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The cyprus problem

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Published: 1st Jan 2015 in Politics

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Cyprus is one of the best places in the world to live. It has several beauties some of which can be found no more in most of the countries in the rest of the world. Its sea, fresh air, its cosmopolite population and the fact that it’s situated in the heart of the Mediterranean make it very attractive to breathe on it. With its high income, Cyprus hosts around 780.000 people from many different countries.In spite of all these, the Cyprus has one of the unresolved and long-lasting conflicts of the international community. However it’s not a recent case, its root dates back to the Ottoman Empire.

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        Cyprus had been invaded by Hittites, Egyptians, Assyrians, Persians, Romans, Byzantines, Lusignans and Venetians until it became a part of Ottoman Empire in 1571.During World War I, it was rented to Great Britain for Ottoman’s alliance with Germany and its new owner colonized the island. However Greek Cypriots were longing for driving GB out in order to fulfill their ultimate aim of unification of the island with Greece. So this created the beginning of the end. For this purpose, violent Greeks attacked British, Cypriot Turkish and other Greeks who supported control of GB on the island. When England got tired of these controversies, they wanted to terminate their control of island but Turkey wanted to be given the control of the island to its ex owner, that is, Turkey itself and the government designed its policy to support separation of the island in contrast to idea of Greeks which was to give control of the island to the Greece. However disputation didn’t come to a conclusion and Turkey needed to use its army forces to gain the control of the island back. As a result of this action, Turkey got 30% of the whole island in North and fall of former Cyprus Republic led to emergence of two new republics in one island: Turkish Republic of North Cyprus and South Republic of Greek Cyprus.

        That people were introduced two new republics in their homeland made them make some choices. Since Turkey side was founded on the North of the island, this somehow forced “local” people of north to move to south to join the Greek republic and naturally, Turkish Cypriots were settled down in north under the flag of new republic. This is where infinity starts. When moving from north to south, Greeks had to leave their fixed properties and vice versa counted for Turkish Cypriots. Actually, new republic of Greeks was like continuation of the former one and the Greek side benefited from this fact so much in the international area. Probably the biggest gaining for them has been becoming a member of European Union, which they were enrolled in 2004. Meanwhile, the new Turkish republic of North Cyprus was only recognized by a few governments which were close to Turkish government such as Azerbaijani and no doubt, Turkey. Also Pakistan and Bangladesh announced that they recognize the new republic, they denied this fact as a result of international pressure made upon them. This situation still causes serious problems for TRNC. It is put trade embargo and its population has to leave the island to make their own living. After 3 years of Greek side’s enrollment to EU, Annan Plan was proposed.This plan included many items which were mostly in favor of Greek side because this plan would give chance priority under “Republic of Cyprus” in terms of political power. In spite of this, Turkish side voted 65% for and Greek side voted 76% against.That the secretary of UN was replaced and reluctance of Greek side brought recession to the effort of solution of the Cyprus Problem.

Today, the Turkish side is still suffering from effects of dissolution. It brings heavy responsibilities on Turkey both economical and in terms of its relationship with EU for Turkey is asked for solution of Cyprus problem for Turkey’s full membership. Last 2 elections of Greek side didn’t provide enough effort for essential solution but the coming elections for Turkish side may be a breaking point in this process. The candidate D. Eroglu is known to be opposite of M.A.Talat the current president. He claims not to be as flexible as Talat has done in the process of solution of Cyprus conflict and he adds he will not make concessions to Greek side for unification of two sides. I believe that a promising leader for TRNC could solve this problem with his determination. If equal and constructive reasons are put forward and people of both sides believe that unification will bring peace and wealth, there’s nothing left to think about. With determination, patience and passion, people of both sides and the world can see one equal republic ruling everybody under one flag.

After all, the Cyprus is… a bleeding wound…

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