are communicating the right messages to our customers.


For future references the hotel must initiate incentive programs for its employees to boost their confidence and company loyalty; as highlighted from the research many of its staff are somewhat uncomfortable with working at the hotel in order for the business to have a sustained growth spurt it must have a well driven, company and customer oriented staff that seeks to at all cost improve on the companies standards and regulatory processes giving the utmost of their time developing their talents and gaining experience in key departments of which they can further use to make a transition within the sphere of the hotel.

The company must show some level of appreciation towards its employee's examples of such may include an employee of the month award, presenting hardworking employees with cash incentives, paid vacation schemes, day offs to prevent key employees from becoming tiresome and overworked this will foster the employees to have a healthy work relation with the company, work more diligently and constructively, asking for staffs input in critical decisions concerning the hotel can be a defining element in preventing staff from feeling a sense of alienation from the decision makers at the top of the hierarchy.

There also must be a consensus reached with regards to the change of management as majority of the company's employees are more favourable with the old management the transition of the new management may cause dissent and anarchy among the staff, staff may become complacent and this will strain work relations between both parties. This should be a smooth process and staff must have their say and their suggestions must be professionally analyse and implemented if it qualifies of such, the disperse of information with regards to the staff's job security must be communicated promptly to them this will prevent valuable employees from seeking jobs elsewhere or lost to the competition, they're must be some level of transparency because employees have no definite idea of the reason that gave way to the change of management they must be informed an ideal method would be a general staff meeting comprising the staff and the board to give an introspect of what was the underlying reason that gave way to the decision made. This will promote transparency and honesty amongst staff and management. Improvements must be made in communicating adequately as employees as they do not feel that those at the head of the company have provided them with adequate insights into irregularities staff must be bulletined on a daily basis to affix them with progress reports into the recent happenings at the hotel and the foundation that will be laid for future operations of the hotel.

The hotel's management must be able to maintain the hotels viability as a tourist destination, this is important because all segments of the stakeholders rely on its profitability and so an effective marketing campaign must be a defining tool in promoting the hotel and increase tourist stopover there must be a rigid, constructive and strategic in order to capitalize in order to develop long lasting relationships with its customers. The hotel should engage the community and assiduously try to ameliorate their relations and continue to maintain all programs that the former management had initiated also providing first choice employment to those who live in close proximity to the hotel this will ensure that the community is garnered towards community development. Communication and transparency is vital to the organizations development; the hotel should find various means to achieve its purpose and the utilization of various communication methods to create some level of awareness on a next occasion of importance because the company's stakeholders are crucial to its development and must be informed for adequate planning to be finalized in ensuring that the company's remains on a path of growth and progress.


With regards to the recent happenings at the it can be ascertained that the most proactive means of resolving all the stakeholders concerns as it relates to the hotels future viability, the retention of jobs, community relations would lie in the retention of key administers from both the old management and the new management designated to take office; this in turn will ensure that emphasis is placed on solving all grievances and ameliorate the varying concerns that all affected parties concerned face.