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Analysis Of Us And Russian Relations Post Cold War Politics Essay

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Published: 1st Jan 2015 in Politics

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Strobe Talbott who is the important friends and partner of Bill Clinton, write the process of relationship between U.S. and Russia with his own experience. During the Cold War, Clinton effected by political propaganda, stand in the opposite of the Russia. However, he changed his mind after he makes some Russian friends. It is a significant step that Clinton created good relationship with Russia in the later years. At the same age, Soviet Units also having a revolution. Gorbachev tried to move relationship between U.S. and USSR into negative peace, which is avoidance of war. Yeltsin also joined these changes and he visit U.S. in 1989 even it is failed.

In 1991, Soviet Units dissolved into many independent countries and Russia replaced Soviet Units in United Nation. Yeltsin become the first democratically elected president of Russia and moves into Kremlin. The U.S. and Russia have been improved their relations.

After 1992, Yeltsin visit USA and have meeting with Bush and David. During the same year, Yeltsin signify that he would support the election of Clinton. This made Clinton played Russia card to win the election at last. Around two days later, Yeltsin pleaded to meet Clinton as soon as possible, because Yeltsin was meeting a coup in Russia. However, Clinton listened to Strobe’s suggestion and did not ignore the meeting.

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In the 1993, Bush and Yeltsin signed START II treaty in Moscow. After several days, Yeltsin suffered another coup about constitution. Clinton grasp these events happened in Russia and help Russia or Yeltsin out of difficulty position. Clinton believes that is supporting for principle and process. In other words, Clinton thinks the existence of Yeltsin will be good for the two countries relationship. Clinton government announced around 30 billion assistance package for Russia and former Soviet. This not only helps America create better relationship with Russia, but also to limited Russia development and prevent re-create the Soviet Union. Finally, Yeltsin finished the coup. Several months later, Russia refused to impeach Serbs with America, because Yeltsin believe Serbs is throat of Russia. Then Russia abstained from voting. During the same period, Russia has a conflict with Ukraine. With the America brokering a compromise, this conflict ended by Russian army. At last Ukraine destroy all nuclear weapons.

From December 1993 to 1994, the elections hold in Russia. Yeltsin’s opponents, especially Zhirinovsky do unexpectedly well. Clinton prepared for giving up Russia if Yeltsin will lose in re-election. During the end of 1994 to early of 1995, Clinton tried to persuade Yeltsin build a close relationship with NATO or join NATO. Because of Chechnya problem become serious, Yeltsin did not agree immediately but he agreed to establish a cooperation relation with NATO.

From May to July in 1995, Clinton in Moscow for V-E Day gets Yeltsin to begin NATO-Russia dialogue, join the Partnership for Peace and restrict nuclear cooperation with Iran. Under the stress of America, Russia would join the PFP and solve this problem. However, there was not much progress in Chechnya problem, which effect safety of Russia but Clinton think this is related to the democracy problem. From the late of July, Bosnian Serbs attacks on Muslim-majority areas. The Defense Secretary William promises Defense Minister Pavel Grachev Russia will have role in Bosnian peacekeeping operation. After launch the air strikes, Perry and Grachev begin negotiation to include Russia in implementation of a peace settlement. Oct. 23 Clinton and Yeltsin have a meeting at Hyde Park, agree on terms of Russian participation in Bosnian peace settlement with NATO and to amendments in CFE treaty limiting restrictions of usual weapons in Russia.

In the early 1996, Yeltsin want to create more relations with Russia’s neighbours, but Kovzyrez pay too much attention to the U.S. and the West at the expense of the rest of the world. So Primakov replaced Kovzyrev as foreign minister. At the same time, Yeltsin prepared for the re-election. Firstly, he took part in terrorism summit but Yeltsin did not satisfy with this defense minister at all. Secondly, he tried to end up the war on Chechen with forces, but the conflict raged on. During July 3, Yeltsin achieve reappointment. In the late of 1996, Lebed signs a peace deal ending the Chechen war in August. Yeltsin’s health seems turn to worse than before.

During 1997, Chernomydin warns of impact of NATO enlargement on Russian domestic politics. Yeltsin appeals successfully for pledge that NATO will never include former Soviet States when meet to Clinton. Also, START III treaty was prepared to outline. In the summer of 1997, Yeltsin promise will try to solve the problem of Russia weapons transfers to Iran.

In the beginning of 1998, Yeltsin government propose a new law which stop all transfers of missile technology to Iran. However, it is failed. This caused America hard to deal with relationships with Russia. During 22nd January, Chernomyrdin announces “catchall” regulation to turn off the flow of Russian technology and materials to Iran’s ballistic missile development program. This effected U.S. government persuade Gongress to postpone its sanctions. Two month later, Yeltsin commission Kiriyenko as prime minster which just because of Yeltsin want some new. With promotion of America and Russia, Yeltsin and Clinton meet in Birmingham, where Russia becomes one of official member of the G-8. In the 23rd June, Clinton vetoed the sanctioning to Russia. However, Russia agrees to implement stricter rules, the U.S. agrees to impose trade restrictions on certain Russian companies dealing with Iran. In the late of 1998, Yeltsin hope Chernomyrdin back to be prime minister, but Duma rejected the suggestion. Around October, Kosovo crisis has been escalated. Slobodan Milosevic allowed withdrawing troops from Kosovo because of threatening by NATO. This made U.S.-Russia relations turn to bad.

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During 1999, Serbs crisis happened, which caused NATO against Serbia through air attack. At this time, Yeltsin were not support this method to solve this problem because he do not want Russia into the war. In the middle of June, U.S. and Russia agree to terms of Russia’s participation in the NATO-led Kosovo peacekeeping force. A month later, Chechen problem has been aggravated. Russia has to increase more troops to fighting. Then, in the late of November, Yeltsin agrees to allow OSCE monitors to enter Chechnya.

In the March of 2000, the new president is Putin. From then on, Russia and U.S. relations turned to be ordinary and stable. In the 2001, Bush and Putin continue to deal with affairs between two countries.


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