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Types Of Promotional Activities Marketing Essay

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5/12/16 Marketing Reference this

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Zalora Malaysia is the fastest growing online shopping mall in Malaysia which is gaining increasing popularity from the community as they provide a wide range of products through their online catalogue as well as great services. Zalora Malaysia is actually a part of the Zalora Asia Group which has a presence in other regional areas such as Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Philippines, Vietnam and Taiwan. The founders of Zalora Asia include local as well as European investors which own a few highly successful online e-commerce sites around the world such as, Zalando, Locondo, The Iconic and many others. (Online Fashion Mall Zalora Launches In Malaysia, 2012) Zalora Malaysia was successfully launched in Malaysia on April 2012. Zalora Malaysia online shopping mall which consists of more than 300 international as well as local brands and still growing, of products such as men’s wear, women’s wear, children’s wear, shoes, cosmetics, household needs and many others. The products that are offering provide a wide range of selection of prices and styles to buyers that cater to each individual’s unique demands. Some of the international brands provided are such as Levi’s, Banana Republic, Converse and others. As for local brands there is Nose, Bernard Chandran, Zang Toi and others. (About ZALORA, n.d)

Zalora Malaysia can be pure-play, which is an organization that sells products or services directly to their consumers via internet without owning a physical sales channel. As for its transaction, it falls under the business to consumer (B2C) category in which the company deals directly to their consumers. Zalora sells their products directly to their consumers through the use of the internet which is through their company website and Facebook company page. . (Zhuang & Lederer, 2008)

Zalora is under the fashion and appeal industry. The target audience of Zalora is the public including men and women and especially those who are internet savvy. Those shoppers can only stay at home and shop online through Zalora. Besides that, Zalora offer the best in international and local fashion brands to the customers which more in lifestyle quality, style and design for the customers. (About ZALORA, n.d)

1.2 Glampot

Glampot is rapidly growing and evoke the relived designer consignment boutique in Malaysia. Glampot successfully built up its household name and established its business within Malaysia in December 2007.Glampot becoming popular due to its specialized in retailing which are 100% authentic relived and brand new designer bags, clothing and accessories. Besides that, Glampot having numerous designers thus giving them enables provides customized products with affordable prices.In 2010, Glampot are expanding its business which opening two physical boutiques in Malaysia which are serving customers across the South East Asian and Asia Pacific region. With the advances of technology, Glampot not only operates their business in a physical store shop but also doing e-commerce business.Glampot set up it social networks through Facebook, Twitter and Instagram which provide a convenience for their customers assist the information with these three channels. The new content and products will be updated daily in their webpage’s so the consumers can get the latest information about the products which are bags, clothing and accessories by one click. Moreover, the customers can convert their own cool designer items that they stopped using or exhibit into cash by drop it over in Glampot. (Glampot Boutique, 2012)

Glampot can be considered as the click and mortar retailer category since its business operation involves both online and offline which mean they provide online transaction via websites and face to face services in a physical store. Well, it transaction is under business to consumer (B2C) category that means a transaction that occurs between a company and a consumer where the company provides goods or services to the consumer. (Turban, King, Lee, Liang & Turban, 2012)

Glampot is under the fashion and appeal industry which selling the products about the accessories, bags, belts, couture, free bra, shades, shoes, dresses, tops clothes. Besides that, those products sold in Glampot are designer brand products such as Anya Hindmarch, Alexander McQueen, Alexander Wang, Burberry, Chloe, Chanel, Christian Dior, Coach Fendi Gucci, and so on. The target audience of Glampot mainly are the customers those who are brand lover consumer, high income people, internet savvy people especially for the female customers. (Glampot Boutique, 2012)

1.3 Parkson

Parkson Corporation Sdn Bhd established in 1987 and it is the largest chain of retail department in Malaysia. Besides that, Parson was retailing arms of the Lion Group. Parkson satisfied the needs of market segments. Parkson is the biggest department stores with that are operated 38 outlets nationwide in Malaysia. (Parkson Corporation Sdn Bhd, 2006)

For the major e-commerce transaction of Parkson is business-to-consumer (B2C) which includes direct and indirect transaction of business to final users. (The Five Difference Types of E-commerce, 2010). Parkson is a global store that attacked oversea markets, such as China and Vietnam. (Parkson Corporation Sdn Bhd, 2006) Besides, Parkson provides an online purchasing environment and physical storefronts to the customer, so Parkson is a combination of both physical stores and online transaction website which is known as a click-and-mortar store. (Turban, King, Lee, Liang & Turban, 2012)

