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The Obvious Problem Of Binge Eating Psychology Essay

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Published: 25th Feb 2019 in Psychology

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Nowadays the problem of the binge eating is obvious. There are many people who suffer from binge eating. As a fact, problems and failures lead to the need of doing something that can calm down a person, and sometimes he chooses the binge eating, as one of the most pleasant and satisfying methods to stop worrying and thinking about the problems. As a fact, a person who finds safety and happiness in food, can not understand or find out how to solve problems or how to avoid it. That is why, family and friends have to be present in a person’s life all the time and to help cope with any difficulties, not making a person suffer in loneliness and misunderstanding. Binge-Eating Disorder is a problem of the whole humanity, as in each country there are people who suffer from this disorder.

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Binge Eating (also Binge Eating Disorder) is an eating disorder in which there is a periodic craving episode (binge eating) with loss of conscious control over eating. In contrast to bulimia, the eating is not broken then, so long is usually the result of obesity, as stated in What is binge-eating disorder? As a separate diagnosis in the context of eating disorders, the term first time was proposed in 1992. The definition of this eating disorder was controversial for a long time, the criteria by nutritionists and doctors were increasingly accepted, and the need for treatment of this disorder is now recognized

mostly in Europe. Treatment approaches generally correspond to those of bulimia, as stated in Binge-Eating Disorder. Binge eating can not be considered as a temporary disease that can be easily cured, because it is considered psychological and can be cured if only a person who suffers from it, would like to become healthy and to eat healthy.

Diagnosis. The diagnostic criteria for binge eating were in the 1990s set up by the Psychiatric Association in the USA: at least two binges per week over a period of at least six months, loss of control of food intake with loss of satiety, very high calorie intake for a Binge Eating, extremely rushed eating (“wrap”), eating up to a strong feeling of fullness, Binge Eating is not triggered by the strong hunger, Binge Eating connects to the guilt and shame-on, in part to depression, the victims suffer from binge eating. In uncontrolled binge eating there is eating mostly of high fat and sweet foods that contain many calories.

Unlike bulimic binge eater takes no action after a meal, such as vomiting or excessive workout to prevent weight gain due to the excessive caloric intake. Although the disorder already was first described by Stunkard in 1959, the binge-eating disorder is so far not represented with its own diagnostic guidelines in ICD-10 and is not otherwise described in F 50.9: “Unspecified eating disorders” or F 50.4, binge eating from other mental disorders subsumed.  Interviews with stakeholders suggest that the binge eating exclusively to psychological factors and mainly by negative emotions, stress or boredom will be triggered, as described in Binge-Eating Disorder – Symptoms, Causes, Treatment, and Help. Psychologists assume that unpleasant feelings are suppressed during the eating process. Thus, it was with binge eating – a form of avoidance behavior. As well as with other eating disorders, which are on the origin and function of this eating behavior but different theories. Psychology in the diet, there is the theory that so-called “restrained eating” is a risk factor for the development of eating disorders, especially bulimia and binge eating.

Epidemiology. Considering the frequency of binge eating disorder, there are different indications, most are based on estimates. Georg Ernst Jacoby, former director of a clinic for eating disorders in Bad Oeynhausen, estimates the number of people affected in Germany of the binge eating are to 1.5 to two million, higher than the number of bulimic. In the U.S. studies showed a rate of about two percent of the population. About a third of the sufferers are men, there are no particularly affected age group as in bulimia and anorexia. Much of the binge eater is overweight, but conversely suffers only about a third of obese patients to binge. Most overweight people assume continuously to consume more calories.

Therapy. In therapy, a normalization of eating behavior is encouraged and the triggering mental problems are treated. Therapy and support of the family and friends are indispensable for a person who suffers from the binge eating. Being out of control and not understanding the real problem of it, a person is not able to understand and control himself, as described in Binge-Eating Disorder. The therapy is considered one of the main components that form the successful cure of the person who suffers from binge eating.

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To the problem of the binge eating has to be devoted more attention and there have to be developed new approaches to cope with the difficulties, with the problems and different issues that arise. There are many ways and opportunities to solve the problem of the binge eating and to help people understand that eating will not solve anything, and to point the correct direction for them. Professionals in this sphere are able to change the people’s minds, to help them understand and re-evaluate different things that influence their behavior. Correct innovative approaches are essential in changing the situation, in making people think positively and to create goals and objectives in life, as described in Binge-Eating Disorder – Symptoms, Causes, Treatment, and Help.

The trends of the modern society are forcing people to make changes, to live in a rush, do make everything quick, to eat fast food, to spend a lot of money, and some people are trying to find something pleasant in the usual routine to become a little happier. And with no further way out they start looking for more and more, this way hurting themselves and do not know about it. Consequently, they urgently need help and constant support from their loved ones, as it is very essential for their health and future. Considering the current problems of people, the binge eating can be explained as a method to stop worrying and to solve the problems temporary. Binge eating is rather a new disorder that is caused by the external factors of the society, of the certain rules, trends, fashion, etc. People who suffer binge eating disorder are out of control, they are addicted to food and they do not perceive the surrounding environment as it is.

Being able to discover the real problems and consequences of the binge eating disorder, the professionals and doctors will be able to cure a person without any negative consequences for him, by explaining the possibilities and real opportunities that will lead to the healthy lifestyle. That is why it is important to ensure that people who need help and who are addicted to the binge eating, to convince them to see the real side of their addictions, as described in Binge eating- Medlife Plus. That is why it should be taken into consideration that each person has to take care of himself and to understand that bad habits can not be a way out of the situation and can not solve any problems. Any person has to communicate more, to spend less time online, to share his thoughts and ideas with the loved ones and friends, to be able to ensure the best possible life for him and his family, without the addiction to food or an other things.

All in all, binge eating is a serious problem that has to be solved in patience, with the carefully thought out strategy and without making any harm to the person. Sometimes, problems and failures lead to the need of doing something that can calm down a person, and sometimes he chooses the binge eating, as one of the most pleasant and satisfying methods to stop worrying and thinking about the problems. Loss of conscious control over eating leads to overweight and to other psychological problems, which can be perceived as the way out from some situations. It should be noted that psychological help in cases of the binge eating is indispensable and extremely important. Without it, any cure can be useless and ineffective.


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