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Development of Professionalism in the Workplace

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When you think of a professional work place what do you picture? Is it the representation of the employees there? The building and the company within it? Yes to all. A big part of professionalism within the work place starts with its employees’ and how they represent that employer. That is the big take away from this paper, representation of professionalism within the company. From the link provided I chose the Information technology Professional slides; in this paper I will be discussing from the slide what analysis and view I get when I see the slides provided from the instructions from the unit assignment. That will be the first part, the second part will contain the personal reflection and connection from said slide. I will conclude a conclusion at the end as a brief summary. 

Part one: The View and Analysis


From the link provided I chose the Information Technology Professional. Being in the Army, as an IT soldier I have the basic knowledge to succeed in today’s world. I want to educate myself and get a better understanding what it takes to work in the field. Luckily I know a few outstanding individuals who have been in the world of CAT-5 cables and motherboards. Back to the slides, all three of these slides provide a clear understanding within the field. All three demonstrate a clear professional representation.  


The definition of a professional, according to author Steven Pressfield, “The difference between an amateur and a professional is in their habit.” Four good principles of professionalism are: be accountable, exceed expectations, be ethical, and have clear communication (Kennedy, 2019). All three slides displayed professional individuals. They all display a professional presences for each individual. In regards to what the IT world is and the fields within the profession, each slide covers a good portion of what each field has and does. Meaning you have your customer service representatives on one slide, you have your operators and maintainers in the slide with the servers, and lastly you have two gentlemen outside with a solar panel demonstrating a number of important professional habits.

I noticed a few things I would consider to be unprofessional in those slides. I will describe what I saw and what could be the fix to making it look more professional. In the professional realm of the IT world. You have to show that you are the expert on your field, that you understand what is going on and how to fix errors that come your way. You can’t only have the education background or what you know, you need to dress the part. In slide one, we see five individuals that look like they work in the customer service department. They are all wearing headsets and smiling. You have two gentlemen wearing collard, button-up shirts tucked in. displaying a demeanor which shows that they’re as professional as can be and I can see they are happy and confident. You have three women, two in suits and one in a sort shirt that is what I can see isn’t appropriate in the workplace. Some might say that I’m wrong and that is ok for where she is working, but I don’t think it’s the best thing to wear. If you have a set dress code which shows to the employees that this is a place of business and is set in that way it would make the environment less likely to run into problems and complains in the future. Policies in place, such as dress code, late policy, personal misconduct, etc. Shows a professional manner the company is working towards. The other two sliding didn’t show anything that would classify it as unprofessional

Part two: Personal Reflection and Connection


Let’s talk about professional attire and why that would be important in my field. First off let’s start off on why attire is even important. In the world today you have two different types on companies. You have the more looking professional company that has a dress code, which has suits, button – up shirts, woman business suits, etc. Then you have the now more relaxed company that lets their employees to dress freely or casually. This being for a more relaxed and creative company. But what make them stand apart is in fact the visual image (Ebersole, 2015). That is what you need to stand out, be recognized as a professional. Examples for appropriate attire would be in the more office space environment: suits, button-up shirts, dress pants. For more of a warehouse or space where you are working with servers or computer spaces would be: jeans, polo shirts, work shoes. For the individuals that work outside the attire for them would be: jeans, steel toe boots, polo shirts, and protective reflect vest. This is what would be considered appropriate attire in my professional field.

 What makes someone a professional in the Information Technology field? That is a great question that I would like to answer. First off to be considered a master in the arts of technology you have to understand it. You of course need the education and the certification to go along with it, but you also need a few things as well. From a great article I read on the internet, it talked about the seven characteristics to be a successful IT professional (Margolis, 2016). I will just be talking about what I would want myself. You need to have a passion for technology and problem solving. This is important cause if you don’t have the passion why do it? Technology is a problem-solving field you need to correct and fix. You have to think outside the box and know what you are talking about is a must. Lastly, I want to cover about knowledge. It’s a must have to understand IT. It’s all about data, coding, and a number of different variables.

 Another aspect you need to practice to be a professional is your behavior. How are you acting around others, coworkers, yourself? To identify yourself as a professional you need to consider on how you act and what ways you react towards situations. Without the proper guidelines of this you can spiral in a whirlpool that you might not get out of. I practice this method that makes my life and the ones around me be more comfortable and understanding. I don’t let my personal life and my professional life mix. If I have issues in either of them, I don’t let them cross, you have to work on them and fix it. This an issue that I see on a day-to-day basis when I go to work. Be polite, considerate of others, and behave. Without these you can’t be a professional regardless of any field you choose.

What makes me think I am a professional in my field currently? Well for one lets talk about my attire, its easy, I am in the Army we wear uniforms that represent the United States of America. As long as we stay within our regulations and have our wear and appearance with accordance to the regulation, we are good to go. When I leave the Army, I will dress to impress the ones around me and myself. I have great verbal and non-verbal communication skills. Being one who enjoys both and understand both, I make sure I read body language and ques that others give off. I don’t try to overstep my bounders when it comes to situations. I present myself as a person who understands my job and also trying to educate myself beyond my limits. I will ask questions and try to understand why that works or what could be better. With always in consideration to who is my senior on the job, I will ask them I fits ok to try different things or to see how it works. You need these aspects to have in this field. You need them to better yourself in this field.

In conclusion,

We have talked about professionalism and what makes you a professional in the Information Technology field. I hope you got a little taste of what I have seen and what you have heard from the professionals within the field. Professionalism is important in todays world. If you don’t posses any or try to gain any you need to reconsider why you don’t. It’s important to have look and sound professional. The best way to do this is to talk to the ones who have been in your field for a long time and understand what is needed for success. 



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