Role Of The Women In The Advertising Media Essay

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Advertising is a set of strategies, techniques, forms and contexts of communication designed to persuade people of something or the convenience of doing something. The main purpose of advertising is to attract the attention of the people, capturing the interest or attention for an object, a brand or an idea, to cause in them the need of buying the product. Nowadays is more common to see people in the advertising, but is neccesary to put image of woman in advertising?.

In our society, the advertising have existed for a long time, the advertising have helped a lots certain products, thing that you want to sell or if you have a company that gives services; the advertising helps to knows what it is about. The image of something always is characteristic to the product or sometimes the image is just the emblem of the company. Also, the image of human being is used in advertising using men, women, children, etc. In our times, we are living in a sexist country, in which woman is seen as a sexual object and everyday is more common see them in advertising. Most of advertisement the main character is woman. The importance of this is because the image of woman in advertising is very attractive for men; a sexy girl showing her attributes always will be very striking, especially for us; that is main reason in which they appear in it. A woman always is going to be our main weakness, I mean, women in advertising attract our attention just for the fact that they are female and our oppose sex. So, the companies of advertising say that is very necessary to show image of women in advertising, why? Because is very attractive for men and will call the attention of them. Other important point that the advertising starts to use beautiful women in advertising. Nowadays is very common to see beautiful women in advertising wearing few clothes showing us the product being sold. To sell, the companies know that the most powerful weapon as marketing is to show image of women in advertising, because is very atracttive for men. When in a advertising appear a woman, the first thing that we see is the girl, and after that we see the product. And most of time, the girl is very beautiful and wearing bikini or sometimes she or they are naked. What would happen if in certain kind of afvertising, appear a ugly girl using the product? Will it have the same impact on the people? I do not think. Most of time is shown in advertising beautiful women trying to convince you that you use the product, then if you use the product you will be as they, that is one of the reason of the advertising, try to convince you that you can be like them if you use the product; that is the main reason why appear the image of the beautiful women in advertising and nor ugly girls. And also because the image of a pretty girl is more striking that an ugly girl. the image of an ugly girl does not have the same impact on society as opposed to a beautiful girl.

Women appear in the advertising mainly as a sexual object, showing themselves wearing few clothes next to the product. Is neccesary the use of this kinf of image because our attention quickly will see to the girl. After that we see the girl we see the product. So, the main purpose is to sell the product. Then, we see in an advertising a product and next to it appears the image of a sexy girl, our sight, quickly will see the girl, creating in us, a wish of buying the product or just the wish of seeing the advertising. An example of this is: the product is the car that is wanted to sell, and in order to call our attention most of times appear a beautiful woman next to the car, that is the purpose of advertising, attract our attention with the woman, because we quickly see to the girl and after that we see the car. The advertising wants to sell the product or try to convince you that you need the product. In certain kind of advertising the product is used for men and as a result that product to cause in them an amazing power with the women. This kinf of advertising trying to convince you if you use the product you will get the same kind of girls that appear in the advertising, in this case the girl is like a trophy. Only for using that product you will get beautiful girls; that is the purpose of advertising, convince you, create a necessity in you, that you really need that product and you will have the same effect that is showed in the advertising. So, why is important the image of women in advertising? Because is our main weakness. Because just for being men, we want, we like to see women, specialy if they are so beautiful, but unfortunatelly, the image of the woman in advertising is shown as a sexual object, as a trophy for men, without respect the opinion of her. Advertising just show them wearing few clothes or naked, to sell the product, convince you that you need the product. The advertising uses the image of the girl, just to call our attention.

Beside, the images of women are common for products to men and women. The images of women to products for women always is showed as house wife, mothers, wives, etc, but in those cases women are showed wearing normal clothes, doing the things of home, cleaning, taking care babies, etc. In those cases the women is using happily the product, trying to convince to the people that the product is very good and you need to buy it and have it in your home. This kind of advertising shows to the woman doing things easily with the product trying to persuaded that using that product everything in your home is going to be as easy as the advertising. In those kind of advertisement the woman is not showed as a sexual object otherwise as a happy mother that take care her house and children using the product that is amazing and it is the solution to her problems. Here the image of women is shown as a happy mother doing the clean up in her house, why happen this? Why the advertising shows the image of a woman in this kind of advertising? because the woman, is common see them in the house as a house wife. Nowadays, the role of woman in the jobs is different, they have more participation, but now we are seeing as the woman as house wife. They are shown as a happy wives doing the clean up, without problem. In fact, they are very happy ironing, washing, etc, with the product. So, the advertising shows the image of the woman, in these kind of advertising, because in our society the woman is in the house and the men are working, so, the most common case in our country is that the woman is doing the clean up in the house showing you that everything is easier if you use the product. Easilly you will finish in few minutes, the solution of all your problems in your house is that you buy the product. This is the most common case in this kind of advertising, but actually everybody knows that nobody likes to do the clean up.

Finally, as a conclusion, is neccesary put the image of girls because is very attractive for men, the neccesity of putting beautiful women is because that kind of advertising will cause to big impact on the people, and will call the attention specially of the men. For that reason is very common to see in big amount of advertising the image of the woman on it. The woman always will be our main weakness, for that reason the companies of advertising using this image. To call our attention. Unfortunatelly, the image of the woman in advertising is seen as a sexual object, as a trophy or as a house wife, without respect her, but they know that the image of them cause to big impact in our society. We will continue seeing this kind of image of beautiful girls in advertising and everyday the companies or industries of advertising will continue growing up, so they know that the beautiful girl is very powerful in the advertising, and the main weakness of all the men, so the will continue putting the image of the women in advertising in big amount, creating a neccesity of putting women in advertising. The advertising has a big impact to the people, trying to convince you that you need the product and you have to buy it. The advertising is a powerful weapon to sell the product and the most strongest image for this, is the woman.

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