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Leadership Reflection for Classroom Discrimination

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Published: 27th May 2021 in Teaching

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In this case study report about leadership I will be talking about an experience that I have faced in my setting in the 3-5 room about a 4 year old boy dressing up in a dress. The paper that I am writing is going to identify the personal qualities that will make me be an effective leader in my practice. Also explaining relevant points about leadership and evaluating the role of collaborative work. Some of the key qualities that are essential to become an effective leader are empathy, patiences and understanding, confidence and using my initiative, whilst always being respectful to other colleagues. Being patient and empathetic will cause less frustration between the children and staff members, this can also help promote children's feelings, needs and concerns that can support their learning. Being patient at work will have a calm and collective effect on others around you. Being empathetic means that you can relate, and be more sensitive and understanding of any issues that could occur from staff members, children or parents and can support their needs. To be a leader it helps if you are confident have good knowledge and understanding of what it is you are doing and what it is you are required to do. It is also important to use your initiative in being an effective leader to be able to problem solve in different kinds of challenges. It is also important to to take charge of your own education and learning this could be done by furthering your knowledge and understanding and doing that little bit extra to be a better leader. A leader is being respectful and confidential so that information that is giving over does not get into the wrong hands and that we are fulfilling the data protection regulations. If the setting was not to be confidential this could potentially expose the child/family and possibly the staff members. It is important to protect the children from harm abuse as each and every child's welfare is a paramount.

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Active participation means allowing all children to have their own say, and are able to take part in any activities, or in any discussion that takes place in the childcare setting. This is important as it will make the child feel involved and engaged and will be able to make their own mind up and what they enjoy doing with their time at nursery. Doing positive risks can identify the positive benefits of taking risks, this can help with childrens safety, awareness and individual thinking and referring to their own risk taking. This will help develop and expand childrens social skills and making sure that they are not putting themselves at risk for the sake of it. It is also important to be a flexible leader trying to fit plans around everyone's needs and not making these plans permanent. Active participation is important because it lets the children be involved while the work together with their peers and staff members. This also means that the individual can also have a say in their life, this effects their self awareness and this can also play a big part on improving their opportunities for their learning and can promote the development of new skills. It also has a massive effect on a childs confidence and self esteem. Children could also try risky activities that they wouldn't normally take part in this will expand childrens skills. Positive risks taking is learning from past mistakes and also discovering new safe ways that are inclusive to everyone. Having flexibility in the setting is also is important so children have the opportunity to take part in any activity regardless of the weather this is instead of their play been adult led or having fixed plans all day.

My setting puts this into practice by going by the childrens interests and always putting them first. We have appropriate equipment and clothing for each and every child. In my setting active participation is allow the children to take part in any activity that they would like to take part in. This will help develop flexibility and positive risk taking because the children have the opportunities and the choice to take part in what they would like to take part in. some examples of this are arts and crafts, creative building, role play and outdoor play, in my setting the children have the opportunity to go out in all weathers.

An example of how my setting dealt with a challenging discrimination against a pre school boy aged 4 that was dressing up in a dress in the area in the house corner. In the Equality Act 2010 protects characteristics involved different sex, gender and age of the child. This happened in the  home corner area where the children dress up. I was observing the children free playing when I noticed some of the other children laughing and pointing at the little boy dressing up in a dress not understanding why he was wearing the dress. The little boy seemed confused by the other children laughing at him as he couldn't see why there was anything wrong with this. I seen another practitioner approach the other children and she was explaining to the children that it was okay to dress up if you are a boy or a girl. This opens ideas of differences and this can relate to gender, race, size, religion, sexual orientation, this links back to the legislation on the Equality Act above. This is great experience, because this would help the children understand that dressing up is gender neural, and the same with other games and activities. My setting has meaningful values for example honesty- always telling the children that they must tell the truth even if they are scared to do so. Respect- having respect for other peoples opinions and property, it is also important to treat people they way that you would want to be treated. Gratitude- teaching children not to take things by granted and teaching children at my setting to take responsibility for both their good and bad actions.

