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Ethics And Abortion British Medical Nursing Essay

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In this Journal, Crewford J has reviewed Ethics and Abortion to give a coherent framework to address ethical issues where the moral status of fetuses and embryos is very crucial. The framework has been applied to legal and ethical issues like abortion, wrongful life and prenatal torts. This research is a literature review and the author’s position has been presented. The author has explored complex philosophical problems like identity as well as the non-identity ones. The position of the author is substantiated as it has valuable information that can interest many groups such as physicians, policy makers, philosophers, lawyers or anyone with issues surrounding the unborn. The journal is thoroughgoing, consistent and intelligible. The journal has provided excellent overview of issues of abortion from moral status.

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The journal indicates that the ethical spectrum is defended by people who think that abortion is aimed at saving the mother’s life which might be in danger because of pregnancy complications. In the ethical spectrum are also pro-life supporters that strongly believe that abortion is an assisted suicide as the fetus becomes a human being immediately after conception. Hence, the fetus attains the legal rights to live right from fertilization. Between these two differing group, there is a continuum of religious, ethical as well as political positions. But all ethical issues in abortion revolve around the battle between life and freedom.

Pozgar, G. (2012). Legal and Ethical Issues for Health Professionals. New York: Jones & Bartlett Learning. Obtained from: http://books.google.co.ke/books?id=MttHh5VKmk0C&dq=ethical+issues+of+prolongating+life+by+artificial+means&source=gbs_navlinks_s.

This book deals with the ethical issue of prolongation of life by artificial means. The main points of this book deal with health professionals’ ethical issues that are faced in health care. The book concludes that majority of heath care ethical issues should aim at protecting patients and availing affordable healthcare to the public. This is a research article and the position of the author is presented. The author is in support of prolonging the life of patients through use of artificial means. The position of the author is substantiated where by students as well as professors regard his work to be the finest in the changing health care discipline. This article is related to health care issues as it is updated thoroughly with features of dynamic text in its new case studies to assist students to better comprehend current issues they are likely to face in their job market.

This article is related to ethical issues facing health care. Euthanasia has been criticized and preferred by different cultures based on their religious, ethical and legal factors involved in assisting patients to die peacefully. People who are against life prolongation state that efforts of controlling suffering and pain through use of drugs are not good as they put patients at risk of having brain injury and render them insensible.

People that object to the prolongation of life by artificial means indicate that use of passive euthanasia denies a chance of exonerating doctors and other medical staff from being accused of causing the death of patients. Patients’ family members have to ensure that wishes of their patients are implemented without emotional conflicts. The practitioners in health care tackle ethical issues in a systematic and structured manner and work with their patients to create clear directives so as to facilitate the implementation of advance directives of the patients. When practitioners and family members work together will help in resolving ethical issues.

Mezey, M. et al. (2002).Ethical Patient Care: A Casebook for Geriatric Health Care Teams. New York: JHU Press. Obtained from: http://books.google.co.ke/books?id=7rkYu8Q5xxsC&dq=ethical+issues+When+caring+for+noncompliant+patient&source=gbs_navlinks_s

This book deals with the ethical issue when caring for noncompliant patient. The main points of this book include the benefits of health care teamwork, social needs and community settings. It also indicates that teams also complicate and create problems in work environment as people usually have diverse responsibilities and views. The book concludes that delivery of high-quality medical care typically involves many professionals from different disciplines that harmoniously work together. This is a literature review and the position of the author is presented as being in favor of the right of health practitioners. The position of the author is substantiated to be against the patients’ rights. This is witnessed in his view of sympathizing with the ethical dilemmas that health team members come across in their place of work when managing patients.

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This book is related to ethical issues in health care. Nurses have to reduce their feelings of stress and frustration so as to improve their morale when dealing with noncompliant patients. In this case, surgeons are faced with ethical issues of either supporting the society or protecting the team. The surgeon will consider operating according to his oath by helping a patient that does not care himself or protect the right of his team members by putting them at risk. On the ethical issue of doing good for the society, the surgeon will think about maintaining utilitarianism. Utilitarianism in health care describes the idea of the moral worth of actions that are determined exclusively by the contribution to their overall utility. Based on this theory, the combined risk of harming various people shifts the focus to the greatest good for the highest number of natives. Spending energy, time and resources only on one individual that had decided to harm himself is not aimed at serving the greater good.

Merilyn, A. A Grounded Theory: Seeking Relief From Flatus as Relevant Client-Nurse Action and Interaction. Journal of Gastroenterology Nursing. 2007; 30(4):269-276. Obtained from: http://journals.lww.com/gastroenterologynursing/Abstract/2007/07000/A_Grounded_Theory__Seeking_Relief_From_Flatus_as.2.aspx

The main points of this journal are problems are faced in health care. Nurses work harder to manage those problems. The journal concludes that management of health care requires trustworthy qualitative support to guide on the best nursing practice. This is a research study where the position of the author has been presented to be on the side of health practitioners. The position of the author has been substantiated on the context of interactions between client and nurse. This based on the focus that has been given on nursing care. This journal deals with the ethical issue of whether the nurse should follow a doctor’s order if she/he thinks there is a potential problem with the order.

The journal is connected with the ethical issues in health care. Religious groups show that nurses should stop following orders and withdraw treatment of a patient if that treatment is considered disproportionate, ineffective, or it is of invaluable to the quality of life of that patient. On the other hand, the nurse should withhold the treatment to a patient when the doctor has not provided the type of treatment for the patient. This is because it is not beneficial or reasonable to fight an illness with insistent medicinal interventions when the disease cannot be controlled. The best thing could be to transfer the patients to other health care providers who are willing to care. Dealing with such difficult issues calls for higher consideration and sensitivity for the values of all the involved groups.


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