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The first believers of Jesus were referred to as Nazarenes. Today, the Arabic and Roman followers refer to Christians, as Nazrani and "Notzri.During the 8th century Before Christ, a peasant community settled in Nazarene and persisted there till the 2nd century Before Christ. That farming community was distinguished bytheir simple but constricted houses which were partially or fully engraved on rocks.Traces of worshipping practices by Christiansbefore the Byzantine period are evident in this place represented by 2 nuclei: house of Joseph and house of Mary. Each house had its own baptistery. A church was built at the exact site of the house belonging to Mary during the 15th Century. However that church was ruined down by the Jews in the year six hundred and fourteen. In the year seven hundred and twenty two this town fell under the reign of the Muslim religion and hence the ruined church wasn't rebuilt again. The Christians latter conquered the city in the era of crusades and raised up a basilica at that exact site of the house that belonged to Mary. In the year 1109, this basilica was changed to a Cathedral. However in the year one thousand one hundred and eighty seven, the reign of the fell back to the Muslims. In the year 1240,the Christians again took over the leadership of the city. However, in the year 1263, the Basilica was destroyed by Muslims under the leadership of their governor who was then Babbars. In the year 1620, members of France settled in Nazareth to guard that city. In the year 1955, the present day Basilica was constructed again.

The city of Nazareth in the time of Jesus was an insignificant and a small agricultural village. It did not have any trade routes, and therefore itwas of less economic value and was hence it was never recorded in the Old Testament. The population occupying this city in the time of Jesus was a small population that was made of a small community of farmers. It was thus a simple village with limited economic and social activities. Nazareth started as a minute Jewish village around two thousand years ago. It however became a Christian stronghold of Christianity during the period of Byzantine, a few 100 years later. The name Nazareth had spread globally during this era and the desire of many people to see where Jesus Christ had been brought up and where the Virgin Mary had lived converted that city into a pilgrimage site.

Basilica is now the largest church in the current modern town of Nazareth. It symbolizes and honours the Angel Gabriel's deliverance of the good news to Mary informing her that she would be the mother of Jesus the messiah. The empress, St. Helena,in the year three hundred and sixty five after the death of Christ, built up a shrine on top of the Basilica which signifies Grotto where the annunciation took place.According to the tradition of the Nazarenes, the grotto was a part of the house that belonged to Mary in which Mary got the message concerning the birth of Jesus from the angel Gabriel. Hence the Incarnation occurred in that Grotto. The Church of Saint Joseph was constructed in the year 1914 .It was constructed on top of the earlier church which had been put up in the era of the Crusades. According to the traditions of the Nazarenes this church is based at the carpenters' (Josephs') workshop who was the father of Jesus. There was little left of the original house apart from traces of cistern, cellar and primitive baptistery belonging to the 1st Christians of Nazareth.

A visit at Nazareth reveals the various significant eras that it has encountered as each era left a powerful representation symbolizing its existence. This particular aspect amusesmany tourists and has made Nazareth a popular tourist site in the present era.In this old city, there are several ancient churches including the Church of the Annunciatiation. The churches that were rebuilt still contains elements and features from the previous ones from the Byzantine and Crusader periods. Located next to the church of Annunciation is the Church of Saint Joseph. The Greek Orthodox Church of Annunciation is constructed on Marys' well where Mary (mother of Jesus) is presumed to have drunk while the Church of Annunciation was constructed at the location of Marys home. This structure was built in the crusader era and hosts interesting features. This Greek Orthodox Church of the Annunciation is located next to Mary's Well and is situated inside the crusader hall. According to the Greek Orthodox Church of the Annunciation, inside a Crusader hall. According to the Jewish tradition, the synagogue where Jesus prayed was located here. Other major churches located in Nazareth include the Maronite Church, the MensaChristi Church, the Salesian the Maronite Church and St. Gabriel's Church . This Old City has also significant including the government House, constructed by Daher el Omar who was Galilees' governor in the eighteenth century, buildings set up in the Ottoman period, among them the Saraya, and also the White Mosque, that is currently utilised as a prayer house, a cultural and educational centre. Furthermore, this White Mosque hosts the museum which displays documents that exhibit Nazareth's history.

A tour to Nazareth City could be incomplete without visiting the local market, that has become a well-known and popular and attraction owing to the wide variety of merchandise and colourful stalls. In the marketplace one can taste various local dishes and taste the different spices, enjoy a great visual array of fashionable fabrics, taste the spices and local foods, and enjoy the lovely souvenirs and artworks. All the sights, smells, flavours and sounds exhibit an original Middle Eastern continent experience.Nazareth is a city that is overflowing with lovely and fascinating corners. Another place which is quite interesting in Nazareth is the ridge of NabiSain which is conveniently situated to enjoy gorgeous view of Galilee. The antique Turkish bath house which was discovered when one of the city's store was been renovated, exhibits a fancy and peculiar house which displays the customs and riches of the Ottoman(upper) class during the nineteenth century and also hosts quite amazing frescoes. Another great site in Nazarene is the house belonging to the Greek Orthodox Church. In this house one can get a thrilling experience of walking via a chain of underground passages that were discovered in that courtyard. Another fascinating site is the compound that was built by the Russians to host the pilgrims.

Nazareth has welcomed pilgrims from all parts of the world for a number of centuries hence many fancy hotels and Christian hostels aiming at availing comfort to the tourists have been built up. Numerous restaurants offer delicious foods and delicacies with wonderful aromas which attract many visitors all the yearlong. Nazareth is wonderful especially during Christmas, a time when the whole city is colourfully decorated for the holiday and the place is thronged with numerous visitors coming to celebrate at the home town of Jesus.

Some disputes exist revolving around whether Jesus was really born in Nazareth and the argument on whether Nazareth really exists. One group contradicting the birth of Jesus claims that at the time that Jesus was born, Nazareth was not in existence. Another scholarly group the birth of Jesus argues that at the time that Jesus was born Joseph, Jesus father, had travelled to Bethlehem in order to comply with the regulations of the Roman census. Another group argues that Jesus was born in Bethlehem on the basis of his ancestryorigin. Jesus is a descendant of David. David's mother was from Bethlehem and the argument is based on this that due to this fact Jesus as a descendant of David was born in his family's ancestral land in Bethlehem.Another group of bible scholar argue that Jesus was actually born in Bethlehem and not Nazareth based on the prophecies in the book of Micah (Micah 5:2) in which the scripture states that the messiah the birth place of Jesus as being Bethlehem are based on the issue that Jesus was a descendant of David and since David was brought up and most of the crucial events took place in Bethlehem then it is argued that the most probable place that Jesus was born was Bethlehem. However no consensus has been arrived at regarding the exact place of the birth of Jesus and it remains a controversial issue.