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Development of the Personal Philosophy of Nursing

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Nursing, as an crucial a part of the health care gadget, confine the promotion of fitness, prevention of infection, and care of bodily sick, mentally unwell, and disabled human beings of all ages, in all health care and other community settings. Within this large spectrum of fitness care, the phenomena of specific subject to nurses are man or woman, circle of relatives, and group “responses to actual or capacity fitness problems” (ANA, 1980, P.9)

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  As indicated by ICN (1987), Nurse is an individual who has finished a program of essential, summed up nursing training and is approved by the proper administrative specialist to work on nursing in his/her nation. Essential nursing training is a formally perceived program of study giving a wide and sound establishment in the conduct, life, and nursing sciences for the general routine with regards to nursing, for an influential position, and for post-fundamental instruction for strength or propelled nursing practice.

Key Standards of My Nursing Philosophy

My philosophy is that nurses have a obligation to the general public to provide safe, holistic, affected person-focused care. I should keep in mind that my patients are not room numbers or clinical conditions, however people that require and deserve individualized attention and care. Nurses need to use medical judgment to help meet the wishes of the patient. As advocates, we ought to empower sufferers by using encouraging them to emerge as active companions of their own care and have interaction in mutual aim-setting among ourselves and the patient. Nurses ought to preserve affected person confidentiality except while we’ve a duty to file as mandated by means of law. We need to train patients and their households on diseases, remedies, and healthful behaviors so that it will enhance their effects. We must also attempt to model fantastic healthy behaviors in our own lives inside the notion that we are able to offer higher care to other if we take care of ourselves first.

        Nurses have a commitment to preserve present day in knowledge and capabilities and are trying to find self-enhancement through perpetual gaining knowledge of. through doing this, we can not continue to be stagnant in our ideals, but evolve professionally via proof-primarily based exercise and technological advances. My imaginative and prescient for myself as a nurse is that i will always retain gaining knowledge of, no longer simplest from textbooks and journals, however from interactions with other participants of the healthcare group and by means of being concerned within the experiences of the sufferers and their households. I need to analyze every day, and follow what I’ve learned to enhance my talents as a nurse.

                                                     Definition of Nursing

      According to Florence Nightingale (1860)   nursing as having “price of the personal fitness of somebody  and  to put the affected person within the quality circumstance for nature to behave upon him.” in a single manner or every other, this definition of nursing has remained the identical. And on the very middle of nursing exercise is the act of caring. worrying and nursing are so intertwined that nursing might not be nursing without the act of being concerned.  

      According to American nursing association nursing practice is direct service, goal directed and adaptable to the needs of the individual ,the family, and community during health and illness.          

Values of Nursing

  Values are the ethics as well as principles of profession on which every person has to   stick on while performing their duties. I agree with that the center of nursing is being concerned, know-how, and integrity. The focus of nursing is on affected person wishes, affected person recovery, patient safety, and patient empowerment. These are:

1.Compassionate Care – is an attribute which represents essential actions by means of all nurses, nurse faculty, and college students characterized with the aid of supportive, protective exceptional care in all dimensions of the man or woman together with physical, emotional, intellectual, and non  secular.

2. Integrity-is a satisfactory that encompasses honesty, truthfulness, and indicative of a person who shows morality and nicely man or woman.

3. Professionalism is along with attributes, beliefs, and verbal exchange which can be characterised through admire for others, integrity, responsibility, obligation, braveness, humility, advocacy and an contemporary spirit which showcase the being concerned nature of a nurse.

4.Communication and Collaboration –encompass collaborative relationships and network partnerships amongst college students, school, patients, and distinctive stakeholders to facilitate the delivery of coordinated patient-centered care. effective communication is a vital thing of expert teamwork and collaboration.

5.Excellence: is a contemplated in evidence-based completely education and mastering finished through every school and university college students in which exemplary scholarship carrier, coaching, exercise are valued with the aid of stakeholders in the instructional and exercise.                                                

Assumptions of Nursing

 Nursing as a career involves numerous assumptions also referred to as underlying beliefs, which enhance nursing practice. Firstly, in nursing, it is assumed that the perception of people and personhood directly affects who their nursing clients will likely be (Swanson, 1993). It is worth acknowledging that the nursing environment, as well as practices encouraged by nursing personnel, determines the type of clients reporting to an individual health facility. Importantly, due to the uniqueness portrayed by persons, it is worth acknowledging that behaviors, thoughts, as well as feelings, determine the nursing practices performed. Secondly, it is assumed that in nursing the environment is any context, which influences or is influenced by the client. Such influence may be by the realms of culture, politics, economy, society, psychology, as well as religion.



These institutions had a wonderful impact on my non-public notion of nursing. As, in advance, I did now not known  to these organizations, I notion nursing is just to clear the exam and running in a specific field which is all-sufficient however because of these organizations they changed my thoughts and produce that idea to a higher level.

A lot of these associations collaboratively given a superb effect to me and to all nursing students or employers.as like CNO it has numerous standards like knowledge, continuing learning these policies build a nursing career so that each man or woman get a threat to study various tactics, guidelines which might be they have not studied at some point of their studies.

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Moreover, they may be providing opportunities to work as a registered nurse in another country with the aid of clearing a positive degree of examination like NCLEX. They increase the career by means of introducing the numerous roles of a nurse-like caregiver, suggest, chief, administrator, an expert in numerous fields like cardiac nurse. These organizations have set  a lots of standards and guidelines to work efficiently like confidentiality ,privacy and many more.  CNA helps internationally registered nurses to set a framework to work in another country .Means way they’ve not limited the sphere of nursing they expanded it to world. By these agencies nurses can improve their way of learning as well as professionalism. The nursing associations in each province and territory establish the necessities for across the world educated nurses to be registered.



         Smith, M.J.,& Liehr,P.R.(2008).Middle range theory for nursing. New York:Springer Publishing.


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