Parkson is a department store in the retailing industry which provides a wide range of products and multiple product lines for customers. Parkson stores has based on three categories, such as Parkson Grand, Parkson Ria and Parkson Elite that tied to target market and location. The parson’s website has four channels like for her, for him, for kids and for home. Therefore, Parkson offers apparel, shoes, cosmetics, home furnishings, gifts, fashion accessories and consumer electronics which namely Lancome, Nike, D & G, SK II and so on. (Parkson Corporation Sdn Bhd, 2006)

In addition, Parkson offers a more lifestyle selection of goods that focused on quality, style and variety with the designer brand and international labels. Middle and upper income customers that are well traveled, brand or image conscious and lifestyle-oriented are major considerations of Parson. (Parkson Corporation Sdn Bhd, 2006)

1.4 Metrojaya

Metrojaya is considered as a main departmental store that enhances their brand identity in the retailing industry in Malaysia. Metrojaya has seven department stores which are in different locations. Metrojaya provides customer a more comfortable environment and fresh shopping experiences; so as to let them can full enjoyment when shopping. These meet their needs and satisfaction. Besides that, Metrojaya offers reasonable price and good quality of the product. Therefore, these allow Metrojaya will become the first choice of the consumer. (Metrojaya Sdn Bhd, 2011)

Metrojaya is using Business-to-consumer (B2C) which describes a business sells the product or services from the company sell to the end customers. (Business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-consume (B2C) models of customer service, 2010). Metrojaya provides the merchandise through the transaction of the business to the shoppers. Metrojaya is a department store which consist a wide range of the product and many product lines for customers. The outlet of the Metrojaya is situated at distinct state in Malaysia; it’s listed as the regional stores. Lastly, Metrojaya using brick-and-mortar business models, because the transactions of Parkson only in physical shops. (What is Brick and Mortar Business, n.d)

Metrojaya categorizes as the retail industry. Metrojaya is selling fashion lifestyle apparels & accessories, beauties & cosmetics, innovative household merchandise and toys. Metojaya also provides global banded garments like Reject Shop and Laura Ashley. (Metrojaya Sdn Bhd, 2011)Target markets of Metrojaya are low-middle to high-end customers. (Metrojaya card spurring further excitement for new departmental store, 2012) Each goods displayed in Metrojaya is selected with quality and style; this can fit the segmentation of customers, such as lifestyles. (Metrojaya Sdn Bhd, 2011)

1.5 Padini Holdings Berhad

In the year 1971, Padini began operations at the Hwayo Garments Manufacturers Company, a sole proprietorship manufacturing ladies garments and wholesaling the finished products to departmental stores. A few years later, it has entered the new millennium as a major force in Malaysia’s multibillion textiles and garment industry. It has nine labels in their family of brands and retail in 330 freestanding stores, franchised outlets and consignment counters in Malaysia and around the world. (Padini Holding Bhd, 2012) Padini Holdings Berhad is a company that using purely physical organizations, which refer to as brick-and-mortar (old-economy) organizations. Brick-and-mortar organization is an old-organization (corporations) that perform their primary business off-line, selling physical and products by means of physical agents. Besides that, transaction of Padini Holdings Berhad is under business-to-consumer (B2C) category. It offers face-to-face customer experiences to the consumer if they wish to buy the product from this brand because it did not provide the service of online transaction. (Padini Holding Bhd, 2012)

Padini Holding Berhad is under the fashion and appeal industry which selling the products about the accessories, bags, belts, shoes, dresses, and so on. The targeted markets of Padini Holdings Berhad is middle-level to the high – end customers which are fashion conscious customers of both genders and all ages. Besides that, Padini also offers nine difference labels represents a particular fashion philosophy and encompasses a comprehensive range of products that fit into their targeted consumer’s universe, such as Padini, Padini Authentics, PDI, P&Co, Seed, Vincci, Vincci+, Vincci Accessories and Miki Kids (Padini Holding Bhd, 2012)


2.1.1 Zalora Trend Analyses

As of October 17th which was the beginning analysis period, the number of fans of Zalora Malaysia’s Facebook page was 186038 people while at the end of the analysis period which is November 10th recorded an amount of 209745 fans. From our observation, the average of the trend of is fluctuated for Zalora. The trend is growing between 700 fans to 1100 fans from 17th to 25th November 2012.But on 26th October 2012, the trend of fan no more than 500 fans due to the merchandise posted on Facebook was not attracting , such as embellished rings compared to apparels. Back to 27th October 2012 to 9th November 2012, the trend increases around 700 to 1100 fans again. On the last day’s observation, 10th November 2012, the trend of fans increases sharply those more than 1500 fans. This is because Zalora offers a 70% off promotion of high quality bed lines, Linen Cultures.

