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Manchester is the city which is to be ranked the second best place to do business in the UK in 2007 and 2008 and in 2009 it is named as the third best city in UK and sixteenth best in Europe. Like other cities in the world it has wide social changes from the era of industrial revolution to contemporary regeneration but it was cleverly managed and did move forward. like most of the UK, the Manchester area mobilized extensively during world War II on estimate of 467 tons of high explosives were dropped were the historic city center was destroyed and suffered of unemployment and things after the attack. But later from the place of cottonopolis it transformed to the home of commonwealth games in 2002 through series planning steps. It is named for its multi-dimensional attitudes and achievements to the world where it has the Britain's richest football club which is Manchester united. The planning authorities started rebuilding schemes to develop the city were new districts were been re-shaped and were regenerated for residential retail and business use. There were different planning policies made for different areas where it will also help the other areas. Manchester's business mainly focuses on serving local regional and the international market. Manchester became the city of excellence soon after the IRA incident in June 1996.

Blackleys and Deansgate are one of the two different areas which are been reshaped by these planning policies and are greatly influenced and benefited by the planning policies. Deansgate is one of the Manchesters central business District, and Blackleys village has been well developed through the housing scheme policies. Upon my view I had made detail examination of planning policies and development plans and have evaluated the development potential in these two areas from a planning prospective, due to word constrain some of the points are shortly explained.




Blackley lies in north Manchester in north west England which is about 3.5miles north of Manchester city centre, it is been followed by the River Irk, and in the north it is Boggart hole clough and Middleton and it lies in M60motarways ,and Rochdale Road is the one which bisects Blackley. Blackley village local plan was approved by the Manchester city council in the 2004 July. The main aim of the plan is to create a distinct identity for the Blackley village and to guide physical change and investments in the area which will benefit the village by creating unique character.

According to the local development plan policy BM8 Blackley village north of old market street between Oakworth street and Surrey street are proposed for housing development because to ensure that sites are available for the housing development and to the residential character of the area. Where the area I had chosen is Oakworth Street and warren street which come in the housing development area scheme. In this area housing plans are imposed because of the residential locality of the area which led to the development to the housing policies in these areas.

Developments in the area after the local planning

1. Identity and focus

After consulting with the local resident a vision and framework document has been prepared by the Manchester city council and Avecia. The Brownfield sites to the north and the south of market street are been provided with the vision of mixed use development in the plan, the first phase of redevelopment will be land to the south of old market street. The demolition work has already commenced and includes hexagon house and the chimney at the Avecia. A detailed planning has been submitted by the developers.

2. Quality and choice

Traffic calming measures and traffic lights are commenced on Dommett street scheduled on June 2007. New housing developments are been planned at waterloo street, Celia street and at the junction of Middleton old rd and the market street.

3. Environmental excellence

In the old market street new walkways have been provided as part of new residential development scheme and have also agreed to develop footpaths in braggart hole clough area, an alley gating and facelift scheme for residential properties on slack road has been completed. The minor schemes in Dommett Street and Lawson Street have been completed. Grot spots in the area have been developed. Blackley village resident association with the help of cash grant has worked on cleaning up the area of land adjacent to the chapel lane.

4. Servie delivery

There are currently no outstanding issues within the area because of the regular reports formed part of ward co-ordination plan and the Community safety issues are been dealt with L.A.P

5. Inclusion

There are quarterly meetings which are been by local plan steering group to discuss about the local plan and development proposals. Consultations events are been held with regards to the master planning excercise. Specific events have taken place over the last 12 months relating to the old market street. Direct one to one meetings are arranged with the local residents of Blackleys village to discuss about the neighbour wood problems and officers from the Manchester city council attend resident association meetings held in Blackley village to provide updates on regeneration plans in the area.

Blackley village's local plan was approved in the June 2004. These are one of the major reason for the development of the area which automatically reflects in the Oakworth street and Surrey street which is in Blackley village.



The second area I choose is Deansgate which is on the main road to the city center of Manchester. It runs roughly north-south through the western part of the city center. At the northern end river Irwell runs parallel to the Deansgate. In the deans gate the area I had chosen Queens Street and Lloyds street which are some of the streets which are majorly benefited because of the national policy .Deansgate has many bus services were the main transport which links Deansgate are Metrolink and national rail stations which is at the northern and southern ends. There are several street which are in deans gate, were in these streets, the council according to the local development plan has seek to increase the level of hotel conference exhibition recreation and entertainment facilities because the according to the local development policy RC6 the council actively promotes the development of tourism in the city center areas. Were queens street and Lloyds Street is a part of it. There are few companies and things like press clubs, key travels, the rising suns Sellic partner ltd and things which stand as the major reason for the development of the area.

These areas are very much of with older properties but are in good condition of repair with retail uses predominant at the ground floor level. This is area is surrounded with high quality retailing, the royal exchange theater and several restaurants because it is in the major tourist spot of Manchester which is the city center. Regional shopping center is considered to be the heart of the area because it links between the Andale and market place developments and the Deansgate. These are been considered as the retailing location because of the high environmental quality and the basic approach to this area must start from the desire to future enhance its physical quality. These streets are basically of different character for the modern developments which is to the north of Market Street which is an important source to reinforce. Traffic is one of the major problems in these areas because none gives the fundamental importance in the term of traffic. To develop the area the basic need is to ensure accessibility of the area for the essential vehicles and from it to create an attractive environment for pedestrians were they have been implemented in many of the areas in the Deansgate and the surrounding. Floorspace treatment to clearly explain about the area so in which everyone can understand. Cross street is an important public transport route, and it is to ensure that the streets will look clean and developed and stabled with more attractive things in and around the streets.

