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These days advertising on World Wide Web is growing at a fast grace and for the most interesting part of the internet structure for advertising is World Wide Web. The World Wide Web there fore present interesting new features inters activity for example. The process of advertising product and services on internet and web is very different form other media and news paper. How ever it is difficult to compare advertising effectiveness on the internet to standard media. In this study we investigate issues relating to the accurate measurement of advertising and how they reach the internet user. The website advertising can be referred as internet marketing. We marketing is a form of promotion that uses the internet and world wide web for the expressed purpose of delivering marketing message attract customers. This research shall attempt to explain the attitudes of internet user on click through advertisement on websites. "The chambers twentieth century dictionary defines advertising as: to draw attention to; to give public information about the merits claimed for. In my research I will be finding that website advertising can be considered as the integral part of internet these day's. When ever a web advertising is displayed on the internet the company should make sure that the maximum number of internet user set attracted to the web advert and it has to also been seen that the internet are not disappointed. Once they are log into the screen. The web advert should be meaning full in all means to make it successful, and it should not have wrong impact on internet user which would lead to not satisfying the user's which is very often happening these day's and the users are afraid of using web advert because many web advert are not meaning full and the user just waste the time by sitting into it and they are disappointed.

The aim of this research is to explain the attitude of internet user on click-through advertisement on web site. It tells us that whether the website advertising is useful or annoying for the internet. User, so this research aims at collecting data and analysing data. So the approach which suites my question is quantitative research. The data which shall be collected and analysed would clearly show that how much the internet users are interested in web adverts and whether they are satisfied with this kind of web advertising marketing. This topic was selected for study as it is considered important that the user is aware of what he is going to gain from web advertising. Over the past few years web advertising is rapidly growing and has become very common for internet users. these days user finds variety of web advertising one very single website. So the aim of the project is.

We are all surrounded by a surprisingly vast amount of web advertising so much so that in many cases it becomes all but invisible or perhaps subliminal. Web advertising comes in many forms from relatively simple messages proclaiming the advantages or unique aspects of a given product, to complex stories reinforcing the brand image of a well established favourite. To now how the web can be effectively used for web advertising, it is of course first necessary to understand what is involved in web advertising itself. Clearly web advertising is about telling the public something about your product. The most important aspect of web advertising, however, is often overlooked. Web advertising exists for one very simple purpose.

Website advertising can also be referred as to internet marketing web marketing, online marketing internet advertising or e-marketing is the marketing of different products. Website advertising is a form of promotion that uses the internet and World Wide Web for the pressed purpose of delivering marketing message to attract customers.

Marketing programmes revolve around this target market the people to whom the product is sold. The basis of good marketing is to understand two essential elements of this target market who they are and how they buy. Most marketing programmes will be based on a clearly delineated analysis of the target market, perhaps into age groups, income brackets, geographical location, business sectors, etc. buying habits might include things like impulse purchases, planned purchases following a specific product analysis programme, replacement purchases and so forth. Web advertising then supports the marketing programme by influencing through impressions a well defined and measurably quantifiable subset of the target market, called an audience. This is that part of the target market that can be expected to experience the web advertisement or series of web advertisement. The nature of the audience mix in terms of demographic income and other factors is called its composition and its size relative to the target market is referred to as the advertisements reach.

Usually web advertising differs from other medial by making user to interact with the advertisement. User can click through the ad for more information or go to next step and buy the product in the same online session. User can even purchase product from within web advertisement. Usually web advertising gives advertiser the opportunity to precisely target an audience by making the advertisement attractive. Companies are slowly learning to develop innovative web strategies that make user from borrower to buyer. Firstly web advertising was the website itself. But as the days past the web became cluttered with commercial sites simply building website and making some website and making some web advert isn't enough to reach internet users. The entire advertiser needs a tool for driving user's t their websites the first web advertising were banners and buttons that resembled the traditional print advertising format with clearly defined border. The click through inspired the development of new and more obtrusive type of web advertising. There are many web advertising model which are been used in the internet today to get user buy there product. These days there is bulk of web advert occurring on the websites. The web, with its video and other capabilities in providing tremendous opportunity for effective and creative's and development for the internet user.

There are different rules that have best strategy to find out where user is interested in web advertising. There are firms that specialize in international online marketing. We can also. There are normally many sites which help the audience. Advertising is driven largely by branding needs; they are geared to affluent audiences and relying on considered purchase advertising.

