The Developing Hospitality Properties And Facilities Marketing Essay

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The concept of our hotel revolves around the theme 'SPORTS'. We have decided to build an 'ALL SPORTS HOTEL' in the Cardiff bay area near the millennium stadium, which would be completely focussed on the sports oriented market, for the people who have a niche for sports. Our vision is to amuse and dazzle sports fans.

This piece of work revolves around the possibility and feasibility of a contemporary hotel concept in the Cardiff Bay area. We would be discussing what is the possibility of building a concept hotel in a desired location and will the concept be able to generate revenue and profit? How the facilities provided by the hotel will attract and how it will satisfy the target customers?


Main aims of this piece of work are to -

Justify the hotel concept and which customer markets it is designed to attract.

Illustrate and justify the exact location of your proposed hotel concept.

Justify front office services and bedroom facilities appropriate to the customer markets and concept.


According to Ransley and Ingram (2000, 2004) to design/develop a hotel idea we firstly need to keep some basic things in mind:






Any development procedure usually starts with a idea, normally conceived by an individual or resulting of a combined group's investigation of a challenge or recognition of a prospect. So what constitutes a concept? The concise Oxford Dictionary of Current English (1996:274) defines the word concept as:

General notion.

An abstract idea.

The derivation comes from the Latin, and, more chiefly the French word 'concevoir', meaning to put together in the mind or imagine a plan or a idea. For our purposes a hospitality concept/idea could be defined as:

'An idea with definition and identity that defines an image'

A Concept must have characteristics of a for profit nature. In hospitality a 'concept' normally consists of a service conveyed in a purposely-designed possession, whose excellence, ambience, facility style and content, sustained by a particular process and administration in a particular place to settle on price and classify the product.

As mentioned in, The Hospitality Concept (Lundberg and walker, 1993), a concept is considered while keeping these features in mind -

Company strategy: Product style, brand name and potential development strategies.

Concept/Idea: Purpose and market orientation.

Location: Types of premises, surroundings and limitations.

Function: Space handling, seating facility and functioning needs.

Aesthetics: Style/Technique, quality and design.

Financial plan: Investment criterion, benefits, funding and capital.

Business: Plan - planned life series and future prospects and changes..

Logistics: Important dates, phases and suppliers & contractors

As Rutes et al. (1985) remark:

"Perhaps the most basic difficulty for the neophyte hotel designer is learning that hotel operation must earn a profit out of its building... In a hotel you are both leasing to the public every night and catering to their every need. Therefore, rather than a monument or more rental space, a hotel must provide a total living environment, with all the needed multicomplex functions and activities"

Our concept is to build an 'ALL SPORTS HOTEL' in the Cardiff bay area near the millennium stadium as Cardiff is a major tourist destination for all the age groups and in 2012 Olympics some of the major football matches and other events would be organised in Cardiff which can attract a fare amount of tourist/customers to the hotel, as sports tourism is still to be explored in Cardiff.

Our concept revolves around the word and world of 'SPORTS'. It would be designed in such a manner that it looks like stadium. It would be a 4 floor hotel with 120 en-suites; the room would cost 60 pounds per night and even higher for the exclusively designed rooms. Students & university players would get special discount on bookings. It will be designed to give a complete feel-at-home and sporty feel to the customer. It would consist of:

4 floors - Each floor with 30 en-suites, each floor based on a particular sport theme like cricket & football and one floor would be for personalised sports theme where a guest can inform the hotel in advance about the sport he would prefer which is not currently in the hotel catalogue. one floor would be for renowned sports players and legends, with all the major amenities and services dedicated towards the sporty mind of the customer.

4 sections - Cricket, football, Sports theme based bar and restaurants, and sports ground where the customers can even play their favourite sports and enjoy their stay at THE ALL SPORTS HOTEL.

120 en-suite bedrooms - Each room will have personalised sports theme. For e.g.; on the football theme based floor a customer wish to stay in a Manchester United Room, the bedroom would consist of personalised beddings, linen, equipments and from floorings till the bathroom the customer will feel Manchesterly United.

