Motivation Personality Attitude Meaning Of Motivation Philosophy Essay

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It means to motivate someone related to their goal we know that she has an ability to do something which they want to do but still sometimes it is difficult to achieve it. It is the complex force inspiring a person to work to use his capabilities willingly for achieving certain objectives. It helps us to create an innovative idea in the mind of our employees sometimes if we praise our employees work which they really do a kind of work. Then the employees also feel that our boss appreciates me I have to little hard work then it may be help in my promotion, increment etc. It is known as Motivation

Example- The new employee joining a company and their boss give a new project and says that this work you have to do this because of certain problem my team members not able to do this so you can do this within two months because I committed to other party that I give this software at anyhow. The work which is given by their boss is not related to their profession but boss decided to give the work to that person. Now the work is given by their boss so he never says no he can take this work and he try to this work by talk with that person who have more idea about that work which given by their boss or by searching etc. whatever he do which is necessary for that project and complete their work within one and half months. So this work is really good and praising work which he does because they have no idea that work but he do this within their time period. Then this situation boss appreciate that you can do this within less time work it's really amazing for you I never expected from anyone but you can do this really very nice. So this kind of thing is doing by their boss then in the mind of their employees it's good for next time onwards whatever they give me a work I will do it and give some innovative ideas to them.


When I was in 10th standard I scored a very low percentage i.e. only 57% which is not good in today's competition world. As we know that but that time I was suffering from Malaria & Jaundice, So it's very difficult for me to study properly but still I studied. According to my way of studying I was not scoring that much which I was expected from myself. I was very upset and depressed because all my friends got a very good scored except me. As we know all our neighbor and my relatives said something worse for me who was very difficult to heard all this but still whatever else it is I have to face it. In fact they know the entire situation but they have to say I ignored all this.


Then my parents motivate me and sad to me you just forget everything whatever they said. People gossiping for two or three days after that they forget everything. You cannot do anything for that why are you depressed you know why this happen if we have no problem what you scored then why are you thinking so much just forget this and think about your future what do you want to? They always motivates me and said all the time you haven ability to do something different just do it.


At that I decided to do something different and I have to give the answers of their stupid question whatever they said to me I can take the bull by the horns and just wait for bide one's time. Then when I come in 12th standard I thought it is the right time to bash up because they always gibe me. I worked very hard most of the time I studied I never go outside I just want to achieve my goal by hook and crook at any how that's my aim that time. I want to cut back them and that time my mentality is only want to take a revenge. They hurt me as well as my parents. When my result declared all the people shocked they don't understand how it can be happen because for them my performance is like a dark horse and I am very happy, I achieve my goal whatever I want to do I achieve it.


Personality directly related to our emotion, behavioral ,body languages etc response of an individual. It means that how a person behaves in a particular situation what is their way of talking, how the things have they manage, which kind of behavior they follow in an organization environment. Sometimes personality affects our employees in our organization like their way of talking, behavior etc. It is known as personality.


I am the HR manager of the company and I have to recruit some employees for my company. My company arranged aptitude test for recruiting the employees. All the employees giving their test for sitting in an interview. Some of them rejected by the company because they are not eligible to sitting in an interview of my company but suddenly I just want to see and read their employees names and their profile that time when I see one of the employee name which is rejected by my company I see that may this employee is good for our company because in their profile he works in an FDDI. I think that this company is a footwear design company and my company is recruiting the employees for the post of either a business analyst or a project manager which is completely not related to their profile. Then when why he is giving an aptitude test for my company. I want to meet that person but it is not possible for me and I have no time to meet or to talk with him.


I talk with my HR director and tell him the whole situation he knows well everything but still I tell him to that particular employee their profile everything which is related to him. I talk with my boss and said I just want to talk with him because as I told you the profile he is working in an FDDI then why he is sitting in an aptitude test which is arranged by our company. Sir told me that many of them are doing this then why are you wasting your time on that particular person but I said sir, I know that but still nobody want this type of thing that giving an aptitude test for joining our company he is directly can come by giving his CV in our site and take an interview appointment but he cannot do this. I requested to you please give me the permission to talk with him. I think there is something in their mind otherwise he never does something like this. Then he realized that I am right something is different and he gives me a permission to talk with him or takes an interview. When I talk with him I asked that why are you giving your aptitude test you can directly come to us and takes your interview, he said that no I do all this because I have no that much qualification that you are required for your company. So I think by giving an aptitude test and sit in an interview but unfortunately I am rejected. I heard all this and I take his interview also. The one thing which he tell me that he want to change our field and learn something new which indicates that he is more passionate related to our career. I talk with my boss and tell him that he is more talented person in comparison to others. If you want to take his interview then take it. My boss said yes I want to take his interview, then I said to him that you go to my boss he wants to take your interview. My boss takes his interview and talk to me he said, he is more talented person because his way talking, behavior, body language etc. It means that you cannot judge anyone on the basis of their score and all that because the marks which you scored are never used for your future personality your way of talking, behaviors' it matters and it affect your future. So my point of view personality matters and more important for us not our marks.


Attitude is nothing but evaluated statement or judgment of someone. It cannot be judge by anyone without talking, understanding etc. It means actually how the persons behave in a particular situation whether they are in an office or at home. It completely affects the employees of the organization because it depends on you when you are in a office what is your behavior how you talk with your employees or in your home how to behave because in both the things your behavior is completely change. There are two types of attitude: - Positive or Negative. In positive attitude the persons thinks always positive like we have to do this at any how and I achieve it. This is positive attitude ex. A manager of a company gives a project to their employees and he differentiates that one person do this work second person do this work and so on. He divided their work according to their efficiency and capability because he knows very well who is doing well in which work but still one of them not understands that he will do, this work is given by my boss but how can I do this. He asked lot of time sometime understands or sometime not but he never give up and always says I will do it and atlast he completes his task just because of positive attitude that in her mind the only one thing is set his mind that don't wry it will take time but you can do it. On the other hand the little different work given to the other person but he thinks it's very difficult for me how can I do this and all that. He cannot achieve anything because in his mind only one thing set that I am not achieving this is not possible for me to do this. Its negative attitude. The one thing is necessary in the attitude i.e. set in our mind nothing is impossible only the thing how can you handle the thing. In this but the way which we see is different and when this thing set in our mind then definitely you achieve that thing which you really want but always your thinking is in positive way. If negative thinking comes in your mind then you cannot achieve anything. It's called an attitude.


I am a manager of the company and I am giving a one work to my employees or my team members. I said to them that we have to do this work as soon as possible because our senior manager said that. Our manager said that if you get an time then get only one month's not more then that I said fine but that I am busy in another work so I handover to my other employee as a leader that you will take it and do this work according to some rules which you know that very well, that time he said fine I will take it. When two days before I check it the work properly is going or not then I know the work is not started. I am not understand that what I will do I talked to every employee that you are not doing this work which I told you they all are said we don't know anything about this work. Then I know that whom I give the responsibility he takes it but he is not doing this because he knows that if I am doing this work on time then it might be possible that I have an opportunity to get a promotion. So he cannot do this work and do our own work.


When all this happen I never said anything what should I said because after two days I have to submit the report of that work. Then I left all the work just do this work first because its affect on my reputation , So I never left it and I decided next time onwards I will do my work own never give our responsibility to others whatever else it happens. After few months same situation in front of him he wants to do lot of work he said to me please you can do this I have lot of work , So not possible for me to handle this work then I am not said anything. I am behaving like avoiding like the plague. I just do my own work that time I realized him if you are doing something like then I also do something its very necessary for me to cut back him. He tries to become too clever by half but he don't know with whom he do something like this