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Marilyn Monroe and John F. Kennedy

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Published: 11th Sep 2017 in Politics

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The scandal between Marilyn Monroe and John F. Kennedy was a very deviant scandal. It brought madness in every which way. Not only was it just an affair but it also was a huge blackmail set up by none other than Ms. Marilyn Monroe. Norma Jeane Mortenson otherwise known as Marilyn Monroe was born June 1, 1926 and died August 5, 1962. Monroe was an American Actress, model, and singer who was best known for playing dumb blonde characters. During the 1950s Marilyn Monroe became known to be the American sex symbol due to her attitude.

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Even though MS.Monroe had a pretty decent life and was very successful she always seem to struggle with depression and anxiety ever since she was little.Due to her mental health problems Ms.Monroe relied on the use of drugs and alcohol very heavily. John Fitzgerald Kennedy born on May 29, 1917 and died November 22, 1963. JFK was the 35th president of the United States of America his presidency was a time of high tension in the country due to ongoing conflicts with Cuba during this time in history. Some of these issues were the Cuban Missile Crisis, Peace Corps, Space Race developments and many more to go along with these few stated. His presidency lasted until 1961 when he was assassinated in Dallas, Texas on November 22, 1961 By Lee Harvey Oswald and there were many conspiracies that came about after this event.Then moving on to the Marilyn Monroe and JFK scandal. This was one of the biggest scandals of the time and even to date to today. The way that Marilyn Monroe and JFK met was Peter Lawford and his wife Pat (JFK’s sister) invited Marilyn to a dinner in New York honoring JFK for being the president and this was when they first met. The biggest part of the scandal was the blackmail, Monroe had JFK give her more than one million dollars for the young actresses silence. Another big part of the scandal was all the stories the reporters made up to earn a profit, which didn’t include the biography called ” The Secret Life Of Monroe” by J Randy which was published after Marilyn Monroe’s death. Also going along with the books and constant reports of the affair there was a “porno that was kept from the public in a vault of 40+ years that is worth 1.6 million dollars and was owned by a son of a dead FBI agent and was kept private for a long time until it’s sale to a businessman who remains anonymous but still remains to keep it private because he want to respect Ms.Monroe”. During this supposed “porno it was only her giving oral sex to a man that was suggested to be JFK. This was one of the facts that was never proven if it was Kennedy receiving the oral sex or not due to the tape being locked away for so long and also the males face was covered”. Therefore this sandal has had people wondering for over 40 years (World Book Online). The circumstances surrounding the affair to start off with one of the major issues would’ve been Marilyn telling Jackie of the affair and it coming out public it could have caused some serious issues considering the time period it happened in. Even if it happened today it would’ve still caused major issue. Eventually this love affair would come out over a shocking phone call between the first lady and Marilyn Monroe about how the chief and commander promised to marry her along with many other things that came out during the calls. On the other hand during this time the public found out how there were thousands of dollars that went down the drain due to the affair and the money that was used to keep Monroe silent. Although there seemed to be a lot that ended up getting leaked about the affair there were many things that were never proven, such as if Ms.Monroe’s death was a suicide or a murder, some thought it was a suicide others felt it was a murder.

Throughout the time of the affair no sexual relationship was ever established due to Kennedy never being willing to admit it. So it was all just Marilyn Monroe telling her best friend it was the whole time and from reports she was telling her that she was carrying on sexual relations with the president. This occurred around the time she sang “Happy Birthday Mr. President” in a sexual manner to JFK in 1962. This was when everyone started to question their relationship as more than friends and more so sexual than not. No one ever knew exactly how long this affair had lasted due to both of them dying an untimely death (CBS News) . The effects of this would ultimately make the government look bad if this came out to the public because the most powerful man in the country would’ve been doing things that were not the classiest and he was cheating on his wife which is not a good look for the public. JFK was wasting a massive amount of money to keep Ms.Monroe quiet throughout the years with the million of dollars annually which when the public found out that the money he was wasting was on her made him look even worse which affected many people in the long run. The people who seem to be affected in the long run were the people that worked for him because reporters always seem to be questioning them to see what they might know about the affair and what was going on completely. Also his wife was affected more than anything. Not only did she have to face the heartbreak that her husband was cheating on her but also the embarrassment of going out in public and getting questioned by the press about it was very terrifying for Jackie. Jackie wasn’t the only one who was affected, Marilyn Monroe as well she became very distressed once it hit the public she just couldn’t handle it,another thing that happened based on the situation was Marilyn Monroe’s drug and alcohol intake increased heavily once everyone found out about it to the point it was unhealthy her life was based off from pills and alcohol even more than before.

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All and all the out come in this scandal didn’t turn out well. After the affair ended Marilyn Monroe died from an overdose many people think it was intentional others believe she was a murdered but it was never proven which one really happened but it was for sure a overdose (PBS.Org). Roughly a year later JFK had been assassinated in Dallas when he was at a public event by Lee Harvey Oswald, who later got gunned down by Jack Ruby (JFK library.org). Monroe and Kennedy death were very close together which people found really suspicious and the gossip still continued even though both of them had passed and a lot of money was still involved. The most talked about time which was mentioned before was when Ms.Monroe sang Happy Birthday to JFK in a very sexual manner at Madison Square Gardens which was filled with 15,000 people when Ms.Monroe sang to JFK. After Marilyn Monroe’s death her dress that she wore when she sang happy birthday to the president was sold for $3 million after she had passed (AbcNews) . That wasn’t the only thing that had been sold the watch that Marilyn Monroe gave Kennedy for his birthday was worth over 2.6 million dollars it was a Rolex watch inscribed “Jack with love always” from Ms.Monroe. Which later on JFK order his aide to ” get rid of it” but the unidentified aide kept the rolex until it was sold when Kennedy had passed. On the other hand Kennedy’s valuable items weren’t the other thing that was sold Ms.Monroe’s dress was sold as mentioned before along with her jewelry which included her Rolex that matched JFK’s Rolex she gave him as a birthday gift. Altogether Marilyn Monroe and John F. Kennedy were talked about even after they both had passed and many people were still trying to find out what really happen by contacting their family or close friends. The most focused on topic was Marilyn Monroe’s dress she wore when she sang “Happy Birthday” to JFK which was Mentioned before but after her overdose the dress she wore at Madison Square Gardens was something that was sold for a lot of money.”Marilyn Monroe’s legendary sheer, crystal-emblazoned dress, which she wore in May 1962 to sing “Happy Birthday, Mr. President” to John F. Kennedy, sold at auction for a record-breaking $4.8 million, Julien’s Auctions announced Friday”.Although people made money off auctioning the diseased Ms.Monroe personal items that wasn’t the only thing they did many reporters made journals about the affair which led to books being published about the Scandal, than eventually became shows that talked about the scandal and even a documentary. So as you can see this was a very known Scandal that is talked about to this day and will always be talked about it’s still a mystery on what really what happened, what’s really true and what’s just made up. Things that were proven for a fact was that Ms.Monroe was for sure blackmailing the president for money when they had their affair she even had the mob in on it That’s why so many people think Marilyn Monroe was murdered due to the finding out of her black mail manys conclude that John F. Kennedy was mad when he found out the truth about the blackmail was angry about it and hired someone to kill Ms.Monroe and made it look like a overdose.]


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