Some web sites that use firefly include barnesandnoble.com and recommendations are generated solely based on an end-user's. If your are trying to sell product or generate leads, there is no minimum budget for these. Market research firms are conducting studies to help define, analyze and understand the inner working and implication of this medium. In 1998, a series of studies were realised investigation if online users were spending less time watching television as a result of the net.

The general public and indeed, many product and marketing managers themselves see just the web advertising clever web advertising equals increased sales. Each of these marketing programmes could well require a corresponding web advertising programme, ranging from cheap and cheerful fly posting, to the most expensive of concept TV commercials. The TV commercial, however, is not necessarily a better advertisement than the fly poster simply because it is more expensive and involves a potentially more far reaching audience each marketing programme demands a suitable web advertisement appropriate for the mission, the message and the target market. What this misses is the marketing programme on which the web advertising is based a web advertisement that looks clever but which serves no purpose in the overall selling programme is not likely to be successful by the only true, objective measure: increased sales. Marketing programmes might, for example, determine that a given product could sell more if it was offered at a lower price to a down market consumer or it might decide that the target market has begun to overlook the product and needs to be reminded of its existence or it might decide that the product is perceived as being a old fashioned and therefore requires a change of image, etc.

E-commerce site are growing rapidly, and sales are on the leading revenue sources for companies advertising on the internet. The company needs the right traffic consumer who will buy the products. Now way days many sites are selling products online mainly we can see game products which are been sell largely. This is the perfect way to reach sports consumer, who will probably also have a higher comfort level buying the product from a known brand like EA sports. Many direct marketers have found to get prospects request on online and than to get it order. Many companies are using web advertising to build the brand which can help in the lead to sale. We can also decide when some one look on your page and see to two or more pages and in other matter the brand is great I any customer stay on the page for more than 10 minutes.

A web advertisement might, for example, be seen by many millions of individuals, none of whom are a part of the target market: its reach is therefore zero and its effectiveness is negligible. Alternatively, it might be seen by all of the small number of potential customers for a niche product its reach is therefore 100 percent and its effectiveness is determined by the appropriateness of its message. The number of times a web advertisement must be witnessed before it can be recalled to mind is the advertisement's effective frequency usually between four and seven for most traditional media advertising. Exceeding this number of exposures is unnecessary and in some cases might even be harmful because the advertisement then simply becomes part of the general back ground or scenery and is subsequently ignored.

An advertisement's effectiveness might therefore be described by a bell shaped curve, with one to three exposures as low, four to seven as high, and the curve thereafter tailing off again a so called normal distribution curve. In traditional media, advertising costs are not linked directly to effectiveness, but rather are most often determined solely by the number of impressions that a given publication or site can deliver in the target audience. Each time a web advertisement is experienced by a member of its audience it is said to have made an impression. Impression must be effective and the usual measure of effectiveness is recall can a member of the advertisement audience remember the advertisement at some later date some web advertisement need to be seen several times before they can be recalled.

There are many sources to help advertisers compare to site audience. As an example the leading provider of audience measurement information is media Metrix. Many advertisers pay for this services report on them. These sites include the likes of yahoo, espn and most sites with which people are familiar to them. Many people visit this site and therefore this is the one of the most recognizable sites. These sites are good brand. Since they reach such a targeted audience, there is a long line of advertisers willing to pay top dollars to advertise on their sites. The networks sell advertising for a number of sites. Many networks represent enough sites that they actually offer more reach than the large search engine sites. Media buyers want to be confident that when they buy advertising on a site, the ad will go live at the designated time. Increasing traffic sends two messages to advertisers. We mentioned that it is the highest traffic sites get the lion's share of the advertising.

Finally, the web advertisement exists to influence prospects. This might well require that the web advertisement prompts an immediate purchasing decision or it might require a more subtle influence, such as a steady but progressive change in consumer attitudes to a brand throughout the sequence of schedule. Alternatively, the influence might require second order effects such as where advertiser sponsors an event not because the event is necessarily attended by prospective customers but because those customers will be pleased to purchase from a company responsible for such sponsoring.

Website advertising has now reached the point which many are considering it as being viable alternative to traditional media. To tell that internet is fully viable as an advertising medium company need to standardised measures that it allow comparing advertising effectiveness on the internet. This is where a number of major measure ment currently exist on the web. Thus, the basic question of "how many people visit websites" and "what types of people visit a websites", are generally answered by internet users. Hence it is very difficult to get the result for this. Although standardised measurement have been taken to slow the number of internet user getting attracted to the website advertising. We argue that website advertising will not be truly "ready for perform" in that it effectiveness will not be comparable to the internet user. Hence the website advertising will not be able to justify whether internet user are satisfied or not.