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Importance of biofuels
1st Jan 1970
Introduction: Abstract World demand for energy has been projected to double by 2050 and be more than triple by the end of the century. Since industrial revolution in the 1850s, the human consumption of fossil fuels...

Understanding the various World Climate Types
1st Jan 1970
Introduction: Scientists used the word “Climate” to describe the precipitation and temperature of an area for a long period of time. They have defined the factors that have a great effect on temperature. ...

The sport of figure skating
1st Jan 1970
Introduction: The Physics of Figure Skating Part one: How does this sport relate to Newton’s Laws and Kinematics? There are many different example of how Newton’s laws and kinematics apply to the sport ...

Gene expression regulation
1st Jan 1970
Introduction: How do mammalian cells regulate and control gene expression? Abstract. Gene expression regulation is a complicated process that is controlled at many different levels. Not surprisingly, there are many...

Forensic speaker identification
1st Jan 1970
Introduction: INTRODUCTION         Forensic speaker identification is the application of science to solve the problems related to identification of the unknown speaker in criminal investigation. A voice is ...

Drug safety assessment
1st Jan 1970
Introduction: INTRODUCTION Pre-clinical studies or pre-clinical trials are very important stage of research in drug development process. Pre-clinical trials are also known as non-clinical safety assessment. The mai...

1st Jan 1970
Introduction: Sources: Theobromine is the primary alkaloid present in the cocoa and chocolate. Theobromine is found in the shells and beans of the cacao plant and it is extracted from the husks of the bean and use...

Applications of binary numbers
1st Jan 1970
Introduction: Introduction The world has evolved from simple mechanics to advanced quantum modeling. What has not changed is the Human will to count the entities. Humans originally created the Decimal Number System...

Human Genetic Disorder
1st Jan 1970
Introduction: HUMAN GENETIC DISORDER Introduction Human Genetic Disorder is a kind of illness which is caused by chromosomes or genes abnormalities. Some disorders like cancer are in part of genetic disorders but t...