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Recruitment manager is supposed to provide job description for different seats. Job description on other hand used to be taken to express job requirements, and expectation. Interviewee has to present himself in such a way that he should be conceived the closest candidate for required seat. Each job demands certain set of performance level from the person, who is made responsible. In following paper, we are going to take job description of public relationship officer of government sector.

Job description:

A person should be responsible to develop, design, and implement crystal clear and effective internal and external communication, deemed responsible to maintain communication with each connecting entity, is considered important seat to design schedule of meetings, public hearing, public speeches, and present soft image of top management. Public contact should be maintained through proper channel, to handle public complaints, and public requisition application in appropriate manners, to provide the bookbinding link between conservation priorities and his department, to handle departmental documentation regarding public relationship, would be responsible to interact with people on daily basis, and have to take part in constructive decision making.( WWF, p1, 2010)


Promote and exploit clear communication techniques and further planning.

Get indulged in communication strategies, and has to take part in designing international and national communication strategies.

Maintain persistency in communication, media selection analysis techniques, and has to make bridge between communication and its effectiveness.

Aim is to strengthen the brand, offers compelling stories, and has to pull up the sense of public to think to take desired action.

Abilities to conduct market research, and should able to use conducted market research in such a way that it can cover audience in appropriate way.

Develop meaningful relationships along media relevant to his core field, and must present him before media in the case of absence of top management.

Can get attach along external parties as well as with media channels, in directionless situations it is demanded to provide radar function especially on emerging issues. Should have ability to transfer miserable situation in the favor of him, and considered responsible to reply to external attacks immediately.

Desperately need to have leading and coordinating skills to match up policy convention and international advocacy.

Can perform in team structure environment with excessive set of capabilities to make situation smoothen in future

Need to have that much capacity to hold things such way, given solutions should be entailed optimal solution. (Payrole, p1, 2010)


Must be innovative, creative, flexible, dense passionate, and articulate.

Must have capacity to work in diverse culture.

Excellent written and spoken English and other would be considered an advantage.

Adheres to have knowledge about laws, societal principle, foreign delegations, meetings, team guy, accountable, credible, and can present facts honestly.

Attention to discretion, details and diplomacy.

Interest to deliver issues, and provide their solution is usually thought their prime responsibly area.

Job analysis:

As far as job analysis is concerned, it is basically a systematic approach used to illustrate job specification, requirements, skill set required, and personal supporting behavior for following job. On other hand, it comes under job analysis part to analyze the working condition suitable for following job. Job analysis usually analyze compensation plans given to employees, training and coaching needs, and vignette clued description of limitation sometimes define the criteria. Job analysis tools usually have generic ability to analyze the resources available, and can forge progressive strategies to accomplish the business strategic motives, and business specified goals (American Psychological Association, p12, 2002). On ground reality, through job analysis management can perform distinctive tasks such as compensation management, demand supply analysis, performance appraisal and training need assessment.

Following job is necessary to run the wheel of government administration as top administration doesn’t get the time to design, remember, interact to every one, and attend list of seminars on each day. After all they are human machine as well, and they have physically some limitation as well. In order to analyze the parameters of following job, we need to check out its connectivity and need in following setup. Jobs used to be granted with compatible salary packages. Compensation plans used to associate with any job for some specific reason, in PRO job, individual needs excessive training.

There are list of ways to analyze job, and skills required to perform that particular job. (Barrick, M.R., & Mount, M. K. p, 1, 2002)

Direct observation:

In following method, we can observe the behavior of PRO, and can record his behavior, activities, events, duties, and tasks. Direct observation method makes us empower to evaluate an individual in real time basis. There is a problem with observation methods as individual normally presents their quicker side of personality while being observed.

Work method analysis:

Work method analysis includes motion analysis, and micro motion analysis, we can analyze the performance of individual on the basis of his movement of work done by him. it can give us clear picture of actual working of individual, PRO have to move quickly between the duties hours to facilitate his top management at par.

Critical incident techniques:

We can easily determine the performance level of PRO by employing critical incident technique; it is good way to compare expected performance and actual performance of individual. Job description can be taken as a benchmark for following technique; management has to evaluate the individual on the basis responsibility that has been defined under responsibility tag. (Davies, M, Stankov, L., & Roberts, R.D. p.12, 1998)

Interview method:

It comes in direct techniques, where higher administration can ask their desired questions as some time PRO has to do those things, which doesn’t come in his job description and responsibility portion. Interviews are normally three types structured interview, unstructured interviews, and open ended interviews. It depends upon the interviewer desires or requirements how he will be going to conduct interview.

Functional job analysis:

Is valuable technique of job analysis that was fostered some how by the employment and training administration of United States subdivision of labor. We can analyze PRO job through functional level job analysis as well, following technique basically is comprised of a likert scale, and management usually respond to it. The attributes of job that used to checked, time spent, functional alive, worker instruction, training needs, ability to perform difficult tasks.

