Impact Of Social Networking Sites Media Essay


People have accounts on many social networking sites they spend approximately a lot of time on writing and their daily information and uploading their pictures. People really enjoy doing this kind of activity, to be able to communicate with their friends, family members, and some strangers. For people that are working home this can be positive.

However, social networking doesn't really have good impact on people. Social networking changed a word in way that i changed life of people and changed communication. However social networking has a negative impact on people. „Social networks and the need to communicate are universal human conditions. A general assumption is that communication technologies help to increase and strengthen social ties" (Cheryl L. Coyle, 2008).


People are starting to get addicted to social networking sites. Jerry ruined his life because of getting addicted on social networking. He realized that there is something wrong about social networking. After he loosed his family and his job he became founder of site Media Addicts Association (SMAA). Helps people to share their stories and helping them get from addiction on social networking sites as Facebook and Twitter (Das, 2011). Social networking has big impact on people's social life. A survey of 1,000 shows that people across the United States are mostly addicted on social networks, findings, 56 percent of occupants check Facebook once a day and more, and that 29 percentage of people needs to check their account every single hour. People under 25 years old even stay online all the time; their account is open 24 hours per day. Very interesting information is that 17 percentages that are using Facebook are having sex and reading messages online. And 63 are using Facebook on toilet (Vitkauskaite, 2010). People use Facebook at the work and started to not pay attention to work. These addiction problem is one of the biggest problem about social networking sites.


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People know that social networking is a new product of technology and this product bring more and new crime. People are putting their information about where are they going, what are they going to do, and with who you are. If people are doing these activities on social networking sites they are opening invitations to thieves and antisocial groups. Some studies shows that disturbingly large number of thieves are using social networking sites to identify were they can steel. Survey of ex- thieves shows that 78 percentages use Facebook or Twitter to see their target, and 74 percentages are looking through the Google Street View on the location where are they learning more about their plans and thinking about their crime (Tan, 2012). People should start to set up the privacy on their accounts that people that are not their friend don't see the information. User should stop accepting people that they rather don't know. Stop putting daily information, what are they doing and showing location. Stop putting information if you are home or no. Stop posting photos of your family because very single information posted on websites is open to everybody.


Social networking is responsible for los if traditional communication. It has big impact on life of kids and they are starting to avoid the tradition communication face to face. On the other hand people restore relationship with their friends from high school and that is actually nice. Sharing life experience and chatting. However people started to have more divorces because of social networking. Some of people are getting addicted on social networking. People that are addicted live virtual life stopped living traditional life with normal communication in society. It's true that people are socializing on the other hand it can be more dangerous than people thinks. New generation can't work without to being online on their accounts. Problem is that this is changing the rhythm of lifestyle very rapidly. World has become smaller and people are starting to live differently. Social networking has big effect on peoples life.

Over-Sharing & Loss of Privacy:

This is conceivably the biggest problem for the world society because people are sharing too much privacy. Concept of privacy on social networking sites is very unreliable. People are on the internet 24 hours because of their mobile phones and computers. People don't realize that social networking is dangerous. People are showing to much information websites where random people can easily research about the data. There is a small space between private and public living and the range age of social networking. When people are putting some image or video or personal data you can't delete it. You can put more secured mode of your profile but still the information are going to stay in the admin memory. Your information is not private so every is allowed to see it. It can finish in bad hands (COLLINS, 2008). Today the world is dangerous and people can use information for bad things. People are usually putting their birthday dates, address, where are they working, what are their hobbies. However publishing this information on Facebook or other social networks is very risky. And people are doing this even if they don't have to publish that. Publishing something is like putting your information on billboard in street. Privacy doesn't exist because when people publish something it will forever stay in the memory of the website and the information will we still reachable. Police is making profit from these social networking sites because people are share different kind of information can be good or bad. People don't know this but they are showing even their location.


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The social networking is very good improvement for communication in the world. While the people are growing the registrations on the social networks the information is growing. However it means the privacy of your life is getting smaller and everybody can research after you for all your private information. People are losing identity and their life is too much concentrating to use this. People can easily get addicted on these social networking sites. People should start to use Facebook or other social networking sites only for necessary conversations and for finding information. Users should see the limit of using their accounts.