This area is very well developed because of tourism, this area because of tourism plays a vital role in developing the regional character of the city center and the near by area which helps in business and the shopping core activities in these areas. So there is a need of expansion or redevelopment in hotels, exhibitions and conference facilities are needed to reflect the growing business tourism in the area. This also have the potential to bring economic benefits like employment for the people who live in this area close to the regional center. The main aim of the plan is to develop the existing assets and to make the environmental changes in the city so that it will be more attractive and so that there will be a great development in tourism. Palace theatres, cinemas, clubs and other facilities are all available in these areas for the development of tourism in this area and for the entertainment purpose (policy RC20).



On 30th September 2008 the regional spatial strategy was published for 2021, the strategy provides a wide vision on regions and it sub-regions, priorities for growth and regeneration. The development and investment have been given a wide importance and also needed a great developments in the fields of jobs, housing and transport.

The eight important spatial Principle are:

1. Gap in the economic performance should be closed.

2. Quality in environment are to be promoted.

3. Travel demand to be controlled.

4. Marry opportunity and need.

5. Climatic changes are to be adapted and emissions are to be reduced

6. Perfect communities are to be promoted.

7. Resources are to be Efficientially used.

8. Mainstreaming rural issues.

Key service centre is the one which acts as the service center for the rural area which are been concentrated to be developed. Development should meet the local needs and increase the quality of the rural life. Retail and the small investments would promote the regeneration and the economic growth of the town and the city. Regional economic strategy, regional spatial strategy and regional housing strategies are been replaced by single integrated regional strategy. 20yr vision and the goal will be framed by the strategy and 3-5 yr investment and implementation plan will be set by the strategy. Decisions and the investments are the one which is helping the area to reach the goal of the area. The NWDA and 4NW and 50 advisory group of regional organization are the one which leads the strategy work for the development.

Regional Statial strategy policy should make sure that nice and the clear frame of house to be build with mix housing policies according to survey taken in the locality so that each and every person in the area would be benefited .



The main and the important function of the planning system is to regulate the development and use of land in the public interest. It should also be considered on governments objective of increasing economic growth in the country and also to make provision to meet the social and the economic needs of the community. Planning is very necessary for protecting and enhancing the environment..

National policy statement 3 is the one which is allotted for the Blackley village were this policy delivers government strategic housing policy objective and the goal is to make sure that every local resident in the area has the opportunity to live in a decent home which they can afford in a community were they are willing to live.

The main aim of the national policies are to provide benefit to the public and to the development of the of the country were different national policies are been framed based on the needs and requirements of different areas for example the national policy for Blackleys village is to provide housing schemes and to provide unique development in the area and at the same time planning policy for the Deansgate in city center is to develop the area as a tourism spot so that the government would have a great income from tourism and at the same time employment opportunities would increase in this area which will benefit the local residents of the area .

The national policies which are been implied in these Oakworth street and warren street areas are national policy statement 3

1. Houses are planned to be built with a good design which will make the environment look better.

2. Regular meeting are been arranged by the planning authorities with the local residents to discuss about the policies and schemes.

3. All the space in the area is well utilized which make easy access to the public transport community facilities and services

4. Car parking space is well integrated with high quality public realm and streets that are pedestrian and so the area has been vehicle friendly.

5. Distintive character has been created which is well related to the surrounding which supports the local pride and civic identity.

6. Parks schools and the sorts of entertainment are found around the street which makes the local residents comfortable. All these policies make the area strong and the best for the residential life in this area

National policies in queens and the Lloyds street in Deansgate:

The policy which has been implied in the area Queens street and Lloyds street in Deangate is a different one when compared to the national policy of Oakworth street and Warren street which is in Blackley village because the streets in Deansgate concentrates more on tourism and the development of the city center and were as Oakworth street and warren street are based on the residential purpose. Though there is vast difference in both the policies they both serve the same motive and both the areas has a great planning prospective and are making a great progress.

Since the queens and the Lloyds street are in city center they engage in many developments and leads to the betterment of the place. They are majorly benefited because of tourism, hence more concentration on activities like shopping theater hotels and many other entertainment process are to be carried on in these area which make many tourist get attracted and generates income to the city. These are some of the major issues which has the potential of developing the areas.


Evaluation of planning helps to sharpen the process of planning through various messures which would benefit the area evaluation process is a very important process in order to end up in success.

Oakworth street, warren street and queens street, Lloyds street are been very highly evaluated because of their recent developments and their planning policies on the recent times. Though the policies are different in queens street and Lloyds street when compared to the oakworthstreet and warren street still both have a vast development in the area which makes the area stronger and better.

The main reason for the development is the execution of the planning policies which are been implied to them in the recent times. Due to the housing scheme policies in oakworth street and warren street in the blackleys village there is a vast development were the price of land and building has gone high and according to the ratio many people from other places are planning to shit in this area because of its vast development in the residential schemes. And it is the other way with queens street and the Lloyds street were it has significantly improved itself in developing as a tourist spots were there is a vast development in these areas.