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It was the year 597B.C, as I walked through the crowdie roads of the city of Babylon. I witnessed the king Nebuchadnezzar. As I kept my eyes out, I had seen some enslaved people coming into Babylon with chains joined together. Even though they were enslaved, people saw that they didn't look like slavish people, for they had been well dressed, and gave us a look of being healthy people. For this reason is why I began to wonder who were they, and why were they here. As I kept on wondering, I started asking people about it. I went on for hours, but nobody knew, until I noticed a strange looking guy, who was trying to hide from the police or something. With no idea of what or who was he hiding from, I approached him and asked, what was going on with the strange enslaved people coming into Babylon. With fear and anxious he answered that they were Jews that were captured by the king Nebuchadnezzar, due to an event that so disastrous that it will destroy Jerusalem and last for centuries. As we kept talking he told me the event that we are about to pass through was called the "Babylonian Captivity", an event in which it was characterized by wealth, empires, and religion.

Later on I invited him to my home so we could get to know each other, and also so I could investigate more on the Babylon Captivity. As we entered into my house, you could notice that his fear and anxiety wasn't any more noticeable, for he was in a much calmer mood. As soon as he was calm and comfortable, I asked him why were the slaves passing through well dressed, and glowing with health. He answered that the reason was that they were actually wealthy Jews that were captured and taken as slaves, due to that king Nebuchadnezzar demanded the wealthy Jews such as professional, priests, and craftsmen to come to Babylon so they could be treated as slaves due to that the king saw that they could help exceed in the Babylonian city. He also included that the rest of the Jews, that were not wealthy were left in Judah, due to that the king didn't see them as capacitate people. As we kept on talking, he told me that he was King Zedekiah from Jerusalem, which he had escaped from being chained like the rest of the Jews. For that reason why he was so anxious and with fear, so no Babylonian could take him again as a prisoner. After that he informed me that he was taken for not only a prisoner, but a puppet king (king taken to amuse and to be punished by the king), and also that some Jews that remained in Judah fled into the Hills of Egypt. Later on Zedekiah left.

After various weeks I kept walking through the city. This later made me see that Zedekiah was nowhere to be seen in the town. For this reason I began to wonder and investigate about what had happened. As I kept going, I noticed a noble friend of mine, which was also a very close friend of the king Nebuchadnezzar. He then informed me that he had seen Nebuchadnezzar take in a new Jew into being a slave, because not only for he was wealthy, but also that he had escaped. For that reason is why he informed me that had been taken as a slave and heavily punished. As they took him as a puppet king, his heavily punishment was not only to be enslaved, but also that he had to watch the killing of all of his sons. Later on he also informed me that Nebuchadnezzar had destroyed and burned the walls of Jerusalem, Jerusalem, and Solomon's Temple.

Later on, I left Babylon due that I wanted to invest more in the before religion of the Jews, their feelings toward the exile, and also to have the chance on going Persia, and ask see their reaction toward the Babylonian Captivity. I kept on going seeking the truth. As I finally reached Jerusalem, the first thing I noticed was the great destruction of Jerusalem, but later as I walked through, the people came out. Later on I had a good talk with them, asking about their religion. When they finally told me that due to their deportation, they had to adopt the Chaldean religion. This was Judaism, in which they remained united with their only God, Yahweh. They had also believed that the reason why all of these problems happened was due that they mocked Gods messengers, despised Gods word, and misused His prophets, for that reason God's wrath arose against his people. They also informed me they had to pass through a change in their script, by which they now adopted the Hebrew script, replacing the Israelite script. As they kept speaking, they informed me that due to this event they now felt hopeless and despair, due to these feelings, they called themselves the "golas"(exiles), or "bene golas"(children of the exiles). Now that I had taken that information, I now headed to Persia. As I arrived on Persia, I rapidly began to investigate on the Persian king Cyrus reaction towards the Exile. He then informed me that he was joining the empire so they could fight the Babylon's, and free the Jews, due that he had in their religious traditions. That is why I joined him in the fight, and went on to face them, until we have won the Jews freedom. After that the king Nebuchadnezzar now became a slave, and king Cyrus, now let the Jews go back into their Home, so they could reconstruct Jerusalem, and its walls, and also in order to build the Solomon's Temple. Afterwards I then gathered with some prophets in that period. As Jeremiah, by which I helped him write "Lamentations", in which he described the agonizing emotions of the prophets and the people in that period of time. Later on, I helped into writing "Job", which was more about human suffering. About an upright man, who suffers the worst problems, due to Gods test him. He doesn't receive any justice; the only answer he receives is that humans shouldn't question God's will.

All these investigations have made me "open my eyes". "Open my eyes", in the kind of way that it has made me realize that God does everything for a reason. Also that nobody should go against God's will, due to the future consequences and problems it may lead you to in life. In addition to Gods great power, these past events has made me realize that type of suffering, and processes Jews had to pass through in the disastrous event of what is called the Babylonian Captivity. In which they faced life threatening events that led them into slavery, but later on was brought back into its normal past, in which the Jews returned into Jerusalem, in order to rebuild and reconstruct all the destruction that the Babylon's caused into the city and its temple.

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