Model Electrons Nucleus


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  • Blue color for the cotton balls representing the neutrons
  • White for the cotton balls representing protons
  • Red color for the cotton balls representing electrons
  • Yellow color for the pipe cleaners for electron shells
  • Green color of pipe cleaner for supporting


  • __11__ Cotton balls for protons
  • __12__ Cotton balls for neutrons
  • __11_ Beads for electrons
  • _ _3_ Pipe cleaners for electron shells
  • 1 pipe cleaner to support the model
  • 2 index cards
  • Tacky glue

Element Name


Element Symbol


Number of Protons


Number of Neutrons


Number of Electrons


Number of Shells



This model is unlike a real atom in that:

The electrons in this model are not bound by the attraction of a positively charged nucleus that lies at their centre since they are glued together and their identities not confirmed as either positive or negative. Electrons in an atom are usually in continuous motion contrasting in this model where they are stringed together .the electrons in this model are not orbiting around the nucleus in a sequence of concentric shells an move in different directions in the nucleus

This model is like an atom in that:

The model assumes an equal number of proton and neutrons in it structure and also ensures that the mass number is taken into consideration where the number electron are twelve in number.


Bullard, R. (1991) sodium nitrate: invention distinctiveness and revelation of constituent. Denver Wildlife Research Center. 4p.

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