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Negative Impact Of Playing Video Games Media Essay

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5/12/16 Media Reference this

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Information Technology also known as “I.T” , refers to anything that related to computer technology , such as the internet , networking , hardware , software , or peoples that work with this technology . Research from UCLA’s Higher Education Research Institute provide useful informations about the usage of video games on college campuses . These data shows that most of the college students play videos games regularly , and a small percentage use them as a primary means of entertainment and leisure . In the 2009 Freshman Survey, around 1% of respondents admitted to playing over 20 hours of videogames per week. Over 35% of the respondents stated that they play at least one hour per week.

Computer games can have impact on teenagers , especially for those who spent hours after hours playing them. Games that played with a team can helps to reinforce concept of the effectiveness of teamwork . However , video games may have negative effects too . For my opinion , video games will definitely affect us as a college students .

3.1 Negative impact of playing video games


Teenagers that do not have their video games playing time limit by their parents might find themselves playing until late at the night . This can result in a loss of sleep and a decrease in alertness in school. A decrease in alertness and focus at school can result in lower academic performance.


If teenagers spent all of their free time playing video games, skipping meals or lose sleep because of their game play, it can negatively impact their health. The Mayo Clinic notes that teenagers who spent more than 2 hours a day in front of a television or computers might suffer from their childhood obesity. In addition, the University of Texas at Dallas also notes that the addiction can leads to medical issues , such as backaches, headaches, eyestrain and carpal tunnel syndrome pain and numbness that they might feel in their wrists, hands, shoulders and elbows.


There are already few cases of death had been reported in the press . All linked to excessive play of video games. In the year of 2002 , a young man was found dead in the toilet of a cybercafe in Kwanju, South Korea . He was said to be previously glued to a computer, deprived of proper nutrition and sleep , also earlier in the same year, a mother in Louisiana sued Nintendo who caused her son suffered from seizures and consequently death. The report shows that he had play an average of 48 hours per week.


Long hours in playing video games can negatively affect teenager’s performance in their school or at work if they are preoccupied with their video games or failing to work at their optimum level because they are exhausted from a late night of playing video games . The Mayo Clinic notes that teenagers who devotes more than two hours a day to television or video games might have the troubles of falling asleep, have problems paying attention than teenagers who don’t spent as much time in front of the computer and video games .


Video games addiction can be harmful if teenagers are unable to participate in any outdoor activities rather than gaming . The On-Line Gamers Anonymous website notes that it may be a sign of an addiction if teenagers are constantly thinking about their next video game , devising ways just to get back to the game, abandoning former hobbies that don’t related to the video games or declining social events with personal interaction because they are spending too much time on discussing the video games through the Internet.

3.2 Tips on managing teenagers media consumption

Because of the popularity of video games, it can completely eliminating them from teenager’s life might be difficult. But there are also few ways that can decrease the negative impact that they have on the teenagers .

Know the rating of the video games that the teenager’s are playing .

Never install any video games equipment if necessary .

Always set a limit on how often and how long teenagers is allowed to play video games.

Take the time to discuss with the teenagers about the games they are playing or other media they are watching. Ask them how do they feel about and what they observe in these video games . This is an opportunity to share your feelings and grow closer with the teenagers .

It is vital for teenagers to spend their time on both indoor and outdoor activities . Excessive time spent on video games may curb some outdoor activities among some of the teenagers. We might not want them to be game addicts at the cost of active outdoor pastimes.

It is the responsibility of the elders to encourage teenagers to participate in outdoor activities as well, rather than sticking to the video games for all day long. Being able to monitor and control the amount of time that the teenagers spent on video games is the key to restrict the negative impacts of video games. Make sure to expose them to the right games with limited time log to benefit from this fun filled activity.

2.0 Define Peer Pressure

In every day of a teenager’s life , they get to experienced peer pressure in their school and the environment among them . Peer pressure means that ‘friends’ trying to persuade you for doing something that you don’t want to do . But maybe you want to do it and you don’t have the courage and your friends talks you into it .

Much research had shown that peer pressure had a much greater impact in adolescent behavior than any other factor . Try to think about it , teenagers nowadays spent most of their time with peers and family members , so the interaction is direct and much more powerful than the influences of the teachers and others authority figures .

2.1 Peer pressure risk factors :

Teenagers with low self esteem

Teenagers with low confidence

Feeling isolate from friends or families

Poor academic performance

Without personal interest

Peer pressure can be divided into 2 types :-

Good Peer Pressure

Good peer pressure can be a situation that your friends try to convince you not to do something that you’re going to do because it maybe not your best interest . Good pressure is when you got pushed into something that you did not want to do but it turned out well .

But for my opinion , the bad peer pressure is much more effectively towards the teenagers than the good peer pressure .

Bad Peer Pressure

Bad peer pressure is when you are being coerced into doing things that you did not want to do just because you friends said you should . It can be leads to experimentation with sex , alcoholic , skipping school , drugs and others high risk behavior . Your friends may had a tendency to think that they know what is the best for you . For example : if you friends offered you a stick of cigarette , you might say “NO” , but the real problem arises when you friends keep repeatedly asked you for doing something .


One of the common peer pressures in school/college/university is alcoholic . I am sure that there are some of the people that sometimes don’t feel like drinking , but they do because that is what everyone is doing , this is a negative form of peer pressure . Research shown that alcoholic abuse is one of the biggest problems among schools and colleges . The students usually end up with missing class , damaging property , getting injured and having unprotected sex as a result of abusing in alcohol . Nowadays , statistics shown that unsafe safe , drunk driving , and the sexually transmitted diseases are rising . All these problems are caused by the peer pressure of drinking .

Drug addiction

Drug addiction is another common peer pressure faced by teenagers . Initially, the teens are not aware about the adversed effect of drug addiction. When they become familiar with the adversed effect, it will be too late. This is a life threatening issues that is quite impossible to resolve. Drug addiction will ruined their futures completely.

If teenagers are addicted to drugs , it can negatively impact upon the following:

Marriage and relationships

Home and family life





Financial issues

Unprotected Sex

Sex is the common issues faced by the teenagers. Both of the boys and girls are equally affected by the sex problems. In this modern age, people love to have sex in their early age. For most of the boys , they thought that who don’t like to make sex in the teenage are considered as weak and dumb, whereas Oral sex is more popular among teens. In oral sex, there is no chance of pregnancy , so that the teenagers don’t considered oral sex is wrong.

2.2 How to handle the peer pressure ?

Choose the good friends that who will share the value of yours . Good friends will use positive peer pressure to help you to be your best self. 

Avoid situation where your friends are doing things that you don’t want to do. 

Think about the reasons for doing things:

Is it a good reasons? Are you really being true to yourself ?

Practice to say no -always come up with excuses if it is necessary. For example – you don’t want to get in any troubles, damage your body or mind, or risk blowing


Always Talk to your parents or a any adults about the kinds of peer pressure that you are facing and listen to their advices . 

Nowadays , Peer pressure is a part of our daily life ,it can be a strong influences during the teenagers’s years when peers are important to their identity.Teenagers must learn how to handle the peer pressure, and recognized when it is positive and negative .

Lastly , do remember , if there are just one teenager stands up against the peer pressure, usually others will join him / her. Learning to handle peer pressure will gives teenagers more confidence and maturity.

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