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In todays society therere still plenty of unanswered questions. For instance where are our tax dollars going? And how will we be able to with stand other uneducated president? During my readings I have gathered many answers to the everlasting list of questions. It's simple as a nation we need a strong president, a well put together government, knowledgeable senators and understandable representatives. If we construct a strong foundation our economic system and president will be able to surpass any doubt they we have as a nation. Being able to know what's needed to be done and being able to fulfill the requirements; that are being asked by the Americans is a challenge within itself. Having my textbook was a personal guide to me that help me from a well opinion. On the America two party system, and how it may affect the people of United States as a whole.

How do the American's two party systems affect elections and the decisions of voters? The dynamic of having two party systems has played a negative factor in the turn outs with voters. Due to the fact of having two contestants that are running for office at the same time; has caused confusion in the voters. With having the general public aids that are used for campaigning brings positive and negative opinions. Naming bashing one another and even at times defaming each other proves that the general public does play a huge role. In the outcome of the voters which could lead to good presidency or bad.

In my opinion I feel the two party systems have played a negative factor in elections. Simply because they are too many people that are trying to call shots, and According to origins of judicial review has the power to strike down law or government in regulation in there is a sense of conflict involved. Even with the Shay's rebellion who where a group of farmers protesting for equal opportunity played a huge role in how does society operate. The two party systems affect our election because there is race involved. As Americans there are a lot of people who rather have a white male running office versus a black male. The two party systems is basis of popularity rather than someone who has knowledge and common sense. The two party systems are like a high school prom court. The winner is typically known around the school as two goody shoes. Not the individual who is the 3.0 or better student. It's a shame to say that over the years the two party system has lost is value because the lack of a strong foundation. For instance in Texas the two parties have been known as a fixed political system. So to say that the two party system has being wonderful to our nation is an understatement, it has been nothing but a big fat liar. Our decision as a whole have been covered up with make-up and the truth as to how we have gotten ourselves in to hell's door has been covered up with lies used by the two party system.

Money in our election has played a huge role simply because the candidate who has the most television ad is normally the person we chose for our president. Why is that? To the public eye we thrive off the gilts and glamour more so than what's the actual truth. Takes the Shay's rebellion for an example those farmers used blood, sweat and tears to protest for something they believe in. Over the years that same fight and dedication us American's has lost its value. Now instead of protesting and using man made signs to display our frustrations. We now use our taxes dollars and federal spending money on a thirty minute time slot on A.B.C. Money is the root to all evil in the campaign that is currently running now for Obama and Romney. Shows that the person that has the most dollars is the person we want for office. This mindset has put us in debit and has ruined our two party systems.

Political advertisements are a clear example of both free speech and voter's manipulation. Political advertisement is an example of free speech because whoever is running for presidency has the right to say whatever they're feeling at that moment. But doing this can be good or bad like Romney who was caught saying he feels upper class Americans should not be held reliable for middle and lower class American's. Is now trying to apology for his outburst of free speech and has affected his voter's outcome. Using money for ads as caused voter's manipulation in our system. Like the two party system in Texas the voter's outcome has been manipulated over time and has shown that upper class American's are voting republic. To me I feel free speech and voters manipulation should have a limit and what's those candidates exceed their limit then the money that is used to fund their presidency should be stopped. This way not only is our two party system not affect but the money that is being used for campaigning can now go towards health care and state funding programs.

So to say that our two parties are great is not correct. Our two party systems is suffering and are causing elections to decline in numbers. And the decisions of votes to no longer count. Because now there is money and race involved which brings power and deceit into the equation. This is currently affecting the free speech and how voters manipulation increase. Instead of truthful voter we are not faced with people who are being untruthful. Which leads to the failing two party system and horrible presidency campaigning.

In all I feel and think the overall preview of America is now in state where every man is for their self and what used to be nations no longer exist. No longer having a truthful two party system to protect us; we must now try to find a president how can rebuild our two party systems. During our in class and out class readings, I have been a person who understands the law and the amendments that follow them. But I feel I will never know the true reason why the two party systems still affect our election and our decisions of voters. How money can play such a role in the elections. How the political advertisements are an example of free speech and voter's manipulation.

But I think my assumption of what I have gathered through my out of class readings have opened my eyes to what is really going on in America. How if we pull together as one instead of individual; we can reconstruct our falling two party systems. So later on down the line we won't be affected come elections neither well our decision as votes be ignored. our using our money to buy television slots. Now go to our failing school system and state funding. This way voters won't be manipulated neither with the free of speech.

Mr. Kant I hope you enjoyed my paper the readings played a huge role in my paper for some reason I like the Shay's Rebellion Law. Because those farmers showed how hard work pays off through protesting without the help for money and ads; not some misused untruthful campaign scam. I also like the circle chart on page thirty six displayed how the congress and president where broken down. On page two hundred and seventy six was a clear diagram on how the secretary of department of health and human services are used.