Online Advertising And Offline Advertising Media Essay

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Normal advertising is a method of promoting product by using 100% offline and physical product such as newspapers, magazines, flyers and others. It is the form of advertisement that easily spread any message to the reader. By using online advertising, the reader internet just can only know the product and services. The online advertising and offline advertising both have their different usefulness. But, both advertisement must include the name of the product and services, it can easily let the reader can understand at a glance. Besides that, the advertisement also must include the benefits of the product and services that can easily persuade the reader from buying the product and services and can increase the sales and profit. Internet also become the main and efficient medium for advertising and it has be predicted that the online advertising and marketing is going to replace the normal advertising through the traditional media such as television, radio, newspaper and magazines.

The online advertising is more efficiently compared with the normal advertising such as television. It is because the online advertising can immediately send the information to the reader. So, the reader can quickly up-to- date with all kind of information. On the other way, the old method of advertising such as newspaper would take at least 1 day to produce the advertisements. So, the reader cannot immediately know all the information.

The normal advertisement such as television or newspaper that can be obtained by copyright, takes a lot of time. Unlike the online advertising, we do not need to waste the time to obtain the copyright. That’s why online advertising is faster and save the publisher’s time.

Besides that, if we want to publish the advertising through the traditional advertising such as newspaper, it may charge a higher advertising fee. But for the online advertising, we directly post our advertising through the website. It can be free or just charge a little of the cost fees. Besides that, the online advertising also can post the product pictures that can let the reader convenient to choose the product. Thus, some of the websites provide 24 hours service a day, so the reader can choose the product or services at anytime.

For the traditional method, only the readers who are willing and able to buy the newspapers able to view the advertisement. The online advertising is for the reader who can access the internet only can view the advertisement. So, it is considered as global advertising. But if the advertising were to be done through the newspaper, the advertisement can only be used in one country.

There are few advantages of online advertising compared to the traditional online advertising that give the company ads more wider coverage and the global wider coverage that will help to make the advertisement more popular among people which could help to get better result though online advertising campaign. Online advertising is faster compared to the offline advertising in sending out the ads to the audience in advertising the campaign.

However, there are also some disadvantages involved in online advetistment. Disadvantages of advertising online include measurement problems, audience characteristics, potential for deception, costs, limited production quality, poor reach and lack of Intrusiveness.

For normal advertising, it can be said that it is more effective and powerful in promoting a particular product or service. The advantages that are derived through online advertising such as right from cost, availability, wider consumer markets, and the potential to increased profit margins, internet advertising has the upper hand.

For the traditional print methods and distributions have the trends of the internet surpass at each level of the marketing process. Traditional print advertising is composed of common marketing collateral. Internet advertising is the conglomeration of electronics such as computer, or server, and the marketing collateral is on a professionally designed website, which also known as an electronic storefront.

In evaluating costs in traditional print publication, heavy expenses are incurred through the design for each campaign or promotion, printing fees, and storage facilities to store the containers and bundles of material. Furthermore, there is the distribution cost that needs to be considered such as the costs of labour, transportation and the postage itself.

Talking about the error rectification, the traditionally printed promotion may incur at the costs that be paid. In contrast, the advantages of Internet-based advertising, the error modification incur a little cost in repairing typographical errors and wrong promotion dates. It’s much easier to fix an oversight instantly, and only takes a moment.

To throw light on the availability of a business, traditional print promotions are time-centered. The hours of a business or service are limited to the hours, hence potential sales to consumers during the non working hours are limited. The promotion is also possible for only a set tenure, and when the session gets completed, the whole process is repeated with additional cost.

In analyzing the advantages of internet versus traditional print methods, the consumer market potential is extremely limited in the traditional advertising with geographical restrictions in most media being available only to the local viewing area. The businesses are rarely in small-mid-size in approaching the sales on a national or global level. By comparison, the internet marketing is more advantages since it caters to the global market and has no physical or geographical limitations.

In this day and age, the website is readily available to any consumer with a computer includes the majority of consumers throughout the world. There are no additional costs in reaching the expanded global markets since internet advertising extends to the global audience. The chances of potential customers are more and hence the profit margin is also on the higher side. In other words, the advantages of internet advertising is much more than the traditional print forerunner, in lessened costs, availability, expanded consumer markets, and largely in the overall profit margin .