Types of Promotional Activities

Short-term promotions

Zalora Malaysia gives out daily promotions on their Facebook page of various kinds of products, styles and prices that cater to each individual’s unique preferences. Some of the daily promotions include Rainbow Flats on October 28th October 2102, Embroided Kaftans on October 29th October 2012, and Ombre Hued Nails on October and 30th October 2012. The promotion provides a valuable price for a specific product. Moreover, on 1st November 2012, Zalora runs a Zalora K-swim Giveaway contest for the fans; the fans need to submit up their best holiday’s moment to win a swimwear from K-swim. In the last study which on 10th November 2012, Zalora offers 70% off of Linen sheets for the customers, these are a comfy bed linen from Linen Culture. Besides that, Zalora Malaysia online shoppers are able to redeem the discount voucher which has worth of RM20 just by signing up. At the same time, they will also receive sales alerts, trend guides, special offers and more.

The promotions running by Zalora were very effective and very big response from the fans. Most of the promotions will influence fans desire to shop at Zalora. For the 70% off of Linen sheets promotions, this influence the Facebook Fans Like more than 1500 fans on 10th November 2012.

2.13 Types of Announcement

2.13.1 Product Announcement

From the analysis, Zalora likes to announce recommendation or suggestion about the product for fans every day. Besides that, Zalora also provides a wide variety of merchandise for the fans. This increases choices for the costumes

On 20th November 2012, Zalora announce new arrivals apparels with curves in style from FLOW. On 23rd November, Zalora promotes a variety of fashionable kid clothing for both boys and girls. Moreover, Zalora announces wide variety of casual shoes for fans on 25th November. On the same day, Zalora also announce the new brand, like KitSchen, Nichii and Dressing Paula which promote on Zalora Facebook page. In conjunction with the festive celebration of Deepavali, Zalora Malaysia announces their line of clothing that is suitable for the season with styles from the Colors of Rangoli on October 30th as well as from Salmar Karmeez on November 2nd. Their promoted clothing that is relevant to the festive season for people to choose from. Besides that, Zalora announces that a modern black dress with mesh paneling, and add rock star details such as a gold chunky necklace and silver plated heels on 6th November 2012.

Product announcements help to increase the awareness of the existence of these new brands. When the Zalora post a new product announcement, most of the fans will be asking for the detail price and information. The way Zalora running product announcement is very effective.

2.13.2 Reward Announcements

On 21st October 2012, Zalora posts the 5 winner of the YADAH contest which the most creative slogans. The lucky winner can get the YADAH prizes. The winner comments that very thankful for Zalora. The winner felts awesome. Besides that, some of the fans posted a congratulation message to their friend. This creates a positives word-of-mouth too.

2.13.3 Event Announcement

On 29th October, Zalora announces awareness campaign information in support of the breast cancer awareness month; Zalora Malaysia collaborated with the National Cancer Council to raise funds for their breast cancer initiatives. There were two options for customers for donations. Option one is buying of any pink color goods from Zalora website, RM 1 will be contributed to MAKNA. The other option is direct donating to MAKNA when customers shop in pop out shop. The pop up shop will be held in Kuala Lumpur on 3rd November 2012. There will showcasing cancer awareness talks, exhibition, screening and a shopping experience for the visitors. Many fans feel that is a supportable event and many fans planning wear pink color apparel to support Zalora. This helps to increase reputation of Zalora has a charity event.

2.14 Good Comment and Bad Comment

Some shoppers commented that the various products that are offered by Zalora Malaysia caters to each individual needs and wants in terms of price, style, category and so on. These provide many choices for them and easily find merchandise that matches their style. In addition, fans also comment that Zalora well in social responsibility due to the cancer funding.