In my setting we promote a person centred care by having individual plans for each of the children this will help promote the childs learning and needs. Being a person centred practice is having a plan for each and every individual that will support their life, boast their personal purpose, enhance personal development and independence. Having these plans can assist the individual with disabilities and maybe someone who may require additional support. My setting helps the children with all kinds of disabilities from physical or mental by planning with teachers or family to help the children reach their full potential. Having choice and control can be the ability to understand the needs of an individual and considering each persons past and life achievements. When person centred plan is in practice its very important not to assume but to actually learn what they like and what they dislike. The individual gets to make their own choice with a little help from their key working this will help with their ability to learn by taking control. The staff also utilise and implement the skills that they already have to help and involve children that have intellectual and communication difficulties. Its also good to speak about how the individuals are developing their learning and their commutation skills on a 1-2-1 basis or in group discussions. We should use SHANARRI approach when thinking about the health and well-being in a person centred plan this promotes choices and diversity. Safety in my setting also plays a big part in protecting the children in a safe environment. We are able to nurture the children and support them by helping them with any additional help that they may require. Child can achieve their learning and develop their skills so that they can reach their full potential in their ability to learn. Children being active and healthy will be in the childs plan as its important for children to get fresh air and take part in activities outdoors, also for them to maintain a healthy and nutrition diet with these meals and snacks being provided in the setting. The children are involved in making their own decisions in their individual plan and its important for them to have their own input or say, if they do not agree with the strategy or something has gone wrong their would need to be compromised and think of a different plan to solve or help with the problem so that everyone agrees. Its also very important to compromise the plan or strategy as children will respect and adjust to their needs. The person centre approach also ties in with the principles of SHANARRI.

The meaning of innovation is introducing the latest ideas or the way of thinking and evaluating the problem that meets the needs of the user/s. Leaders at different levels can also inspire other colleagues through direct innovation practice, its good to have meetings and discussions about having new ideas for problem solving. Being a good leader is being inspired innovative to colleagues its important to have a good personality and be able to listen to your colleagues options and ideas, having different inputs of learning requirements to meet everyone's needs. Its good for colleagues to inspire others to be leaders at different levels and explain of this could be asking a parent helper to lead an activity that was discussed before the children went on an outing. The patent helper come up with a new idea which they feel confident about leading, so as our jobs as a leader we will be ale to give them support and guidance that will help the parent helper become a better leader for the future by giving them some advice that would reflect on the previous activity.

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The meaning of Collaborative working is be able to work with others to attain a collective goal. Here's an example of collaborative working, getting some sort of information from the nursery manager, then to the practitioner so they can then help give the information to the children. The ideology should end up being the same if the one person follows the correct information giving and the other person doesn't it shall not work. Its essential that there is access to recent and practical training that shall benefit staff members and the children. Its important to be confident in the expertise of the other staff members that will be the best outcome for each and every child. All staff members having basic knowledge of the training that is required. If staff do not get the correct training this can prevent and hinder the running of the setting. Its also important to have confidence in your colleagues ability to carry out all the proper requirements that are needed. Having new frameworks and looking at strategies will be implemented into the system, this will increase the knowledge and understanding of the staff members. The workers that do not follow the same frameworks and guidelines will not go any further and come to an end and not work correctly. In the organisational culture it is the aim to work collectively and promote respect. Its also good to have a healthy and positive attitude with the learning of a very good ethic in the setting. Critical aim can develop the best achievements and ambitions for the individual to accomplish, and trying to reach the full potential of each of the learners. When the colleagues do not work correctively and have respect for one another they will not carry out their responsibilities and duties as a professional unit. Its important that there is a positive attitude towards the learning and development of the children, as a staff member its important not to let your personal issues affect your teaching or professionalism towards the children. For your setting to run smoothly it requires everyone to work together as a unit for the good of each individual and the combined unit.        


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