The Indian Catering Companies In London Marketing Essay

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There is a considerable Indian immigrant population in London. Many of the immigrants have been settled here for generations. Their weddings and other Indian traditional festivals and celebrations are held here in the Indian community. This has created a major opportunity for the Indian catering companies to serve the needs of the Indian population here.

Apart from the traditional occasions of celebration, several large Indian companies are also established in London, employing a substantial number of Indian people. These companies also make use of the Indian catering service providers for any corporate events, shows or parties that they hold for their staff or their clients and associates.

In addition to these catering requirements for Indian food, there is a huge and growing market for the authentic Indian food among the native population of UK. The popularity of Indian food is increasing all across the country, leading to more and more Indian catering services, restaurant chains, and standalone eating joints coming up in various areas within the country.

The best part about the Indian cuisine is its wide variety because of the major regional distinctions in Indian food. The North Indian cuisine is vastly different from the South Indian cuisine, for instance. Due to religious reasons, some Indians are pure vegetarians, and there are major varieties available in pure vegetarian cuisine. Similarly, for other people there is the highly popular Mughlai cuisine that is known for its lamb, mutton and chicken based dishes.

The Indian catering companies have professionalized to a level where now they are providing services at top notch hotels and other high-end venues across the UK. Guests enjoy the Indian cuisine thoroughly, and that is encouraging many top international caterers to include Indian food as a part of their menu.

The following is a list of some of the prominent areas in London where Indian catering companies are enjoying good business:


The "Indian Bites" catering company in Harrow has positioned itself as a top quality caterer of exclusive Indian vegetarian food. This caterer provides premium quality of food and excellent service for a variety of occasions such as weddings, birthday parties, and corporate events. The caterer has also launched its new "readymade food" service to cater to the requirements of office goers and other people who want to receive cooked and ready food in the comfort of their own home.


Masala Rasoi Ltd. is one of the leading Indian catering companies in this area. The company was established in 2002, and since then it has created a wonderful reputation for itself in the area as a top quality catering service. It offers a customized Indian cuisine catering service to corporate offices, tailoring their offer to match with the client's budget. The prices are competitive and the quality of food is of a very high standard.


The Tulsi Restaurant in Brent has positioned itself as a top quality Indian Wedding Caterer in the area for vegetarian food. The caterer's specialty item is its Gujarati "thali" that is highly popular for weddings and other occasions. The thali consists of a range of food items, and also includes sweets and sour pickles. The restaurants also serves alcoholic drinks throughout its open hours.


Laguna Catering Services and Laguna Restaurant and Banquet were established in Ealing about three decades ago. Today it is regarded as one of the top event catering services in the area. It offers an exceptional quality of Indian food, and very personalized customer service for its guests. The company is an approved caterer for renowned hotel chains such as Radisson, Hilton, Holiday Inn, and the Marriott. Its banquet services are also popular for holding various corporate and personal events and parties.


The Babur Indian Takeaway service in this area is a popular Indian food caterer. The place also provides good quality of catering services for gatherings of up to a hundred guests.


One of the famous Indian restaurants in Newham is "Muskaan." The guests instantly feel welcome at this place with its impeccable decor and trendy furnishings. Some of the exotic items on the menu of Muskaan include the Roasted Duck and the spicy Masala Gosht. The place also serves a lunch buffet at very affordable prices from Monday to Thursday. Free home delivery service is also available at this place for the local residents of the area.


Sipson Tandoori is a famous Indian catering company in the area that promises the finest cuisine, great ambience and friendly customer service to the visitors. The place offers clean and spacious interiors, comfortable air-conditioning, and exquisite decor and lighting. The place also has a licensed bar. The restaurant enjoys a great reputation among its clients, and it has also been recognized by the British Curry Awards as one of the top hundred Indian restaurants in the UK.


The Saffron House at Barnet is an exclusive Indian catering company offering authentic Indian food and services for weddings, parties, corporate events, and other celebrations. Over the last few years, the company has quickly emerged as one of the finest Indian catering companies in the city. The company also provides catering services to some of the best hotels and venues in London, and boasts of a prestigious client list.


The Mirch Masala restaurant in Croydon is famous for its it hot and spicy authentic Indian cuisine. The chain has become popular with several restaurants around the country. For its high quality catering services, Mirch Masala has also received a number of national and local recognitions and awards, including a listing in the "Top 100 Restaurants of UK" in 2003 by the Evening Standard.


Omi's Restaurant in Southall is one of the popular Indian catering companies. The USP of the company is that it keeps on adding new and innovative items to its menu so that the patrons can enjoy new varieties every time they visit the place. The restaurant brings its recipes from many different locations in India in order to provide a taste of the authentic Indian food and exotic varieties to its clients in Southall.

Kings Road

Ajanta Caterers in this area is recognized for its commitment to quality and efficient service. It provides catering services for individual clients as well as for big wedding parties. The company takes pride in the loyalty of

its clients who vouch for the authentic taste of its offerings.


A small but hugely popular Indian restaurant in Wandsworth is "The Chutney" restaurant. It is located near the Wandsworth Town Station, and is known for its contemporary Indian menu and a very friendly service.