As for some online shoppers, they commented that Zalora Malaysia has no tracking number for their delivery. Therefore, the shoppers are blind to the location of their products which causes unsatisfactory to them. Besides that, some online shoppers also commented that the duration that they waited to receive their orders were too long. This causes Zalora Malaysia’s services to be less trustworthy to the online shoppers. In addition, some of the usual payment methods are not accepted by Zalora Malaysia, which included PayPal and ipay88. This causes inconvenience for them to proceed their transactions further. Next, the shoppers also commented that the live chat on Zalora Malaysia keeps experiencing an offline condition which requires buyers to restart their live chat which is very unnecessary.

2.15 Other Features

One of the features used by Zalora Malaysia on Facebook include photo sharing which puts up promotional catalogues for online shoppers to view offered products which is Instagram. With the help of the Like button on Facebook enables Zalora Malaysia to identify how many shoppers are interested on the particular product and try to increase their promotional activities based on it. Interested shoppers are also able to leave comments on the photos for any inquiries and to obtain further information about the product before making their transaction. By clicking on “Subscribe”, Zalora Malaysia online shoppers are able to obtain latest information as well as promotions about them. Next, Zalora also using the video sharing and social media applicants, like YouTube and Twitter on Facebook fan pages. This helps to provide a channel as an interaction between the fans. These increase visibility, comment interest and communication cohesion through social media.

2.20 Glampot

2.21 Trend Analysis

The trend of the fans numbers of Glampot can be described as growing steadily because everyday their fan numbers are rising with average about 80 people per day. At the beginning of our study which on 18th October 2012, we founds that the fans numbers of Glampot were 98978 people. From the first week which starts on 18th October until 25th October, the number of fans was about 695476 people. On the second weeks, the numbers of fans raise in total amount of 699686 people. On 29th October 2012, it fans numbers was blown up to 100045 people from 99960 on yesterday. After that, Glampot escalating nonstop and raise 3725 people support them so at the end of the week of 1st November to 7th November, the number of fans with a total amount of 703411 people. But due to our analysis requirement until 10th November and our study start on Thursday so the figure of fans had a bit down at the end of the fourth week of the study which 302435 peoples because this only cover the three days out of the week of figure. At the end of our analysis which on 10th November 2012 the fans number of Glampot reaches to amount of 100896 people.

2.22 The promotional activities

2.22.1 Short-term sales promotion

On 20th October 2012, Glampot organized a promotional event which the “Designer Bag Sale (Up to 70%) Holiday Inn Melaka”. This event was started on 20th October 2012, Saturday from 11am to 5pm with the venue in Function Room 2 of Holiday Inn Hotel in Melaka. The promotional event is not effective and few responses on Facebook. This is because most of the apparels offers by Glampot are luxury goods. The main target market of Glompot is high income customers, so they will direct go to physical stores.

On 1st November 2012, Glampot offer a” Bag Addicts Anonymous x Coach Giveaway” promotion for the loyal customers. There are two prizes to be given; there were blogging contest and another on Facebook. For the blogging contest, the candidates need to write a blog which titled as “My Must-Have from Coach’s Legacy Holiday 2012”. After that, email the detail information and Blog URL to [email protected] Moreover, the option 2 is Facebook contest which titled “What I’d Like This Fall”; the candidates must like the photo in the Album and leave a comment what loving that product. After that, candidates need to save the photo and use it as a Facebook profile photo. For the both contests have very attractive for the fans. This is a chance can wining a luxury bags for them.

2.23 Type of Announcement

2.23.1 Product announcements

From our analysis start from 15th October until 10th November 2012, we found that Glampot will provide product announcements daily according to brands and category with photo and information provided timeline on Facebook. Besides that, we realize that Chanel, Prada, Louis Vuitton, Gucci and Hermes are those brands products are getting the most response from the public.

For example, on October 10, the Prada Red Saffiano Travel Wallet products in brand new condition with the price of RM1880 got 72 people click like. On 25th October to 1st November 2012, Chanel Black Lambskin Wallet with 40 people supporter, Prada Black Saffiano Bow wallet had 43 respondents click like, Louis Vuitton Monogram Speedy 30 with Strap with 71 people click like and having many comments about the price is more cheaper compare their buying at other shops.

2.23.2 Personal announcement

Besides that, Glampot used its website in Facebook as a channel to hiring potential professional persons. For example, on 4th November 2012 Glampot post a few announcements with the purpose of hiring people with a certain position which includes the event planner with sales executive skill, accountant, Boutique Manager, Boutique supervisor and Boutique assistant. In each of the announcement, Glampot had posted the requirement of each position with detail information and about the salary. So that the public that fulfill the requirement and interest with those positions offer then can send their resume to the Glampot via email with the link provided which is the [email protected] The announcement attracts many fans to asking the detail information. Based on the comment, they feel interesting about the jobs hiring. This is very effective in using Facebook as a channel to hire professional.

