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How Can You Reduce Fresh Water Scarcity?

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Abstract (100)

The purpose of the report is finding the water scarcity in Singapore and the useful solutions. According variable data from the research, the readers can find the direct reasons of the problem and each specific solution for each reason. Furthermore, the exact outcome of every case is demonstrated vivid by data. Then, the government will measure the possibilities of different solutions. Finally, I reckon the official research group should research more reasons for water scarcity and establish the Water Association. After everything, the Singapore’s Water Association can help more countries which are facing the water scarcity.

Introduction (150)

This report has lots of variety plans and the solutions of the water scarcity in Singapore. The most direct cause of the water scarcity is the capacity of water source in Singapore. Most areas in Singapore are facing the thorny problems, especially the areas that are surrounded by the oceans. Furthermore, the pollution of water in Singapore is seriously fatal problem; the low efficiency of water use is one significant factor of the water scarcity. On the other hand, the population of Singapore is increasing rapidly while the demand for water is increasing at the same time. Moreover, the areas of the entire country are really limited and small. On the contrary, the areas of Singapore are only one in 22 in Beijing. This is why the catchment of natural water is certainly small. In order to solve this problem, the Singapore government should make more storage of water in every local city.

Methodology (100)

Before you take actions to make the water scarcity disappear completely, you have to make the exact plans and collect branches of data about the pressing problem. In order to know more details of the water scarcity can the severity of this. I researched the history of the water demand and supply in Singapore. Furthermore, I collected different statistics of the water demand and supply. Then, I compared these two situations together and figure out the difference of these.

Finding (250)

The fresh water issue is one of the most influential problems in Singapore. Singapore has been dependent on Malaysia for nearly forty percent of its water supply. It is why the water source is the dispute between these two countries. On the other hand, although Singapore is not short of the fresh water and it receives approximately 2400 mm of the rainfall annually, the only problem faced by the country is the ability of the storing of the rainfall. And the limited amounts of land areas are the other issues the country faced. In order to solve the problem, Singapore has managed to reduce domestic water consumption from 172 liters per capita per day in 1995 to 157 liters in 2007. Moreover, there are loads of variable activities arranged to teach Singaporeans to notice the importance of water. The Water System asked different schools and leaflets on conservation are distributed to households. Furthermore, the modern societies have established the catchment areas and build dams and get much fresh water from the sea and ocean. The last point is that the government suggests Singapore should consider the social and economic impacts of sourcing of water by desalination and recycling. According the graph, we can see the No. of desalination plants is growing up while the capita of domestic water consumption is decreasing slightly. The data can demonstrate the concept of saving water is so essential for the local people. On the other hand, the volume of used water treated is declining obviously.


Discussion (250)

From this range of data, we can easily notice Singapore have created lots of different strategies to overcome the water scarcity. First of all, one technique is that has been successfully growing Singapore’s water supply is rainwater harvesting. Actually, Singapore can get a amount of water but they do not have any useful ways to harvest them. Therefore, using innovative and advanced technology to overcome a lack of space and improve the ability of collecting rainwater. On the other hand, the capacity of NEWater is becoming the dominant source of water supply in Singapore. It occupies approximately 30 percent of Singapore’s water needs. Depending on this tendency, the government of Singapore planned to triple the current percentage of future water demand by 2060. Moreover, the Desalinated Water is one of the most significant sources of water scarcity in Singapore. Singapore has one of Asia’s largest RO plants, which produces 30 million gallons of water each day. The second desalination plant was built in Singapore in 2013, about 100 million gallons of water per day and it ranks about 25 percent of Singapore’s current water demand. My hypothesis is Singapore should make more storage in every local city. The Singapore’s government is thinking about the exact ideas that I thought. If the country does not have enough money, they cannot spend their money on making more desalinated water. This is why Singapore has already solved the problem by itself and not cooperates with Malaysia because of the income of the entire country.

Conclusion (150)   

From the Finding part and Discussion part, we can easily find branches of the strategies to overcome the water scarcity in Singapore. However, their possibilities of success are definitely different. If the stint of the plan is sufficient, the Singapore’s government can take the action quickly. In addition, if the volume of the rainwater is not desirable and reasonable, the harvesting of the water is cannot be successfully. I reckon the government can make more conduction with other countries and make the Water Association to help Singapore. And it keeps measuring the demand of water in Singapore. I suggest that people can research more ways to create the capacity of the water. After that, the research team can figure out more reasonable reasons why the water scarcity is so serious in Singapore. The last point is that other countries that are suffering about water scarcity.

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