The Effect That Steroids Had On Baseball Sports Essay

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Steroids have drastically changed the game of baseball by letting more and more players hit more homeruns. “Steroids are any of a large group of fat-soluble organic compounds, as the sterols, bile acids, and sex hormones, most of which have specific physiological action.” “Steroids”. There are several players who have used steroids who now have to deal with the consequences of this. Steroids have changed the game of baseball in a very bad way. I am going to discuss steroids and how it has affected the game of baseball, the increase in the usage of steroids, and the effects on the player's health after using steroids.

First, the game of baseball has been changed now because of the increase in the usage of steroids. The way you can tell if a person has been using steroids is by looking at their number of power spikes. “Power spikes are when players begin hitting way more homeruns then they ever have before” (Selig).  Baseball experts have put the usage of steroids into six different eras of baseball. These eras will help show how baseball has been changed by the usage of steroids.

These are the eras of baseball that experts use when discussing steroids. The first era of baseball is called the golden age from 1949-1957 there wasn't many homeruns and this was the start of baseball. The next era was called the expansion era from 1958-1969 and this is when baseball is just starting to expand and there are beginning to be more teams. The era following the expansion era was then called the dynasty era this era was from 1970-1976 there still wasn't really any known usage of steroids yet. The next era was called the balanced era from 1977-1985 when there was beginning to be an increase in the number of runs per game and more offensive production. The final two eras were called the Conseco and juiced eras. These two eras ran from 1986-2004; there was a great increase in offensive production and more homeruns than ever before. From the golden age when baseball was beginning to the juiced era there is no comparison to the number of homeruns and runs per game. There is actually around a .04 increase in the number of homeruns per game from the golden age to the juiced era. Steroids have changed baseball by allowing there to be more homeruns and more and more overall offensive production. The difference from the golden age to the juiced era is much different and the number of players trying steroids has really increased. Those are the eras that help define the usage of steroids in baseball.

Throughout the different eras powers spikes or homeruns as we commonly say drastically increased. The use of steroids is one reason for the amount of power spikes or homeruns. You can see all of the statistics from every era in the chart figure 1 and you can see the different homerun totals on figure 2. These charts will explain what I mean with the different eras.

Second, I will now be discussing the increase in the number of players using steroids. More and more players have been using steroids lately, this is because they are trying to keep up with all of the other players who are naturally better and may also be using steroids. Most people are now thinking that if they take steroids their chances of reaching the pros will increase and they will be way better off, but they are just hurting their chances to make the big leagues because when you use steroids you are basically cheating.

The only way to stop the use of steroids is to start testing people at younger ages before they go to the pros or even college. Drug testing is not even mandatory for every person to regularly be checked for performance enhancing drugs. A perfect example of players using steroids is Ted Kluszewski he was only hitting around 15 homers per season in the best point in his career but then out of nowhere he had three great seasons where he hit 40, 49, and then 47 homeruns in three consecutive seasons. This was over double his normal total for a season and then some. Teds increased in performance was aided by the use of performance enhancing drugs. This kid hadn't even been able to hit 18 homeruns in a season for his whole career and now he's hitting 49. Crazy performances like Teds happen all of the time in baseball you will have a player who can barely hit the ball and then the next year he is hitting 40 homers.

The temptations of using steroids and having great numbers are the reason why there are more and more players using and trying steroids. Players are seeing their teammates and friends put up great numbers and they want to do as good as them. The effects on the bodies of players are very drastic after they use steroids. The affects of steroids are very drastic once a player stops using steroids or even when he is using steroids. A player can get several different types of diseases and acne from the use of steroids.

People have been known to even get cancer or a type of cardiovascular disease. Usually after a player has taken steroids they are very depressed and at some cases get very aggressive with people. Some players have been known to even lose their hair while and after they have used steroids. There are several other issues with the body that people could look out for is problems with the immune system, kidney issues, liver issues, prostate enlargement, testicular atrophy, water and salt retention, and gynocomastia. These are some very drastic after effects on the players bodies after they used steroids. I don't know why people would use steroids for a little competitive edge when they know there are very bad effects on their bodies after they are done taking steroids. Now that I know about these very bad effects on the players bodies after taking steroids I don't think I will ever try steroids or any other type of drug like steroids. MLB players who have used steroids are not only dealing with the physical effects of the steroids in their bodies they sometimes have to go to court on legal affairs about alleged cheating while in the majors.

In conclusion, as you can tell steroids is a very bad idea for any person to use. There are several bad effects of steroids not only on the body but sometimes you have to deal with cheating cases in court. Baseball has been changed by the use of steroids and other performance enhancing drugs. There have been and still will be more and more players who will try performance enhancing drugs like steroids to try and get the upper hand on other players in the MLB.