Depression: Risk for Suicide among Post-Secondary Students

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18th May 2020 Psychology Reference this

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Depression and Suicide

Depression and suicide have been associated with each other. There has been evidence that depression can cause suicide, and, in some cases, depression can be cause by failed suicide.  “Depression isn’t the same as sadness, or upset, it is defined as a triggered heavy emotion that caused by a great loss, stress, or major life change. It can be caused by a medical condition, like chronic or prolonged pain” (CAMH, 2019). “Depression can be identified by extreme sadness or a change of mood, hopelessness, problem in sleeping, isolating themselves from their love ones, changes in their personality and / or appearance, often considering committing suicide, and threatening to do suicide” (WebMD, 2018).

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“I didn’t want to wake up. I was having a much better time asleep. And that’s really sad. It was almost like a reverse nightmare, like when you wake up from a nightmare, you’re so relieved. I woke up into a nightmare (Goodreads, 2019).”

– Ned Vizzini, It’s Kind of a Funny Story

Depression may post a threat among post-secondary student and / or adults. Among the cause of depression and reason why they might commit suicide are school, responsibilities that they need to carry-out, like chores, taking care of their family, financial, etc., a possible related stress / burnout, family responsibilities or a possible trauma that had occur.

According to Toronto Star, “5,800 Canadian children and youth have died by suicide during the past 13 years across Canada — some as young as 8 years old, according to data compiled by a Toronto Star/Ryerson School of Journalism investigation from coroners’ offices in all provinces and areas except Nunavut and in 2005, there were 146 deaths related to suicide and the age range of this deaths are 8 and 24 years old, and the following year, 2016, the number increased to 181 deaths” (Toronto Star, 2018). Suicide is increasing and the main cause of this are, mental illnesses, prior suicide attempt, specific personality / characteristics, and can be combined with psychosocial stressors, experience to inspiring model and accessibility of resources of committing suicide. Suicide defined as a incurable self-injurious act with some evidence of intent to die. Suicide can be misclassified as accidental death or another cause death. Emotional disorder is more prevalence on women than on men. In which some occurs because of the following, substance abuse, alcohol misuse and earlier suicide attempt. Suicide is the third cause of death in Canada among adults” (Bilsen, J. 2018).

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In some cases, “somatic pain can cause depression and suicidal tendency” (Park, M.J., 2019). Some pain can be cure with a simple pain reliever or massages, but a somatic pain can be reoccurring and would affect a person’s behavior. It can also affect the behavior and perception of a person who is suffering from severe pain. “Suicide attempts can be associated with personal aspects such as depressive psychopathology and desperateness, thoughtless destructive behavior, juvenile trauma, genetic loading, experience to a celebrity suicide, and physical disorder which may be cause by or with somatic pain” (Park, M.J., 2019). “Suicide has increased its number in 2009, especially in women between 35-64 years old, by which method is between poisoning or gun shot, although hanging by a rope is more prevalence with both men and women” (MMWR, 2013).

In conclusion, suicide and depression has a deep correlation with each other, one can cause the other. If you have depression there’s a possibility that you may commit suicide and failing suicide can lead to depression. For example, and coming from my experience, when I committed suicide and failed, I felt more despair and always think that suicide is the ultimate escape. Counselling, medication and support from the people around me was helpful at the beginning but as months pass by it became more difficult to deal with my depression. I was considering committing myself in the hospital just to keep myself from committing suicide. I was asking what’s the point of living when I am feeling that I am burden to everyone around me. Instead of being a burden, I should just die, at least that way I would not be a hinder to everyone’s happiness. The relentless time of getting sick, the pain from my injury, bad news that has no end was making me hopeless and had nothing to live for. I came to a point that it was time to die and it was meant to be ended a month before my birthday. I planned how I will die, wrote my suicide notes, for my family and friends. I even bought the supply I will use in committing suicide. Considering all the outcome, I am ready to die and rest. But a constant change always appears, every Sunday in church God is reminding me that life is better with a purpose. I am still looking for purpose, to live my life continuously. To keep fighting until the very end, do not give up, and do not consider suicide as an escape because it is cowards way of losing a fight. Keep your heads up, no matter what, keep the fight and never give up. This is my experience as a post-secondary student, who failed, but kept fight alive, that no matter I will keep fighting until my last breath.


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