The Company Mission Statement Marketing Essay

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McDonalds has been a renowned brand that has displayed a considerable strength and position in the global food market. What is appealing about McDonalds is that it caters to both international and local cultures making it a diversified brand which entices its customers. Over the years, its brand reputation and image name have remained strong and it was recognized as one of the companies with the most recognized logos all over the globe. It also has an attractive communication objective as the company aims to make customers feel the satisfaction by exceeding their physical needs and expectations with the companies affordable, fast and convenient services. Its lifetime goal is to make every customer aware of what the magic "M" stands for and feeling their company slogan of "I'm loving It". It strengthens the companies' creative theme as people associate the golden M with fun, leisure and relaxation as they enjoy a small gathering with their family and loved ones.


What guides the employees of McDonalds is its shared values and belief which shape their mission statement. The mission statement is what set's the existence or purpose of being of an organization. The McDonalds brand mission is "to be the customers preferred place and way to eat". Their global operations are aligned with their strategy called the Plan to Win whose objective was not just to be the biggest food chain in the world, but rather, the BEST that the world has ever experienced. In order to make this possible, they have centered their customer experience in the 5 P's mainly - Price, Promotion, Place, Products and People (McDonalds, n.d).

According Pperreault (1998), the objective of an organization should be able to guide managers as they prepare to search and evaluate opportunities that would later be used for the company's marketing strategies. They also added that the marketing objectives are set in the framework of the organization's objective. This is what makes the mission statement of McDonald's strong. Their mission and vision is what shapes their marketing strategies, particularly their marketing mix called "Play it to Win", which has yielded favorable results to the organization.


What is unique about the McDonalds brand is that it caters to each target market and has a strong reputation that is impossible to forget. For example, they have a variety of food selections that is applicable to children, teens and even older adults. For kids, they have created happy meals wherein they get to choose their favorite McDonald meal that comes with a free toy. For a busy teenage, the ideal meal is a combo meal to go that is complete with a burger, fries and coke. For older adults who like to dine and chat a while, they can either have the more sophisticated meals that come with desserts. This is probably the reason why they are powerful in the food market. Their service is fast, their crew is accommodating, their food is delicious and the place, just what they want customers to feel, is a fun and enjoyable place to be.


The reason why revolutionary products have failed is because of their inability to create a perception that would entice their customers. The McDonald's brand has been globally known to be the brand that has captured the hearts of many of its customers and was able to maintain a strong brand reputation over the years. It has targeted three unique market segments. First is a family with children. McDonalds, for this market segment is a place to treat children in order to let them have fun and create awesome childhood memories. Second target markets are urban customers who are always on the move. McDonalds, for this market segment, should be a place where they can grab a delicious bite to eat without affecting their busy schedules. The third market segments are teenagers where McDonalds for them should be an affordable hang-out with friends.


According to Pperreault (1998), both the company objective and marketing objective should be achievable and more importantly, realistic. This is what makes the promotional strategy of McDonalds effective since their company objective is in line with their marketing strategy they have created a marketing mix which has enabled them to build their brand name.

To promote the McDonalds brand, their marketing strategy revolved around the 5 P's - Price, Promotion, Place, Product and People. The goal of the Price strategy was to make the McDonalds products affordable to everyone whether they are dining for breakfast, lunch or dinner. They have a wide selection of food, such as happy meal for kids, special breakfast sandwiches and combo meals which is affordable to every customer. The second aspect of their marketing brand campaign focuses solely on promotion. They have employed several slogans such as "Food, Folks and Fun", "We love to see you smile", "It's a good time for the Great Taste of McDonald's" and the most recent and most popular the 'I'm Loving It" slogan. These slogans have made a strong mark on its customers and it has made the brand difficult to forget since every time they think of a place wherein they would enjoy eating the food they love, they visit only McDonalds.

The third and most important aspect of the promotion strategy is the Place because its numerous locations around the globe has enabled them to reach 52 million customers which led them to become the global leader in the fast-food industry. The products of McDonalds are also what promotes the brand since they offer a variety which meets the satisfaction level of its customers. Lastly, the most unique aspect included in their marketing mix is People as they make sure that both their employees and customers are happy. They focus on both internal and external marketing since they strongly believe that employees should feel appreciated, valued and respected so that they will be able to return the same towards their customers. McDonalds believes that everyone, employees and customers, should be equally happy.