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Development of Porfessionalism in Work

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Published: 23rd Sep 2019 in Personal Development

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 Part 1: View and Analysis   

      I viewed several different fields of professionals in the sets of slides that was provided for my view. The professionals werewearing button down shirts, uniforms, and or scrubs. I also viewed blue jean pants with a button-down shirt while in the outside working field that still allowed them to look professional while working. Each person was professionally dressed, hair well groomed, and clothes ironed and neat that was appropriate for that field that they worked in. There was signals of what profession they were in for example a nurse would wear scrubs, a lawyer would wear a suit and tie, and law enforcement would wear a uniform. It’s amazing how we can tell that a person is a professional just by their choice of clothing.

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      Yes, each of the individuals were professional, and everyone seemed to be in the attire associated with their profession. Everyone that I viewed in the different fields looked like they had great communication skills between one another and presented themselves in professional manner by their chosen dresswear. Furthermore, each person looked like they were comfortable in their environment and the people that was around them, even if it was standing or sitting around a table or taking notes. Some of the fields, after viewing the pictures, the dress form is to wear certain colors such as; white or solid dark colors that buttons up in the front. And some fields had uniforms that is necessary for their line of work, certain parts of their uniform would signal what their profession was by reading their uniforms.



     After reviewing the slides, I see many different areas that show to be unprofessional in my field of work. It would not be okay to touch a juvenile probationer unless you were placing them under arrest, this would allow a solid professional boundary that is needed in this line of work. It will also be a good idea to keep your distance so they will not get the wrong idea or give coworkers the wrong impressions of my relationship with my juvenile offenders. I would consider myself to be a touchy person from time to time when I am standing behind someone at work, I may touch their shoulder unintentionally when I reach over to show them how something goes together or rearrange a presentation. I also seem to attach myself in the position in the line of work that I am working and tend to take some situations personal and need to learn how to separate myself from situations that I don’t have control over. My attire that I currently wear for work would not be appropriate for the line of work that I am studying for in college now and my future career. I work in a middle school cafeteria serving food to over 800 students in a uniform, even though it is a uniform it is not the uniform for a juvenile probation officer.

Part 2: Personal Reflection and Connection

       The appropriate attire for an individual in my profession (juvenile probation officer) would be neat and clean clothing that consist of a uniform, business or business casual such as suit and tie, collared shirts that is always to be tucked in with a pair of slacks or skirts that does not sag and a black or brown belt. All Shirts, blouses and jackets should not contain inappropriate writing or pictures and tattoos and symbols that are associated with gang activity must not be visible (DCC, 2017).

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      For someone to be a professional in the field of juvenile probation we must have great communication skills especially when it comes to listening and listen to and understand court orders about monitoring the offender’s activities. We must be able to build relationships and establish rapport with offenders to get them to open up and follow directions. Encouraging and critical thinking skills are needed to encourage the offenders to be better before they get to be adults and critical thinking when a problem arises to take fast action in making suggestions in order to help the juvenile offender. Decision making skills will also be important in order to help with question about treatments, housing and job placement options that will allow the juvenile offenders a better opportunity to succeed (Human services 101, 2013).

      The behavioral attributes that I practice that identifies me as a professional would be communication, motivation, high energy, team player, independence, problem solving and decision-making skills. I always provide professional attitude and behavior in the workplace because it is extremely important to always be professional while on the job regardless of the situation that I may be in. I think that these are all important behavioral attributes that I practice in a professional setting that allows me to be a professional in my chosen working field as a juvenile probation officer.

       What allows me to be a professional is my great communication skills, being a great writer, and my investigative and research skills. I also possess multi-tasking and I am well organized working well with others. I pay close attention to detail and I have knowledge of Microsoft word, excel, and office. I have proper attire such as dress pants, collard shirts and shoes that is needed to be a professional. I am always well-groomed and represent myself in a clean and organized manner that is necessary in the professional workplace.



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