2.24 Good and bad comments received

The positive comments from the public to Glampot are they desired on the activities for a long time so glad to hear the news of the “Designer Bag Sale (Up to 70%) Holiday Inn Melaka”. Furthermore, most of the respondents leave the comments for asking question purpose which includes about the price, brand of products, venue, and their operation hours. On 1st November, many customers comment about the price of the Louis Vuitton Monogram Speedy 30 with Strap is cheaper comparing their buying at other shops. Due to those natural comments we assume as a positive comment because since they feel interest for the products then only they will wish to know the further information from Glampot. Besides that, many fans comment that the products offers by Glompot is high quality and value.

The bad comments are about some respondents feel disappointed about the event organized in Melaka that too far away from their hometown so cannot joint the event. Besides that, some of the people feel not too satisfies about the price for the products due to too high price for them. Furthermore, some of the respondents worry about the reality of the products that offer by Glampot whether the products are original or not some will ask the products are made from where although Glampot already mention they are only providing the authentic products.

2.25 Other features

There are many features of Facebook provides to the users, as mention before Glampot also used some of the features of Facebook to promote their products such Pinterest, Twitter and Instagram. Glampot provides these social media applications that help to increase the excellent services for customers. This helps increase the credibility and exposure rate of Glampot.

2.30 Parkson

2.31 Trend Analysis

The trend of the fans numbers of Parkson can be described as growing steadily because everyday their fans numbers is rising around 1 to 100 Fans. At the beginning of our study which on 17th October 2012, we founds that the fans numbers of Parkson were 81231. From 17th October 2012 until 7th November 2012, the trend growing steadily around 1 to 100 fans per day. But start from 8th to 9th November, the trend grows up to 100 fans, this is because the contest of ticket to Jennifer Lopez’s concert. For the last day we study was 10th November 2012, the number of Fans was 82936 fans.

2.32 Promotional Activity

2.32.1 Short-term sales promotion

Parkson has extreme discounts with existing brands at the unbelievable prices for the customers. The extreme warehouse sale starts from 17th until 31st October 2012. Besides that, “Promosi Jimat Hebat” is offering exclusive prices for home furniture by Parkson during the 24th October until 18th November; customers can collect 3x Bonus Link Points with any purchases and collect stamps for win the Grand prize of “The New iPad” and RM 100 Parkson Vouchers. Moreover, Parkson offers Bonus Link member’s Days Sales Exclusive nationwide from 25th October until 28th October, customers can collect 5X Bonus Link points for every transaction and get a free Parkson Discount Voucher when spend a minimum of RM 150 in a single receipt and RM 10 Parkson Discount Voucher.

Parkson has shop online promotion for the Bonus Link member from 24th October 2012 till 1st Jan 2013, members can enjoy benefits of collecting 500 BL Points for each account, free delivery within Malaysia and collect 3X BL Points when shop online. Furthermore, Parkson offers a promotion which wins Calvin Klein Encounter for the first three Parkson’s Facebook fans per day who prints out the visual and whisper “I Love Calvin Klein Encounter from 31st October till 5th November 2012.Besides that, a Parkson’s promotion which the customers purchased any JLO fragrances and have a chance win the ticket of Jennifer Lopez’s concert from 7th November till 18th November 2012.

Parkson offers the Holiday special from 10th November till 18th November 2012, which provides customers free RM 10 Discount Voucher and Deepavali Packets with the transaction of RM 150 above.At the same days, free RM 10 promotional voucher with every transaction of RM 100 from the cosmetics and fragrance department. On 9th November 2102 till 10th February 2103, Parkson runs the Shopperrific Shop2Win Contest. It’s offering up to RM 600,000 worth of prizes to be won, customers can get one entry for every RM 80 spent and answer 3 simple questions.

Most of the promotions are very response from the fans, this make them feel excited to join the promotions. Parkson is good at organizing a short-term promotion such as a contest, discount and voucher for the customers. This is very effective for these promotions. This creates awareness for the fans and interest about the free 500 BL Points

2.32.2 Publicity

Parkson posts information on 18th October that linked to the news about Chief Operating Officer (COO); Mr. Raymond talked about the 25 years evolution of Parkson stores with the The Star journalist. (Star Publications (M) Bhd, 2012), its obtain congratulation from customers or the 25th anniversary of Parkson. This helps to build up the reputation and awareness of Parkson too.

