Conspiracy Theories And Their Effect Politics Essay

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Conspiracy theories turn up from thousands of varying locations. A vast array of people, groups, organizations and companies are spreading their own theories and ideas about who or what caused events in history to transpire the way they did. A few of these conspiracy theories have elements of truth and proven facts behind them. The sources of conspiracy theories range from lunatics shouting out whatever comes into his/her head all the way up to majorly respected and intelligent individuals. Most conspiracies involve multi- billion dollar industries such as the industry that is dedicated to treating cancer and researching the disease to find a cure. The conspiracies that are usually generated are about specific subjects and certain events that pertain to the originator of the conspiracy. It is more often than not explaining something they thought was recorded wrong in history or confuses and scares them. While numerous amounts of people believe their conspiracy theories to be fact, there are equal if not greater amounts that dismiss the theories to be nothing more than urban legends and nonsense. The masses that follow conspiracy theories blindly and with little convincing can have devastating effects on their communities and on their place in history.

In the 1930's and early 1940's Adolf Hitler rose to power in Germany. He accomplished this by rallying his followers around the conspiracy that the Jews were causing the financial hardship and economic depression in addition to other dilemmas in Germany. Hitler blatantly stated that the Jews were responsible for the countries problems and that they should be punished if not exterminated for what they have done. A powerful quote said by Frank P Mintz shows that what happened in Germany could also happen in other countries for instance in the United States "Conspiracism serves the needs of diverse political and social groups in America and elsewhere. It identifies elites, blames them for economic and social catastrophes, and assumes that things will be better once popular action can remove them from positions of power." (Mintz, Frank pg. 199). Hitler's conspiracy against the Jews led to the horrific tragedy known as the Holocaust. This was the ruthless slaughter of millions of Jews, all because one man decided to trick a nation into believing one race is inferior to the other races. From time to time the government that you trust to keep you safe and free from harm, is the very same thing that is conspiring to hurt the people that it promised to protect in ways that you can't even begin to fathom.

A widely believed and factually supported conspiracy theory has people wondering if they can trust their government any longer. The conspiracy states that the United States Government is suppressing doctor's efforts to cure nearly all the major diseases. They could even go as far as denying the public access to vaccines or knowledge of a cures existence. The diseases include but are not limited to Aids, Cancer and SARS. Treating illnesses such as cancer brings in billions of dollars in revenue for the hospitals across the nation. If that revenue was to be suddenly cut the effect would be catastrophic and send the United States into an economic depression. With this end result the government would have a logical reason to withhold the cures for most the major diseases. Some evidence that supports this theory is the fact that the government avoids investing or researching alternative treatment methods that could potentially save millions of lives. Let's say that a private practice doctor invents new type of therapy that can cure cancer, because the doctor is not working for a government agency it is impossible to stop the cure from becoming available to the public. This is why the United States Government does not invest in alternative treatment methods. The government also avoids the topic of stem cell research stating that it is immoral and wrong. The preliminary research for stem cells has already shown that it is capable of curing dozens of known diseases that there is currently no cure for. Our government might not be the only ones doing this the major world powers all seem to outright deny certain types of potentially live saving research for occurring. Great Britain Russia and Japan all seem to avoid the same topics when it comes to curing the major diseases in the world. The separate countries could have all come to the same consensus on their own but, it is a much more likely that they all have an unspoken or top secret agreement not to work towards the cures. Considering all the things that the government hides from the public and does without informing its own citizens, it could certainly be up to some very clandestine activities.

