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Dami Olayemi


The purpose and rationale behind my gaming site will be discussed. To start with, the purpose of this website is to help gamers learn the strategies for this game and also enjoy playing the game. As well as have a way for people to discuss the game and confirm if the strategies work.

Target Audience

I am going to run a WordPress site that is targeting males and female’s gamers who are in their 18 to 25 years old. They are males and females who desire to know more strategies for the game they play; as well as how to improve their scores. Other people might also follow this account, and see the value of it. It would or could include young/inexperienced gamers in their 18 to 25 years of age to want to learn more about the game.

Layout / Design

The page layout for each of the web pages is as follows. First of all, the home page has rollovers, so people can scroll to what will be focused on the site. In addition, the home page will have a design, so there will be simple look to it. On the other hand, the about us page will have a slightly different layout. It will have a mix of two to three columns in each. There will be a slider showing the website owner and other aspects of the blog. In addition, in certain boxes discussing how the site came to be, and the person who owns the site. For the strategies page there will be codes discussed for each of the different games in different boxes. On another note, the blog pages will have three posts showing a Top 5, checklist, and a tutorial. People who check out the site can comment for this page and the strategy page. Also, for all the pages there will be a Facebook feed at the bottom, logo at the top, and along the social media icons. Finally, the contact page will allow people to either subscribe to the website or voice their concerns and suggestions. Therefore, this is the layout for the web pages.

The colours I will be using are red and black for a few different reasons. To begin with, red is a very eye catching color and this makes it useful in case I want to draw some attention to my website theme. Furthermore black will be the main colour of the font, so it will easier for readability for people who are looking through the website. Altogether, these are the colours for the website overall.

The types of images that I will be using are as follows. Firstly, the home page will have images of the game that will be discussed on the website. The about us page will have images of the website owner and pictures of each character on the game discussed on the website. The blog page will have images that are incorporated into the blog posts in the web page. Also, the strategy page will have some tactics to winning the game which it could be difficult. Finally, the contact page will have an image of where to find us. For all the Webpage’s at the top there will be the logo and social media icons on the bottom. All in all, these are the images that I might be using on my gaming website.

The font size and type I will be using are as follows. The font type that is going to be used is Open Sans. It is easy to read, so individuals that have vision difficulties can have an easier time. The main size for the font is 16px. Also, the site title font size is 36px, so people can identify the web page they are looking at. In addition, there are similar fonts to this in the games discussed on the website. So, that will create a theme to connect everything together. All in all, Open Sans will be a suitable font for the website.

The overall ideas of what I am trying to achieve with this layout will be discussed. First I will try to interest the target market that I am attracting. Also, trust the colour scheme to motivate my interest to the genders and ages I chose. Furthermore, grow my interest from males and females who play more video games, PC games, and mobile games. Lastly each web page will have a slightly different style to the website. Therefore, this will hopefully help to achieve the overall idea for my layout.

Page Content


<Title> Home page for gamers who like to use all the great champions for their strategy. </title>

<Meta name=”description” content=”Home-gaming website is a group that helps people learn about the PC game. | Kitchener-Waterloo| (2523)-6589-66344″>

<Meta name=”keywords” content=”home, chat, fun, creatures, play “>

When the public comes to the site, the first thing they will see is the homepage. Which there will be pictures in the slider of the game that will be discussed? This page will give a rundown of what will be on each of the page such as the strategies and the blogs. Also I will have a Facebook feed attached to this page to let individuals know other ways to find out about the site. Furthermore it will be an interesting and eye-catching experience for people who are going to look at this website. In addition, there will be a social media link and a logo of the game. Additionally, there will be a navigation bar on the right side of the page for the other webpage. All in all, this will be the public facing content on the Home page.


<Title> Blog that will show you all the tutorials, Top 5’s, and checklists for certain champions to use in the game. </title>

<Meta name=”description” content=”Blog where you can watch video tutorials, and checklists for the strategy game that will benefit you. (2523)-6589-66344″>

<Meta name=”keywords” content=”blog, video tutorials>

Furthermore, when customers come to this page of the website, they will also see the Blog page. Which there will be a slider at the top below the logo and the social media symbol? Also, there is a title to interest my target audience to look through the posts. Additionally, the first post will have a How-to build up your ranking in the game that is going to be discussed. As well as, the next post will be a Top 10 of the champions for the game discussed on the website. To close with, the final post will be a video that shows one of the champion’s moves. All in all, the content on this page will definitely interest my target market.


<Title>Story of how this website started to help out gamers who love fierce competition. </title>

<Meta name=”description” content=”Story of how this interesting website came to be to help gamers who love this kind of game. (2523)-6589-66344″>

<Meta name=”keywords” content=”story, PC game, creatures “>

When customers come to this page of the website, they will be able to see all the stories of the game. Also there will be a slider at the top of the page, where the picture is included in that slider of the website. Furthermore there will be more information about the owner and pictures of the heroes from the game. Next there will be a title and a paragraph of how the website came to be. Lastly, to end with, I will show where to purchase the game. Altogether, the public facing content for the Story will be exciting and enlightening.


<Title> Contact the website owner and the way to subscribe to our emails. </title>

<Meta name=”description” content=”The way to contact us with ease and convenience by calling in, filling out the form, or subscribing to our emails soon. | (2523)-6589-66344″>

<Meta name=”keywords” content=”contact, subscribe, phone number, concerns, suggestions”>

Finally, on the contact us page, the public will be able to see the companies phone number, address, and email. Also for the address part there will be a Google maps to show the location of the business. Right beside it will be the contact form to let people make suggestions, or raise some concerns, which it will have a very simple, yet professional look for this webpage.

 Blog Posts

Social Media

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