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The Challenges In Promoting The Product Marketing Essay

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5/12/16 Marketing Reference this

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I have done a marketing promotion and sales on the product, which is Cream de Cheek, that come under the brand Majolica Majorca. Then, Majolica Majorca is a brand that come under the Japan cosmetics company ̶ Shiseido Co. Ltd. Majolica Majorca was set up in 2003, it offers a lot of make-up products that main target on the young make-up lovers and trend-setter. Cream de Cheek is a new launch liquid blusher product, which focus on young fashion women as well. The mainly make-up point of the product is young and natural looking. Besides, it leaves no sticky feeling, preserves a long-lasting color and provides treatment effect to moisturize dry-prone cheeks. Two colors of Cream de Cheek are provided until now, which are “Coral Cream” and “Shell Pink Cream”. (Majolica, xxxx)

Marketing can be defined as the process by the companies to build value and relationship with customers for the purpose of capture value from customers in return (marketing an introduction, 2011). Companies can plan and execute their marketing strategies based on five different concepts, which are production, product, selling, marketing and societal marketing concepts. In my opinion, Majolica Majorca used the concept of marketing concept, which accomplishes the goals of the company by giving desired satisfactions to the target audiences with deliver what they wants and needs. The reason of my opinion is, Majolica Majorca launched the products that are needed by its target markets which focus on the fashion and young make-up lovers; Cream de Cheek is a good example.


The Challenges in promoting the product

Base on my sales experience, when I am promoting the product in Watson at Kuala Lumpur City Centre (KLCC), the challenges are there are so many others brand of blusher product that competing with, also some of the customers are brand loyal to the other brand which made it more difficult to promote to them, and some of them not even bother to listen. Besides, some of the customers said that they are more prefer to powder blusher instead of liquid blusher, the reason behind is even though liquid blusher is long-lasting, but it takes longer time to perfectly applied on the cheek. According to some of the customers that we had conducted, the pricing of the product is too expensive to them compare with the some of the other brand, although RM5 vouchers are provided; whereas some of customer is more prefer to well-known brand blusher which is more expensive. Language is also one of the challenges, I personally prefer to communicate with Chinese which is the one that I most confidence with, however, most of the customers are using Cantonese, English and Malay as their main language which I cannot talk fluently with, and so cannot specifically deliver what I want to say. In addition, the Majolica Majorca booth in the Watson at KLCC also not a very place, because the customers usually turn to the other ways before come to our booth after they finished looking at the first few booths. Toward the end, our group just barely manages to sell one bottle of the product to a single customer among all of the customers that we conduct with.

Importance of Marketing Promotion

The definition of promotion is advertising or publicity of a product, idea, or proposal to influence the public toward buying a product or service (ward, 2012). Companies can use promotion mix which includes of advertising, sales promotion, personal selling, public relation (PR), and direct marketing as the tools for the companies to establish customer value and relationships. However, because of changing marketing communications today, the companies now also need to carefully integrate their marketing communication tools.

The importance of the marketing promotion to the product is creating awareness of the product and gives the knowledge of the product to the customers in order to obtain a favorable sale, as well as acquiring substantial publicity and building company’s good will through creating favor relationship with the company’s differences publics.

By the campaign of the Majolica Majorca, it has firstly created the awareness of the brand and product to us, which is also part of their target and potential customers. After that, the campaign had also created the awareness of the product by the effect of the word-of-mouth which after we have a deeper knowledge to the brand and product through the activities and events that we had done, such as upload poster on the, design and execute a promotion plan for the product, as well as the sales and promotion of the product in the Watson store.

As conclusion, the activities and events that had been done by us have increased the awareness as well as the knowledge of the product to more customers, and create a favor relationship between the customers and the brand. At the end of the campaign, we have also generated quite a number of sales of the product.

Marketing Mixes

Marketing mix is a conceptual framework that used to determine the principal decision making and make offers that are suitable for the consumers’ needs. Marketing mix consists of 4 main things: product, price, place and promotion, which is also well-known as “the 4Ps” ( ). However, because of the fast changing marketing environment which made it became more sophisticated, then further 3Ps had been added, which are people, process and physical evidence.

The importance of marketing mixes is to ensure the successfulness of marketing by answering the key issues, which includes what product should the company produce; how much it need to be charged; how to deliver it to the customers; and how to tell customers about it ( ).

Product simply means the combination of goods and services that a company offers to its target audiences. Firstly, it must offer value for the customers but it is not necessary to be tangible (goods). Then, the product must be the right product that meets the needs of the customers. Initially, it consists of introducing new products or improving the existing products. In the case of Majolica Majorca, it is introducing a new product, the liquid blusher ̶ Cream de Cheek to its target audiences.

Price is value of the product that has to be paid so as to get the product. Pricing of the product must be reasonable and competitive in the marketplace, so that can capture as more customers as possible. However, this is not necessarily the cheapest one, but is the price that customers feel worth to buy it. Basically, customers will expect there is a positive relationship between the quality of the product and the price that been charged. Use Cream de Cheek as an example, based on my experience in promoting this product in Watson, its pricing is not that competitive compare with the others blusher, as some customers so give such feedback to us.

Place involves of the company channel that allow the product available to the target audiences (Armstrong & Kotler, 2011). This can be done by using various ways, like retailers, wholesalers and internet (Lin). The place that the product is available must be adequate and convenient for the customer. Based on my experience that sells Cream de Cheek at KLCC Watson, it was quite a good place as KLCC is the center city, so there got crowd of people that shopping around there, and the possibility of buying the product will be comparative higher. Furthermore, just concern about Watson alone, it is one of the popular place in Malaysia when people think off buying cosmetic products.

The meaning of promotion is the methods that used to communicating the forte of the product and convince the target audience to buy it (Armstrong & Kotler, 2011). The methods include activities such as advertising, PR, special offers and others. A good promotion consists of two-ways communication which is promoting and also feedback from the customers. Besides, promotion should convey the advantages that the customers can acquire from the product, and not only the characteristics of it (importance journal). When I am promoting the Cream de Cheek in Watson, some of the customers that we conduct with did give us some feedback such as the unsuitable price of the product, and we did succeed in sold out one bottle of the product by convince one of the customer by the benefits that she can get from the product.


In conclusion, marketing mix is a very powerful tool for building a strong position in the target market through the 4 main components, product, price, place and promotion in making marketing decisions. Decisions cannot be made on one element of the marketing mix without considering its impact on other elements (Low and Kok, 1997). Therefore, the marketing mix is a set of tactical marketing tools that cannot be separated in a marketing program to get the right response from the target market.

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