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"Cheaters never prosper" is an old saying but is still relevant today. Athletes have always been trying to get an edge over opponents since the beginning. They almost always get caught though. So why take steroids? Some athletes like to cheat in order to get ahead of others by using steroids. Steroids help your muscles get bigger which means that you can hit the ball harder, run faster, jump higher, and throw a ball farther. They also have a few downsides. They cause you to have anger management problems and also greatly affect your body later on in your life. I think that steroids should continue to be illegal.

Most people are captivated nowadays because of they way steroids can jack up the human body. Many athletes use steroids because they want to perform better. They want to hit more homeruns, be the fastest man on earth, or throw the most touchdowns. Another reason is because they want to look stronger and become more attractive. It also puts in their minds that they are more powerful then the opposition. For some others it is a matter of once they start they get addicted and can't quit. Still others use steroids because they think they can get better pay because they might be able to play better.

Although many people are mesmerized by the strength that steroids can give most people don't think about the side effects like "Roid Rage." Roid rage is occurs when steroid takers over use the steroids or take too much for a long amount of time. This is something that can be very harmful and very dangerous. There are many example of roid rage one terrible example is of a wrestler who murdered his wife and his son then hung himself. That's a very drastic example but others are a man was in a debate with an older guy and got upset really quickly and knocked him out. This can happen but not very often. Roid rage usually makes people irritated more easily, more aggressive, and sometimes very depressed. Many studies have shown that when you take steroids for an extended period of time you will likely start to experience some sort of roid rage in a big or small manner.

There are many other side effects to using steroids than just roid rage. Lots of them appear to be very serious but are really not as bad as one might think. Water retention is probably the most common side effect of using steroids. It causes swelling which can be very severe or mild. It usually occurs in the neck. Acne is another side effect. It can come upon someone who has never even had it before or make it worse for others. For other users of steroids, high blood pressure can be very serious and needs to be tested. Cardiovascular disease is another very significant side effect along with Jaundice, a liver disease. Steroids cause the cholesterol level to raise and over time can clog the arteries. Jaundice usually happens when steroid users us steroids for a long period of time.

Steroids may look good at first but then come back to haunt you when you start to get the side effects of them. Steroids can be very hazardous to your health and very addicting. Steroids also can really affect the way people think about you. Steroid should continue to be illegal because of the harm it can do to the body and the way it can help others get stronger, faster, and more powerful.