Work profiling system:

Following system is computerized system, where management usually maintains the profile of certain job. Historically they check the performance level of under discussion job. On other hand, it is the technique to check, what was the person before, and what is he now? Profiling technique often advices to management to deliver training sections to individual. It some how takes employee towards development.

Technical conference:

Following tool has great applicability in government sector, and in following technique management used to do brainstorming in conference section with individual. PRO job is desperately looking to adopt such technique because this can give the exact answer of those things, which PRO has to decide by himself.

Threshold trait analysis system:

It is basically standard of thirty three traits for instance attitudinal traits, can do factors, and willing to do factor. Top administration has to employ other methods as well in order to do threshold trait analysis, through following we can easily find out the threshold level of person. As far as job is concerned, we can estimate the threshold level of desired job as well, and can recommend nobody can go beyond this level regarding following job.

We need to find the best possible and feasible method to analyze the job; we don’t want to leave loopholes in our system. PRO job basically a job in which individual has to remain in contiguous with public for longer time period. Therefore, we recommend following threshold trait analysis technique and technical conference technique because following technique will adjust them by the need of change. Technically, PRO has to be put in that situation in early days, where he has to take number decision towards people, and should provide him a chance to interact with number of people each day. Performance of PRO can be checked by taking his historical records. Profiling system will help us in this way.

Personnel selection:

It the most difficult part for human resource management because they have to choose a person among the pool of qualified people. Lets suppose, there are five candidates equally educated, and have similar background experiences, they are applied for job discussed in previous literature. Job assessment and job selection becomes difficult when all they used to perform with similar pace. For this particular situation, human resource management should launch a quality assessment and selection system. As far as PRO job is concerned, it is first desire of human resource management to induct that person, who gives priority to interaction with public. Now days, there are countless technique helpful to induct right people on right jobs. Management used to analyze candidate on different parameters, individual has to pass through different psychology test, leadership skill tests, analytical skills test, and panel interviews, group interviews, and conference interviews as well. All given techniques used to employ to find out right person for right job. (EEO, p,5 , 2005)

Selection system development:

Selection system development is the appropriate system to recruit people; it has to cover numerous aspects used in selection process. On other hand, Meta analysis is valuable technique, which is quite helpful to provide valuable information for psychologist choosing tests and assessments.

Selection tools


Work sample test


Cognitive ability


Peer rating




Job tryout procedures


Biographical data


Reference check










Job experience


Job knowledge test


(Source: Meta Analytic correlation between selection tools and job performance (Schmidt and Hunter, 1998)

Validity of selection procedure:

As far as validity is concerned, there are three distinctive strategies exist for determining whether organization is going on right track to find right person for right job or not. For instance, criterion related studies are basically used for personality test. Psychologist can easily identify the personality of individual via taking help of following test. Content valid tests usually apply to check skills and abilities related to job. In the case of unavailability of valid data about candidate then we can apply Meta data analysis technique to find out the facts about him. Following table may vary with respect to region limitation because in some societies age counts a lot in order to get job. On other hand, following rate has been assigned for some specific reason, and management has to take care for not to exceed it, while selecting people. (Mead, A.D., & F. Drasgow, p,3, 2003).)

Job evaluation:

Job can evaluated after watching clear cut performance of new appointment. What is expecting from him, and at what level he is meeting the criteria of management expectation. Nobody will get satisfied with him until unless he performs more than described things in his job description. There are couples of ways to evaluate jobs. As far as PRO job is concerned,

Performance measurement method:

Management usually gives tasks and assignments to new joining, and in response he has to show his quality work to them. In the case of accomplishment of given task, new joining will be taken as right person for following job. Task allocation doesn’t depend upon the level of that individual but directly dependent upon the specification of following job.

Diary method:

For PRO job evaluation, diary method is effective tool, and in diary method management usually note down milestones that has been completed by new appointment. On other hand, historical performance review can also checked as well by employing following technique.

Performance gaps:

In practical environment, gap analysis helps us to check the individual performance compatibility with job description whether that individual has those set of capabilities by which he can take following job for longer time period or his performance is meaningless for organization.

As far as method selection is concerned, we will definitely select performance development system because it can the best analyze the job. On other hand, there should be proper awareness of training needs and compensational plans among the employees. So, that they may not stop their performance level to go higher until unless they think, company is not caring them. (Schmidt, F.L., & Hunter, J.E, p.5-15, 2006).)


Recruitment analysis is the major responsibility of human resource management. There are list of techniques and tools available to forge the ways smoothen and easier. In following paper, we clearly defined numerous ways of selection, and evaluation in order to find out right blend of results.