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“Phobia’s, one of the most common psychological disorders” (Disabled world, 2018). They’re a variation of anxiety disorder. “Three main classifications; Specific, social and agoraphobia” (Phobias, 2018). Specific phobia occurs fearing of distinct things. Cognitive behavioral therapy treats this anxiety. Social phobia occurs fearing of familiar situations where may have embarrassment. Exposure therapy treats social phobia to expose patient to feared stimulus. Agoraphobia occurs when people fearing of detached in public places or situations. Cognitive behavioral therapy treats agoraphobia.

Keywords: Phobia, anxiety, agoraphobia, specific phobia, and social phobia.


 “Phobia- variation of anxiety disorder” (Lee, 2019). “Individuals will experience perpetual illogical fear of an object or situation, angst when associating with it, vigorous desire to divert” (n.d. ,2018).  “Three classifications of phobias: agoraphobia, specific phobia, and social phobia” (Nordqvist, 2017).

“Agoraphobia- includes apprehension about unaccompanied or detached in public places or situations in which breakout may have challenges” (Agoraphobia, 2017). “Feelings consist of staggering terror accompanied by symptoms such as: diaphoresis, dyspnea, or syncope” (McIntosh, 2017).

The attacks appear randomly and without cautioning, making it impractical for individuals to envision what situation will provoke such a reaction. They?? frequently contain characteristic clusters of whereabouts?? that consist?? fear of outside unaccompanied, in a cluster of people or waiting in line, on a bridge, and traveling on a bus, train, or automobile. CITE Patients often inhibit their travel or depend upon the companionship to go outside their homes, which intrudes with their sociable or professional operational ??and causes noticeable distress.  MAC, WHAT DOES THE ABOVE MEAN? YOU’RE TRYING TOO HARD TO SOUND ACADEMIC AT THE EXPENSE OF MEANING

“Specific phobia-VERB extreme fear of distinct things that pose slight or no certain threat” (Specific phobia, 2018). “Frequent and involve relatively VERB 10% of the U.S. population” (Fritscher, 2018).  “Individuals experience moderate anxiety to panic when encountering with the anticipation of facing a frightened situation” (Specific phobias and young people, 2015). They sense their only capability is one of prevention. “The phobia may immobilize if the position periodically experienced and not comfortably avoided” (Specific phobia, 2019). It may cause the slightest deterioration if hardly experienced and effortlessly avoided.

Social phobia- astounding or relentless fear of familiar or performance situations in which individuals may feel embarrassment. “The most typical social phobia is fear of public speaking” (Thobaben, 2004). In addition to extreme anxiety, social phobia often causes individuals to experience physical symptoms such as blushing, diaphoresis, tremors, dysarthria, gastrointestinal discomfort, and muscle tension. Even though individuals realize that their fear is exaggerated or illogical, they either avoid the frightened social situation or encounter them with powerful anxiety or distress. Social phobia act so incapacitating that it can get involved with individual’s normal routines, professional functioning, or social life and relationships.

  “Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) is the most commonly used form of therapy for agoraphobia” (Shaffer, 2018). The objective of CBT come about gaining skills to assist with tolerating anxiety, alternating distorted thought patterns, and rebounding to normal activities. In exposure therapy patients commonly get displayed to the object or situation that generate their anxiety. Through publicity, the fear reaction decreases. Applied relaxation exist as therapy that supports the patient with the capability to relax. The patient gets taught exercises regarding the goal. These comprise of classifying signs of tension, loosening up the body to alleviate the tension, and administering the techniques during stressful everyday situations.

 “Cognitive behavioral therapy emphasizes the role of dysfunctional beliefs and their influence on emotional and behavioral outcomes” (Shelton, 2018). The therapy targets on developing such adverse thinking and dysfunctional acceptance to adjust the feeling to the phobic stimulant. This step occurs first, but treatment of a specific phobia also affects continuous exposure to the fear catalyst. Anti- anxiety medications can further intuitive in calming emotional and physical response to specific phobias.

 “Exposure therapy- in this treatment technique, the patient is repeatedly exposed to the feared stimulus until the anxiety response it elicits is habituated” (Yates, 2018). One-session treatment continuing 3 hours and combining exposure therapy in an anxiety ranking with participant modeling, cognitive factors, and reinforcement. Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy measures become useful when the therapist determines that the care of the phobia may have a compelling cognitive fundamental. Including those in which the patient learns skills for contingency administration, designing authority, and self-control. Enforced stress and relaxation may happen. 


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