2.33 Types of Announcement

2.33.1 Product Announcement

Parkson announces that Triologie’s Wizard of Oz- Tin Woodman has arrived at Parkson Pavilion KL on 18th October. This is a unique collection with expect metallic finishes, gear appliqués, button details, cool foils and dresses with draped hems. In addition, Parkson announces the Burberry Body Rose Gold Eau DE Parfum in Limited Edition Rose Gold Design from 24th October until 30th October. The announcement for the responses of product announcement is weak due to unclear information, such as benefits of products. When the information is unclear, this is difficult to attract the fans to view it. Parkson should announce the new product with more detail information, like uses and benefits, the price range, certifications and recommendations. This will increase the confidence of customers too. (Five Basic Types of Announcement Releases: tips for generating news about your client organization, 2008)

2.33.2 Event Announcement

Parkson runs the BonusLink its Roadshow at gurney Plaza, Pinang from 18th until 21st October. There are lots of fun to be held, games and contests as well as Parkson On-The-Spot Redemption Fair with BonusLink. Besides that, the “Meets the Mascots” in specific areas and started from 20th October to 20th December. The announcements attract fans to join the events and very effective too. Most of the fans have a positive expectation about the events. These kinds of events encourage public participation to create the awareness of Parkson. (Five Basic Types of Announcement Releases: tips for generating news about your client organization, 2008)

2.33.3 Awards Announcement

Parkson announces winners of Promosi Jimat Hebat’s content. It’s published the winner’s list on 31st October. This includes The New iPad content and RM 100 Parkson gift voucher. Moreover, the result of the name list of Baby fair’s “My Favourite Moment” content has been announced on 1st November. This is a very effective way to send the messages to the winner via Facebook.

2.34 Good Comment and Bad Comment

For the positive comments of Parkson, many fans are very supporting the promotional activities of Parkson. Most of the fans comment that they gain a happy moment and fun shopping experiences in Parkson for the events and promotions. Besides that, fans also comment that quality merchandises offer by Parkson always high standard, such as having a nature and a good smell of cosmetics and fragrance.

The negative comments are fewer for Parkson, some of the customer complaints that some promotion or events only available in specific locations, this makes them feel disappointed for who lives in another area. This is a good feedback for Parkson and this shows that how are the events or promotion is effective.

2.35 Types of features

Parkson added photos to the album Blast into the Past (Parkson’s 25-Year Journey) from 25th October. Besides that, Parkson also posted the photo about Mother’s Day Celebration in 1997, Sesame Street to Subang Parade in 1999, Parkson Chinese New Year 1999.this builds up an awareness of customers with sharing the photo. Besides that, Parkson also shares a video from YouTube and post in the Facebook. This was about the Najib Razak attended Parkson 25th Anniversary Celebration Gala Night Dinner in Kuala Lumpur.

2.40 Metrojaya

2.41 Trend Analysis

The analysis starts from 17th October until 10th November 2012.The trend of the fans number of Metrojaya on the Facebook at the beginning is 6,454 while until the end day is 6,633 people like the pages. The trend of the fan’s number shows slightly increases around 1 until 20 fans per day during the analysis period. Based on the graph, Metrojaya is less popular in Malaysia.

2.42 Types of Promotion

2.42.1 Short-term sales promotion

The promotional activities available start 15th October 2012 is Metrojaya Anniversary 36 years of the style sale. The fans can have a chance to obtain RM20 promotional voucher with every RM150 above.The promotion posted on the website which is Metrojaya encourage shopper to renew or sign up the member card during 25th October till 25th November to gain free present for the first 1000 customers, 2 years at RM20 and 3 year for free and chance to win the gift voucher.Metrojaya organizes sales about a living quarter homes fair @ The Weld Concourse LG floor starts on 29th November and end on 2nd November 2012. The customer can save up to 70% for selected merchandise. Furthermore, customers have the opportunity get the great offers from Laura Ashley Warehouse Sale from 7th November to 20th November. When purchasing above RM300 in a single receipt with the Maybank Credit card will obtain the free RM30 Metrojaya gift voucher and just limited to the first 100 card member only. Besides that, they have an opportunity get the free heart shape pillow when spend RM200 and above

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