"Secrecy, being an instrument of conspiracy, ought never to be the system of a regular government" (Jeremy Bentham).There is an agency within the United States Government that specializes in covert operation and uses conspiracy theories to its advantage. This agency is known as the Central Intelligence Agency or the C.I.A. for short. During the cold war America was in a race with Russia to explore the outer reaches of space. Launching rockets into space not only showed the country's ability to fire a rocket long distances, it also showed the ingenuity that the country's top scientists possessed. Many people in the world believe that the C.I.A. faked the moon landing. Conspiracists claim that the government made its own evidence of landing on the moon by tampering with photos, tapes and rock samples. If the government did this it went about it very meticulously making dozens of pictures and videos. And hundreds of fake rock samples from the "moon". Several books and movies were many about this conspiracy theory and this made the public aware of the idea and turned many into lifetime believers. Successfully fooling the Russians and the rest of the world into believing the moon landing meant that America had the capability to launch a rocket or ballistic missile to the long distance to the moon. Now that America is capable of fire missiles that distance, Russia is vulnerable to a long range attack at any moment. In other words this conspiracy theory states that the United States pulled off one of the biggest bluffs in all of history. If our government is capable of deception on that scale it's very likely that the American public has been fooled in some way.

"Conspiracy theories exist in the realm of myth, where imaginations run wild, fears trump facts, and evidence is ignored. As a superpower, the United States is often cast as a villain in these dramas."( On September, 11 2001 the twin towers were attacked by a terrorist organization called Al Qaeda. NORAD (North American Aerospace Defense Command) generals said they learned about the attack and had more than enough time to scramble the fighter jets. Yet during this attack NORAD gave the order to "stand down" when asked if they wanted to scramble the fighter jets to destroy the planes headed for targets all over America. The only man capable of giving the order to stand down was Vice President of the United States Dick Cheney, who had taken control of NORAD just three months earlier. The conspiracy theory states that Cheney allowed the Twin Towers to be attacked in order to gain support for the invasion of the Middle East from the American public. This allowed the United States to make sure that they would be receiving a stable flow of oil for the Middle Eastern countries. This is a widely believed and factually supported theory explaining how the hijacked planes managed to hit the World Trade Center. If this theory is true then the United States Government knowingly put American Lives in danger.

The U.S. government obliviously keeps many things from the public, but not all of its secrets are harmful to the public. The theories generated about Area 51 all seen to have positive effects on the American way of life. Many government facilities have had a reputation intertwined with conspiracy theories but none are as well known as the infamous Area 51. Area 51 is a top secret government facility located somewhere in Nevada dessert. The facility is a closely guarded secret with a large no fly zone above it and warning signs all around the perimeter. It is heavily guarded and the large majority of the complex is located underground. It is obvious that there are one or more things in the base that the government is hiding from us. A short list of some of the activities it is said to be involved in would be the Roswell incident, using alien aircraft to improve our own aircraft, using alien technology to improve our own products, and communicating and having meetings with live extra terrestrials.

The Roswell incident occurred in the afternoon of July 2, 1947. An unidentified flying object or UFO crashed near Roswell, New Mexico. The government's official statement said that the object was a high altitude surveillance balloon that the government was experimenting with. The government hurried to cover up the incident and recover the debris from the crash. The crash wasn't brought up again until the late 1970's when scientist Stanton T. Friedman interviewed Major Jesse Marcel who worked on the recovering of the debris from the crash site. In the interview he told a theory that he believed to be the truth. Marcel said that he thought the military covered up an alien spaceship crash. This started an uproar of claims of alien crash sites and eye witness accounts saying that aliens were spotted. Many people also claimed that the government had taken alien bodies to Area 51 where they were given autopsies and studied by the government.

The invention of stealth technology was invented fairly recently. The SR-71 Blackbird, the B-2 Spirit Stealth Bomber, and the 117 Stealth Fighters, some of the best know stealth aircraft to date were developed and tested at Area 51. Many conspirators say that the fact that so many revolutionary aircraft were invented in Area 51 is more than a coincidence. They say that the initial blueprints for the stealth technology came from crashed alien spaceships. These spaceships would have been seized during such incidents as the Roswell crash in 1947. The ships technology would have then been reverse engineered and used on new types of human planes.

The conspiracy about the origin of famous products like Velcro, Kevlar, lasers and the modern microchip gives credit of these discoveries to crashed alien spaceships. The ships apparently crashed somewhere in the United States and the government recovered them and took them to Area 51. At Area 51 they are kept under constant guard while they are studied piece by piece by scientists. Acquiring the technologies from these ships would also explain the resent technology boom that has happened over the past few decades. It would also explain the fact that all of the recent technological inventions in recent years have been developed in America by American scientists.

