The Low Involvement Product Marketing Essay


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In the current easy we will described the high involvement product - a good food, and the low involvement product - a household cleaning product. The good food can be considered a high involvement product because it is extremely important to ensure that a person eats healthy food. When I choose the food, I am able to choose only after long and careful consideration what product will be the most essential. Important purchases require more time, attention and efforts.

Low involvement product is a household cleaning product, because there is no need to pay a lot of attention to what I am buying. To the low involvement products there is not paid a lot of attention, because people know the specifics of what they have already bought and that the condition of the low involvement product is not so important. This product is not vital, as to buy it is a every month routine. As a rule, when a person considers buying the low involvement product, he does not pay a lot of attention to it, he just takes it and pays for it. For a person the low involvement product is not important or vital, it is just a basic need that does not require the additional attentions and a lot of time to think.

The differences between the ways I went through the purchase decision processes for the two products. When choosing the high involvement product - good food, I have devoted all my attention and knowledge to choose it. As a fact, when buying the good food, I was highly involved in the purchase, as there were significant differences between brands. I had to choose the food carefully, because I know that this product is vital for me and very important for my family. Spending extra time on choosing it, was worth it, because I was able to choose the newest product, see the "best before" date, see the quality and choose the best price among the different amounts of it. Choosing the good food is a complex task.

When choosing the low involvement product- a household cleaning product, I have chosen it and did not think about outcome, as I was familiar with this product and decided to buy it, as I have been doing this for years. When visiting the supermarket, I have made a list of what I had to buy. With the help of the list, I was able not to forget about each thing I need, even if it is basic. Choosing the household cleaning product was easy, as I have done it for many times and I like its quality and price. All in all, low involvement products, as a rule, do not have complications or cause any problems. IT is easy to choose them and to buy them.

Being the marketer of both of the two products, it will be essential to explain the understanding of the Model of Consumer Buying Behavior for the two products.

Under the purchasing behavior (including buyer behavior, consumer behavior), it refers to the behavior of the buyer regarding the sale of goods. The behavior of the sale of goods, from the purchase planning, purchase negotiation, makes the purchase; to post-purchase behavior is highly variable. According to Marketing strategy (2010), the buying behavior among merchants that also do business with the solicitation of offers and / or long negotiations and possibly also in buying bodies, is connected, and sometimes differs significantly from the purchasing behavior of non-traders, be they government agencies, often on the basis of tenders to decide, or whether they are consumers with very different behavior patterns. More generally, however, characterizing the concept of consumer behavior is encompassing all the individual actions can be associated with the purchase or consumption of economic goods observed, according to Business plans and marketing strategy (2010).

As a fact, the post purchase behavior is much more active of those, who purchased the high involvement goods. The behavior models are reflected in the purchasing of low involvement and high involvement goods. The first model, the stimulus-response model (RS model), comes from the early behaviorism, which is located in the black box model of psychology as a basis. It is greatly simplified in a direct link between a stimulus and the response, which is, therefore, a cause-effect relationship. This model was then extended in meaning by the Environmental neo behaviorists of psychological behavioral model, and the SOR paradigm for the "human factor", the organism, according to Marketing strategy (2010). This particular extension is often expressed through the intervening variable. It is admitted that an individual and his personality through his many influences and environment, has been characterized. This was manifested in the individual environmental study, and must be targeted in order to be effective again ultimately affecting behavior.

There are distinguished four classic types of purchasing behavior: extensive buying behavior, real purchasing decisions, cognitive participation and information needs are great, and the decision-making takes a long time; These are mostly high-quality, durable goods; habitual buying behavior. Habitual behavior, the search for alternatives is to be avoided, not responding to stimuli practically and this was included primarily to consumer goods; limited purchasing behavior; a limited selection of products, without favoritism; impulsive buying behavior; spontaneous affective reactions at the point of sale.

In addition, a fifth special type of purchasing behavior is known:

Variety-seeking consumer behavior - this can be related to the high involvement goods. It is considered rare, because it has unclear transitions, because the change request often results in "impulsive", so in some ways it is not "real". This classification of purchasing behavior is not analogous transfer on the consumer as a whole. A decision maker could be forced by external circumstances, in a very short time to make choices, as can also happen in the case of purchasing high involvement goods, such as good food.

The determinants of the consumer's behavior have intrapersonal or psychological factors and interpersonal and social factors influencing the decisions. In case with the low involvement goods- household cleaning product it can be seen, that a person, having chosen the appropriate product thanks to the effective commercial and true results, does not want even think about any other product and spend his time of doing research in the low involvement products, as the particular household cleaning product meets all the requirements, according to Business plans and marketing strategy (2010).

All in all, marketing influences the personal decisions a lot, as people who take into consideration the useful advertisements, in future choose the low involvement goods automatically. And considering the high involvement goods, in this case there will always be certain preferences and the commercials not always will be able to influence effectively on the choice of a customer. Some people can not be influenced by the marketing and promotion of the goods.

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