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World Wide Web and the Internet Relationship

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The internet can be defined as one which is productive and connects computers and other electronic signal receptors anytime and anywhere, helping to share and acquire information. [6](Jillana Enteen. (2006)).

The internet has made a revolution where it is one which helps us confirm our beliefs and has made our life less monotonous by surfing on it. “It is an electronic realm filled with infinite opportunity”.[3] (Jamison, Elizabeth. (2001)).

Like the supercomputer, the Internet began as an idea to tie several computers to a supercomputer. Today, it ties more than 64 million computers together”[12] (Windom, Jarvis F.


The “Arpanet” was the first name given to this network as only a few restricted persons were getting access to this network. It then got the name “Internet” when this network became popular and was known internationally. “[3] (Jamison, Elizabeth. (2001)).

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The world Wide Web is a hypermedia-based system that offers a graphic representation of, and access to, the resources available on the Internet“. “WWW information is accessed through these computers using browser software, such as Netscape Navigator“.[4] (Jean-Stephen Piché. (1998)).

This is a concept introduced by Tim Berners-Lee, “Tim suggested three main technologies that meant all computers could understand each other (HTML, URL and HTTP)” (Retrieved from http://www.bbc.co.uk/guides/z2nbgk7). “The Web page that are accessible on the web usually contain hypertext links and are sometimes called links. These links connect to other pages that are store on the same or even a different server; these servers can be in any location throughout the World. This system of interlinked documents is known as hypertext” (Dummies.com, 2010).

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Without the Internet, the WWW would not have existed.

ThefirstWorld Wide Web (WWW)program debuted onthe Internetinthesummer of 1991“.[7] ( Kaplain, Karen. (1998)).

The WWW is a very genius way of accessing information using the Internet. The Web shortened word for the World Wide Web is only an aspect which forms part of the Internet. The need of finding information instantaneously has developed the WWW to access all the needed information found on the Internet. The WWW as its name invokes says that it must be worldwide but this can only be done through the Internet which connects computers globally. [5] (Jetter, John A. (1996)).

Now, though, theWorld Wide Web, with its search engines and hypertext links, has made theInternet accessible even to those who know next to nothing about it“. ((1996). How theWorld Wide WebsimplifiesInternetsearches,73,181. Retrieved

from http://search.proquest.com.dbgw.lis.curtin.edu.au/docview/227758920?accountid=10382)

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The world wide web (WWW) as it first emerged had only the characteristic of making people accept what they were given on the Web.

The early web provided a limited user interactions or content contributions and only allowed to searchtheinformation and read it“. The Web 2.0 has made a change where ” theusers ofweb 2.0have more interaction with less control”.[10](San Murugesan (2007)) .

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By using the Web 2.0 nowadays, people are allowed to communicate online through social networking. ” The notion of Social Software is normally used for systems, by which humans communicate, collaborate or interact in any other way”.[1] (Alby, T (2007))

Through the Web 2.0 people can even create their blogs and have full participation. “The user is an integral part in the production process of content, tastes, emotions, goods, contacts, relevance, reputation, feedback, storage and server capacity, connectivity, and intelligence”. [8](Pascu et al. (2007))

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Really Simple Syndication (RSS) uses extensive markup language (XML) to constantly scan the content of Web sites for updates, which will then be delivered to subscribers’ desktops or mobile devices through an RSS feed“. [11](Wendy G, Jie. (2007)). People are up to date with just one click.

The RSS is ” an easy way to condense information into a digestible form“. People can take a quick glance at the feeds and there is no need to visit the web page if not interested. ” The updates can then be displayed in the newsreader in a similar way to e-mail, enabling users to skim hundreds of headlines each day, with the aim of improving productivity”. [2] (Bradbury, Danny. (2006)).

The Web 2.0 is an ideology which is used to benefit power. An example is Ebay which is a platform where people buy things online.” For example, if someone likes vintage t-shirts, he can set up an RSS feed and have all auction detail that matches his search criteria sent directly to his desktop”. [9] (Rioux, Mike. (2008)).

Word count:176

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