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The process of growing, different gender does have different respond on when facing the stress and even the way of copping the stress. In this study, we were targeting with both gender by category their age, race, culture and surrounding issue that influence or change them the point of respond to stress and the way of copping the stress. There are many issue and different causes of creating stress for our daily life but it is not a way for both genders. We could have more understand type of stress is facing on the certain age and different respond both genders. In the study, we had realize that a great changing view respond to stress and overcome the stress in both gender on category age of teenager and adult. Furthermore, changing view of stress found in different culture for both gender. It is reason for when reach an adult age. Working environment has making them change.


In this world, our daily life is filled with stress. Stress is a common issue that has become a discussion among researchers. There are many reasons why a person gets involve in a stressful condition. Based on Lahey’s study, sources of stress can be categorized into five category which are life events, frustration, conflict, pressure and environmental condition (Lahey,2012).

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Life events is one of the major sources of stress as people need to have adjustments in their life every day, regardless of any situations or conditions (Dohrenwend,2006;Lahey,2012). Negative events such as losing a loved one or losing a home after disaster creates anxiety, depression and physical illnesses and psychological illnesses (Lahey,2012) However, even positive events can be stressful too. Getting a new car or house, graduating from college, getting married are also happy situations where people need time to adjust to their normal living pattern ( Lahey, 2012).


Other source of stress comes from frustration which is the result or decision that could not able to satisfy a motive (Lahey,2012). Continuous dissatisfactory of the results gained such as individuals being subjected to racial discrimination would be able to become major source of stress.(Gallo & Matthews; Lahey,2012)


The third source of stress is conflict in which a state of two or more motives cannot be satisfied because they interfere with one another. (Lahey, 2012) Conflict happens when two people have different goals or different opinions in which both of them are trying to get an agreement. In this condition, two major source of stress in conflict are trying to satisfy each other with their different opinions while being aware of each other to accept their individual decision.


Stress can be aroused from pressure in facing threats of negative events ( Lahey, 2012). For example, college students feel pressure due to handing in assignments before dateline and preparing for exams. A single mother will feel pressure when providing provision for her family while performing well in her job. An employee will feel pressure in pleasing the boss with excellent work while competing with other colleague.

Environmental conditions

The environment that we are surrounded by is also one of the factor that causes stress ( Lahey, 2012). For instance, if a person lives in a an environment filled with noise pollution, chances of an increase in heart rate, blood pressure and respiration is high and hindrance in the digestive processes is possible ( Hughes M., 2010 ) .


Different Gender in Respond to Stress and How Overcome the Stress.

There are many reasons that cause stress; even we are still at a young age. We believe that both genders have their own methods in responding to stress. At the same time we also believe that both genders’ responses to stress can be influence by other aspect. In the sports field, both genders athletes have different methods to cope with stress. Researchers found that women use the coping strategies of venting motions, positive reinterpretation, dissociation, and emotional social support more often than men did to cope with stress. ( Hammermeister & Burton 2004; Mark & Toto 2009). Besides that, there is another study about racial discrimination and ways on how to cope with stress among African Americans (Utsey, Ponterotto, Reynolds & Cancelli, 2000). It was found that between adult men and women, women tend to seek social support more than men do (Flora & Rahim, 2006). Based on the studies, we understand that both genders have different ways of coping with stress.

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Furthermore, genders differences have an effect in anxiety disorders that appears to begin around the age of 6 where female are higher than male with ratio is already 2:1 (Robinson, 2006; Sharon & Jennifer, 2011). From the statement we understood that stress begins at the adolescence stage. In the study of Kagan and Lewis (1965), it was found that girls are more mentally developed ahead of boys. Therefore, girls have better response to stress compared to male at the adolescence stage (Walter & Terry, 1974). This led us to believe that different stress occurs in adolescence stage. Nevertheless, some studies have evidences that clearly stated the differences between genders affect stress. Girls have higher level of stress than boys do during their teenage years as they are more likely to be more aggressive to have conflict with parent and teacher. (Walter & Terry, 1974). Based on the MacFarlane (1970) study, during period high school period, girls slightly manifest more anxiety than boys (Walter & Terry, 1974). On other hand, women may also experience more school-related anxiety than men during both stressful events (examinations) as well as the long term events (Martin, 1997).

Besides schooling period, a study showed that during college period, women experience more negative images of themselves and they are more likely to manifest neurotic symptoms than male (McKee and Sherriffs,1957 as cited in Walter &Terry,1974). Other researches analysis provided us some insight on the differences between male and female supporting staff. There are differences in stress outcomes experienced by male and female workers between the age of 25 to 30 year old (Dr. Zafir & Fazilah). A study showed that women suffer more stress from working environment compared to men because women also experience certain unique stressors such as gender inequality as well as experiencing stressors common to both genders (Kristina & Stephen, 2004).

Besides that, for married couples, it is believed that neighborhood stressors will have greater impact on women’s mental health rather than men’s (Flora & Rahim, 2006).There is a considerable amount of evidence indicating that women are more psychologically and physiologically reactive to stressors than men (Liu, Spector & Lin Shi, 2008). Through this study and the statement provided, we found that women have the higher percentage to develop stress compared to men.

For ways of coping stress, there is a slight difference between both genders. In a study, adult men were found to resort to alcoholic method more than women (Christopher & Alvin, 2009). Based on Jessica’s study, since men are taught that it is unacceptable to express their depression to others, they may seek comfort from other sources such as alcohol. Indeed, one argument supported the idea that the different rates of depression between men and women are illusionary is that alcoholism is twice as common in men as in women (Murakumi J., 2002).

Discussion & Conclusion.

After analyzing the studies and research papers related to the topic, our group agreed that the first thesis is different gender respond to stress in different ways. It is confirmed that the thesis we had made matches the evident to support it. Besides that, we found that different response in stress starts during teenage years with female developing faster than male. On the overall view, all members of our group believed that the methods used to cope with stress are different where female are far more mature than male. Furthermore, we found that the stress level is different for both gender at young age with females getting more anxiety and more depression especially in high school period when compared to males. The reason for higher level of females’ depression in high school is because female starts to gets themselves non-invisible attention in school through usage of make up so that they are able to follow the trend of teenage years. It is the reason that women have high stress outcome than men. Hence, it led us to believe that women have the higher risk to have psychological illnesses such as insomnia and anxiety disorder. However, female are better in managing with stress based on a study by Mark and Toto (2009). Female are known to vent their emotions, positive reinterpretation, dissociation, and emotional social support more often than men do. (Mark and Toto, 2009). Yet this does not mean that males are healthier than female. Males often use negative way to cope with stress compared to females. Examples like alcohol and smoking cigarettes are common ways for males to cope with stress. This brings great impact to the body heath such as lung cancer and liver diseases. Nevertheless not all of the male are using the same negative copping stress as males also use positive ways to cope with stress. For example they do sports to cope with their stress. The current statement had reached our other thesis which is that both genders have their different ways to cope with stress. At the end, our group came out with a thesis that both genders have their own ways to respond to stress and to cope with stress because everyone have their own personality, thinking and stress outcome.

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