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A hashtag (#) is a simple symbol on your keyboard which is used for many purposes, including the designation of a number. For example #1. When used on twitter, there is a whole new definition for the hashtag. It is used to indicate key words or subjects in a “tweet”. The tweet will contain a # followed by a word or more connected by erasing the space in-between the words (#interestingfacts). Twitter created the hashtag because Twitter users wanted to sort out their tweets. Therefor a hashtag can help you find interesting or popular tweets or conversations just by clicking on a hashtag. Twitter users who talk about the same topic using a specific hashtag, their tweets will appear in the same stream. When a hashtag is used often and become popular they become trending topics(So many people are talking about it that they are a “trend”).

Creating your own #

Everyone can create their own hashtag, it’s simple. Start by finding a subject or word(s) that inspires you or resembles your business. When you have found this interesting subject and want to create your own hashtag, just start using it in your tweets. Make sure though that you are the first to start a conversation about your hashtag, if it already exist you might just be continuing the conversation of another business. Also keep it simple, this way people can easily remember and by keeping your hashtag brief you’ll have more characters for the rest of your tweet as Twitter only allows 140 characters per tweet. Try not to add too many hashtags into a tweet and use hashtags that are relevant to the content of the tweet.

Using the # as a marketing tool

The reason for companies to join twitter is to become better known. By cleverly creating conversations and interacting with your followers you can grow out to a well-known company among your target audience. But be careful and don’t become a company that’s just shamelessly promoting itself on Twitter. Your followers will grow tired of your tweets that contain company information and start to un-follow you. Using Twitter can create a lot of benefits for the business, it can increase visibility, enhanced engagement with your customers and a way to provide customer service for your customers with questions. As a business on Twitter you can attract new customers by using the hashtag to keep track of your own promotions, events or keeping up with trends.

The influence of the #

Twitter is a very powerful social media tool, it can help you start off a business and it generate.lots of quality.leads to promote your services to. With over 500 million active users(April 2012), your tweets can reach your intended target audience at any time anywhere. But a hashtag is only useful if people know about it. Start conversations through your hashtag, start adding it to your existing resources and channels. Because whit right use of the hashtag, a company can create a big hype on twitter. If you don’t understand what a hashtag can do, follow a few on twitter to see what they actually do. Be sure to follow hashtags related to your own industry.

Promoted Tweets

For small businesses twitter has promoted tweets. Promoted tweets will look for people with the similar interest as your businesses followers and show you a list of potential people to follow. You will gain new followers who can spread the word about your business. Promoted tweets looks at your activities and automatically promotes your best tweets. You can choose where you want to promote your business demographically, this way you can discover local connections.

Try to maintain the tweets on a regular basis, if you tweet to much followers will get annoyed easily. Consistency is the key.

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