Socrates Reasons That Death Is Good Philosophy Essay

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Socrates was a Greek Athenian philosopher. He was a founder of the philosophy of western at his time. He was a mysterious personality. Later on he is known by his two students Plato and Xenophon, classical writers, and from his plays called Aristophanes. The representation of Socrates in Plato's dialogues gave him recognition for his efforts and contribution to the Ethics and also provides his name to the concepts of Socratic irony and the Socratic method (Gorgias, 2000).

At the age of 70, Socrates had to go through trials because of the accuses that he was a corrupter of youth and an agnostic or atheist (Hippocrates, 2000). He was found blameworthy and because of jury decision was sentenced to death, he drank hemlock poison and died. The last days of Socrates and his trial described by the Plato in the dialogues of Apology, Crito and Phaedo.

The apology the silence of the Daimon reveals that Socrates believes that death is good. As Socrates was sentenced to death by the judges and the Athenian, he wanted to deliver messages that he has a no fear of death, he wanted to say that the nation has killed him because they want to flee from him and want to kill the evil but his belief was that at the time of death the person is gifted by the visionary and prophetic powers and straight after his death, it will be really a big burden for them. By killing him it's not possible for the people to stay calm, he has prepared many other practitioners like him, who are younger than him. Actually the idea behind this it is very easy for people to criticize and punish the people to whom they don't like or have some problem with their belief, without even thinking for a second that maybe the other person is right, he has some weight in his teachings or beliefs or at least if they don't want to follow him they should listen him, give him a chance to prove himself. In the same way the Socrates wants to tell people that it is not a righteous or graceful way to finish the other persons to whom they don't like but them to improve themselves. They should prepare themselves to argue with him rather than to kill him.

In such a society where he was not treated well, his teachings were not honored and his beliefs are rejected and he was punished death because of no reason Socrates has chosen death for himself because he believes that death is a state of nothingness and unconsciousness. Death is the end of man's life. After that no one knows what happened to him, where he will go and what God do with him. And the man who died has no idea what will happen after him on earth, how his relatives will be and the work he do what will happen to him. That's the state of nothingness, emptiness, a full stop to man's life chapter. In Socrates believing his death was an injustice not right, but he has chosen death for himself because he said he is delivered from the professors of justice in this world, who taught to follow the right path and do justice always and after death he can find the true justice by the son of God, who was always right in their path and ever did any unfairness with any people. They treat people according to their deeds. And he wants to meet the other ancient philosopher who died because of injustice, who gave their lives to the nation but are dying because of the cruel culture of injustice.

In this there is no doubt, when someone doesn't find any justice in this world, God will give him justice in the next world, that is the world after death. Where everyone is treated equally according to their deeds and work either it is good or bad. And Socrates death was not right, the decision of his death was injustice and God gave him justice.

Socrates said that death was a sleep that is even not disturbed by the dream. Death is the end state of the person's life. After this there is no value of person body only his memories left. He is nothing. Then there is no question of dream that death sleep is not disturbed by dreams. In my point of view in the last days Socrates was so much fed up with his cruel nation and judgment of his death that he wants to flee from this world. He wants to feel the emptiness around him, want to go away from the disturbing voices around him of his oppose, who don't want to argue with him, don't want to hear him, just shouted at him for saving himself, that if they say anything in his favor they would also punish hard. Socrates wants freedom from all of them, and wants to breath at that part where he was listening and he heard others that how much they suffered from people and struggled to try people come on the right path.

And of course good people are saved from evil. They have no fear of evil in both words because God is with them. And Socrates believes that he was right and God is with him. That's why he chose to death and released himself from more trouble and grieve that was given to him from his accusers.