2 sports museums - dedicated to cricket and football, which are few of the most watched and religiously followed sports in England.

Olympic size swimming pools - Professional trainers, stadium like surroundings, both hot and cold spring.

Spa-gymnasium - Customer relaxation and even 'stay-fit-on-holidays' policy.

Restaurants/Bars - Sports theme based bars and restaurants where customers can meet like minded beings and can discuss about their favourite sports and sportsmen.

Sports Grounds - Grounds where customers can play their favourite sports such as cricket, football, lawn tennis etc, and can make new friends and have a lifetime experience at THE ALL SPORTS HOTEL.

Big and Lavish Lobbies - Theme based lobbies, sportly designed, feel-like-a-legend atmosphere.

Theatres - Customers can either request for a special/favourite match of their sport or can watch the current matches going on internationally and can support their favourite sports and teams at betting counters.


According to our personal views:

"Anyone-Anywhere in the whole world cannot feel young & vibrant and survive until there is no sportsman spirit and a zest for sports strive in them"

The hotel is designed to target customers of each and every age-group as the zest for sports never elopes, everyone-anywhere loves a particular sport, supports a particular team. The hotel would sponsor major sports events in Cardiff and will also sponsor some major sports associations of England so that sports tourism increases in the area and it will attract more customers. It would entertain all the age groups including children, adults and senior citizens. It would have something for everybody as the zest for sports never dies. This hotel would be exclusive as it will have a unique all sports bar , sports lobby and even a museum at the basement. It would be a piece of attraction for every class of society and would gain popularity very soon.


It will be located near the Cardiff bay area, near the millennium stadium and few miles away from Cardiff City Stadium and Cardiff City Football Club. We chose this location because Cardiff bay area is a major tourist attraction of Wales, UK. As some sports events are scheduled in Cardiff in Olympic 2012, the hotel will attract more sport lovers. Cardiff is also famous for water sports i.e. it has facilities for river rafting (the only one in UK) and Cardiff International White Water (CIWW) is organised every year like Cardiff International Paddle Fest, Rock 'N' Raft, Premium Slalom etc. There are plenty of restaurants in that area but no theme hotels, our hotel will be very unique in its class, hence attracting more tourists therefore, more profit. The hotel is located in walking distance from the city centre and the Cardiff castle which would attract heritage tourists also. Train stations are also very near to the hotel. And last but not the least; National Museum of Cardiff is also easily accessible.


ALL SPORTS HOTEL front office would be an elite area as its lobby would give a sporty look to people. All the staff would be very friendly and dressed in sporty attire. It would provide special room services to people. For ex-if somebody loves tennis then the front office staff would coordinate with housekeeping and the ambience of room would be changed accordingly. It would always give special services like sports club card to its regular customers to make them feel superior. There would be plenty of sporty accessories available at the front office for the customers. It would also deal with the availability of tickets for various sports matches in that local area, so that it would be easier for customers to book their tickets in advance. Any customer who would check-in with sport clothing's would be given an additional discount and some elite services free of cost.


ALL SPORTS HOTEL bedrooms would be the foremost attraction for its customers. There would be special rooms for every sport and major clubs involved in the sports. For ex-Manchester united room, this would have all the man united pillows, bedsheets and curtains to give special feel to its supporters. All the floor and walls be designed according to the sports. Each bedroom would have a video library having all the historical matches of that particular game. Pictures of the best players would be painted on the walls to make room look more appealing. Unlike other hotels there would be big screens in the bathrooms and even all the glasses and lights would have game logo on them.


Developing hospitality properties and facilities 2nd edition by Josef Ransley and Hadyn Ingram.

Midland Hotel, Manchester. A railway hotel (Courtesy The Paramount Hotel Group) Case Study in the above mentioned book.

We studied few case studies mentioned in the book DEVELOPING HOSPITALITY PROPERTIES & FACILITIES by JOSEF RANSLEY & HADYN INGRAM which helped us in understanding the concept more clearly.