Small Business Customers Loyalty Problem To Ecommerce Sellers Marketing Essay

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As it was mentioned earlier the aim of this research was to examine small business customers' loyalty problem among computer technology e-commerce sellers. For this purpose it is necessary to compare results of the carried out research with a theoretical part. Such analysis could show trustworthy of hypothesis.

As you see the majority of respondents use online services from time to time it speaks about obvious popularity of e-commerce. Lesser amount of respondents use e-commerce every time they need to buy hardware it shoes that not so many people use e-commerce as consistent way of purchasing.

The other twelve respondents use e-commerce when can't find appropriate equipment that revile true advantage of huge variety of choice in e-commerce comparing with traditional shops.

As you can notice from chart 2 majority of respondent shop online because of it low prices rather than time saving. It means that absence of cost stoking defiantly benefits online hardware distributers than traditional Pc's shops where prices are higher due to goods stoking. As you see from previous chart majority respondents can't find appropriate goods for their needs. Second largest segment shows, that online distributers have more multiplicity of products. Only few people admitted that time saving is important to them.

According to information provided by chart number 3 clearly indicates that inhabitants of Ireland are quite happy with the characteristic of the goods which is provided by online distributer. In this way product information would be a factor which affects customers' loyalty in Ireland.

The fourth chart shows majority of respondents who pay attention to quality of website design while making purchases online. From this we can consider that such things like design, animation and visualization of website are actually influence consumer in purchasing goods. There are also people who not paying attention to the way in which website is designed.

As previously were said in literature review there are some problems concerning e-commerce such as luck of trust and fear that goods won't be delivered and things get worse if individuals are dealing with foreign company without head office in their country or be monitored by hacker or cracker while paying for purchases. In reality the picture differs from theory, majority of respondents are not worried about breach of security while making purchases.

The secondary research says that website can have all kinds of great attractions, but if the customer or visitors don't know how to access it target, they'll just collect dust on the server. Worse yet, if customers find your site's navigation confusing or convoluted, they'll simply give up and head off to explore the rest of the Web and never return. The primary research totally confirms that opinion as the majority of respondents answered "Yes".

As you can notice from the pie chart number six majority of respondents use credit card and it is obviously why: payment for the goods is convenient and immediate. You make payment directly from the item listing page or email with notification and your payment is secure as well. You are not interacting with the seller so payment is processed without the seller ever seeing your credit card number. The seller receives email notification of your payment. Payment is traceable so you can track the status of your payment using your credit card account. Your credit card company may provide a certain level of purchase protection.

In second largest segment you can see that majority people chosen electronic wallet because of Payment is also traceable. You can track the status of your payment, for example if you use PayPal (PayPal is the preferable payment method among eBay buyers and sellers) then you actually can track the status of your payment by PayPal account. Payment for items is convenient and immediate same as with credit card. You pay right from the item listing page and your payment is deposited directly into the seller's account and you don't have to use a credit card. You can transfer money directly from your bank account to your PayPal account. This was main factors for people when they chose these payment methods.

As you see the majority of respondents will leave preferred website if find better offer. As it already mention in second chart people preferred lower prices. But still there is group of people for whom low price is not the main indicator of loyalty.

As we all known a brand is an important part of a product and branding ads value to the product. Even in e-commerce brand awareness reviles that customers don't buy attributes they, buy benefits. Brand names could increase e-commerce online distributer efficiency. Customers usually chose well known brand names even if the no brand product is usually lower by 30 %. Usually they suspect that lower price product is made possibly from lower quality material. It is a special important in e-commerce where customers don't have opportunity to physically verify product and that I why they usually prefer well known brand rather than non brand product. But still there is group of customers which prefer non brand product because of the low price.

Respondent's gender and age groups are presented in chart 9 and 10. Mainly it gives perception about general public which buy goods from online hardware distributers Age of respondents was mainly varying from 18-60, however the majority of respondents was in age gap between 34-41.

The research determined e-commerce main problems concerning loyalty problem and actuality of those problems in Ireland. Also the factors that impact on whether customers make online purchases or not. In theory the problems where based on lack of security, poor website practicality, and quality of visual design, description of the products and brand awareness. The largest obstacle for online shopping was non branded goods and distributers' competitiveness and the largest benefit of shopping online was the low price and goods multiplicity. Several factors show current situation about security and information correctness among costumers which happens to be not so problematic at all. From all that we can conclude that all distributers have successively managing these problems.