Analyzing the Turning Pendulum in Lab View Software

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Lab View software has great importance in the field of electrical, electronics and computer engineering and it has its uses in all these fields. Lab View software helps in programming the devices and microcontrollers. Because of this importance, Lab View has great popularity among researchers in universities and industrialists because it helps in reduction of cost of manufacturing and testing. A graphical programming approach is used in Lab View which helps in visualization of every aspect of the application. (Natioanl Instruments, 2017)All these factors make Lab View much more than programming language. All the instruments which are complied with IEEE 488.2 standard can be programmed and controlled by Lab View and for that purpose general purpose interface bus (GPIB) is used. G programming which is also known as data flow programming is employed in Lab View. VIs are Lab View programs and they have three parts which are provided below.

1)     Block diagram.

2)     Front panel.

3)     Connector panel. (Travis, 2006)

This lab report will help in analyzing the turning pendulum in Lab View and it is going to be driven in Control framework lab.


Three main theoretical terms are going to be discussed in the lab and they include simulation loop, signal generators and spool of wire. The technique which is used to develop and test a complex real time embedded system is known as simulation loop and this loop has great applications in the field of Robotics, Radar, Power Systems and many more. Simulation functions and simulation sub systems are present in the Simulation loop. (National Instruments, 2012)

1)     Input node is present which helps to configure the simulation parameters.

2)     Output node is present which contains error output terminal. If any error occurs during the execution of simulation loop, the simulation stops and the information regarding the error is sent to output error node.

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Secondly signal generators generate the signals in analogue or digital domain which can be repeating as well as non-repeating. The simulate signal express VI in Lab View can generate different signals like sine wave, sawtooth, Triangular and Noise. As it is required to transmit the data between the block diagram objects and for that, wires are used. The data is transferred in the form of text-based programming language. All the block diagrams present in the Lab View program must be connected through wires otherwise program will not run.

Lab View Schematic and Procedure:

The processes which are performed by the instruments are controlled by the National Instruments Lab View. The manufacturing for this process is done by Quanser Engineering trainers for NI ELVIS. The process involves different palettes and all of them are going to be discussed one by one. The basic information related to the project is shown below.


                                               Figure 1. Basic information.

Block diagram for the control using simulation:

                                            Figure 2. Block diagram for simulation in Lab View.

Simulation palette:  

The linear and non-liner dynamic systems are simulated with the help of this module present in figure. A lot of simulation algorithms are available. All the functions contained in the simulation palette can only be placed inside one simulation loop.

The simulation palette is given in the figure present. As it can be seen that it contains a lot of functions and all of these functions can only be employed inside one simulation loop.

Control design palette:

1)     This helps in the design of a controller which helps to balance the system and at the end the response is simulated.

2)     Model construction block contains the functions which help in building the model.

3)     Model Information palette is present.

4)     Model converter palette is present which helps in the conversion of models from one form to another like state space modelling and transfer function.

5)     Model Interconnection palette.

6)     Timer response palette.

7)     Frequency response palette which helps to get the frequency response of the system.

8)     Dynamic characteristic palette.

9)     Model reduction palette.

Results and discussion:

The front panel of the system along with the block diagram is presented in figure 5. All the objectives were met as described by the instructor and professor. Vis for block diagram was found in the Lab 1. Some separate Vis which were helpful in rotating the pendulum were obtained from the instructor in the second week of the lab. The pendulum was rotated with the help of Lab View in the third week of lab. The program was running, and the results were observed. The pendulum was controlled, and it stood straight up which was required. Naturally the pendulum does not stand right instead it falls on either side but with the help of control systems we were able to stand it up. This was achieved with the help of PID controller which needs to be tuned for getting the required output. The arm and pendulum angles were observed and they are fed to the controller which then compares them with the required angles and their difference is fed to the PID controller which then helps for getting the required output.

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Control systems is an important part of technology and the understanding regarding the control systems through practices and measurements is the motto of this lab. The need is to strengthen the concepts of the students regarding the control systems and this can be achieved through practices. Many modern software can be employed for this purpose and Lab View is used by us. In this lab, basic understanding regarding the Lab View is obtained. The way in which Lab View can be used for programming was discussed and with the help of these experiments we will be able to apply our theoretical knowledge into practical perspectives. The angles and the voltages were observed which helped to increase our understanding.


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Block diagram:

                                                Figure 5. Block diagram.

Front Panel:

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