A few people in the world claimed to have worked with live extra terrestrials. Dr. Dan Crain is one of those few. He has said that he has worked side by side with extra terrestrials while he was working at Area 51. He claims his duties at Area 51 were to interact with alien species and to work on way to better communicate with the aliens. He was the man in charge of acclimating the new alien species to planet Earth. He made sure that the aliens felt comfortable and had interactive conversations with them. He was also in charge of obtaining important information such as the information relevant to sharing technology and cultural ways with the extra terrestrials. If he is telling the truth Area 51 is holding more potential knowledge then ever believed before. The potential to learn from another species could almost infinitely help our society but also shift the balance of power in times of conflict between countries. Being able to communicate with a super intelligent race would have a profound effect on any culture past, present or future.

In ancient times the Egyptians were the largest and most advanced culture in the world. Their grandest achievement was the construction of the pyramids. The pyramids are one of the largest structures ever built on Earth and The Egyptian workers had only very primitive pulley systems and slings to position each two ton block on the pyramids. Each block on the pyramids was cut to almost the exact same size; the biggest difference between two blocks was only two centimeters. Precision like that is almost impossible with the Egyptians traditional tools. Not only that but the total height of the pyramid divided by two equals the number pi down to fifteen digits and the right angle of the pyramid travels perfectly along the lines of 31 degrees latitude and 31 degrees longitude. If the Egyptians had to rely on tools like that it's a miracle that the pyramids were ever finished. It is also extremely unlikely that these measurements are coincidences. It is very possible if not probable that ancient aliens helped to build the pyramids and helped expand the Egyptians empire. Hieroglyphics of the Egyptians "gods" are found all over Egyptian artifacts. These "gods" that they worshiped could be the very same aliens that brought the Egyptians to power. An alien intervention would have given the Egyptians the tools and the knowledge necessary to build such a precise and massive structure. Learning from alien intervention would also have given the Egyptians the ability to spread their empire across the dessert. The end of the Egyptians only came when they were struck by one natural disaster after another until their advanced civilization crumbled. This is a fate that could happen to another advanced civilization. An advanced civilization like us…

Planet X, it is a planet that many believe is the tenth planet in our solar system. The planet is said to be massive about the size of Jupiter. There are multiple reasons that no one has seen the planet. First the planet has a very long and thin oval shaped orbit that takes it far away from Earth, second the government has been closing observatories all over the world due to "budget cuts" and "lack of funding". What conspirators consider to be the real reason is the fact that when this planet returns from its orbit away from the earth it will cause mass chaos and wreak havoc on Earth. Having Planet X within such close proximity would create such a large gravitational force that it would tear the planet and mankind to pieces. Evidence that the planet is growing nearer is the increase in seismic activity over the past century. If the gigantic Planet X is approaching the government is only postponing the panic and fear that the people of Earth will feel when they look up in the sky and see a giant plant looming overhead.

As stated previously some conspiracy theories are made up by lunatics. These theories normally have little or no effect on the world around us. An example that fits that description is the theory that involves a "rouge banana monster" assassinating the President of the United States John F. Kennedy and it framing Lee Harvey Oswald. The details of this theory are not to important but, they involve the banana monster shooting the president, planting the gun on an unsuspecting Lee Harvey Oswald and riding a "get away crane" out of Washington D.C.. I put this conspiracy theory in here to prove a point. Not all conspiracy theories will change the world, in fact only about 1 in a million has the capability to effect the world in a major way.

In this paper the strength of conspiracy theories and what they can accomplish is shown. Conspiracy theories have the potential to influence entire countries like when Hitler rallied the German people around his awful theory that the Jews were causing the financial crisis in Germany. Conspiracy theories can also be used to stop conflict an example is faking the moon landing, which helped America get one step closer to ending the cold war. Many of the theories in this paper are backed by dozens of proven facts such as the conspiracy theory that Vice President Dick Cheney did not give the order to scramble the fighter jets and prevent 9/11 from happening but instead gave the or to "stand down". Now, before you dismiss conspiracy theories I hope you will pause and think about how it could one day effect the world.