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Secret Of Coca Cola Success Marketing Essay

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5/12/16 Marketing Reference this

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According to Myers (1999) Changing consumer behavior and perceptions is not easy. In addition, it is also very hard to convince customers to change and believe in a new attitude and purchasing behavior. Likewise, advertising can create consumer demand, but it not only objective of advertising. To reach objective, Advertising has to convince and get into customer mind and lead to buy or use product and service. . This marketing process might take a long time for changing consumer’s perception and thinking to purchasing the product.

Coca-Cola advertisement was an important role in successful business ventures. Coca-Cola always keeps the product on public eyes by creating brand awareness for over a hundred year. Coke’s company continuous promoted their product by several of marketing communication mix from first Coca-cola print advertisement which published in 1895 featuring a young Bostonian actress named Hilda Clark who was the company spokesperson until now and also in the future. However, the most influential Coca-Cola’s advertising was TV commercial. They continual launched TV commercial since 1954 until the present time to remind customer brand recognition and emphasize that they are original Cola in the world. Many famous Coke’s advertising in customer’s memories such as ‘I’d like to buy the world a Coke’ in 1971, ‘Polar Bear’ in 1993 and ‘Snowflake’ in 1999.

Not only various kind of marketing support that push forward Coke’s brand to the global market for a hundred year but also a huge amount of advertising budget which Coca-Cola continuous spending on advertisements too. There are report shows that advertising expense for the total worldwide spent on internet, radio, print ads and TV advertising included in advertising expense and general expense were approximately: (The Coca-Cola Company, 2006-2010)


Coca-Cola’s Slogan

Slogan is one of the important marketing tools to support characteristic for product to be outstanding and well known. Coke use slogan to remind customer cognitive to thinking about Coke in every advertisement. The first slogan of Coca-cola was short and easy to remember such as First slogan “Drink Coca-Cola” in 1886. After that Coca-Cola’s slogan become more variable compare to the old slogans that were created by Candler. For example “Coke means Coca-cola “in 1945, “Coke adds life” in 1976 and ‘Always Coca-Cola’ in 1993, these short slogans reminded customer that Coke is an original Cola. Another example of famous Coke’s slogan was ‘The Coke side of life in 2006 and Open Happiness in 2009. This slogan which used in advertising campaigns can interpreted that people have happiness and enjoyable time while drinking Coke.

Coca – Cola target market and market share

Coca-Cola’s advertisements mostly target on teenager and young generations. Because Coca-cola aims their product represent with youth and high energy people. On the other hand, later, Coke’s advertisement it’s changed their target market to ‘Coke for all’ or ‘Coke for everyone’ shows that not only the young generation are the their target group of Coca-Cola but everyone also is its target.

In the early period, Coca-Cola was first introduced in 1886; there were not many competitors in carbonated soft drink market. In contrast, until 1898, Pepsi was jumped to the carbonated soft drink market and aim the same target market as Coca- Cola. The competition between two rivalries of Cola market was intensely which made them tries hard to promote their product though advertising as much as possible.

Sicher (2010), made a top-ten chart of carbonated soft drink (CSD) ranking by market share between the year 2008-2009 which is show below

Table 1: Top 10 CSD Companies and Brands for 2009


It is showed in the table that Coca-Cola (2009) had a 41.9 % leader of carbonated soft drink market share and followed by Pepsi (2009) with 29.9%, which was the main competitors company. It was illustrated that long-term rivals PepsiCo and Coca-Cola were only two main candidates in carbonated soft drink.

The table also showed that both market share of Coca-Cola and Pepsi had slightly decreased because people have more health concerned. They had more information that carbonated drink was not good for their health so they switch to functional drink, fruit juice and energy drink etc instead.


Advertising seems like a superb weapon for introducing products to the target audience. It can stimulate and convince customers to make purchasing decision. Despite, it very difficult to identify which advertisements sells products since consumer behavior is unpredictable. But for Coke’s company was promoted by advertising to be one of the most famous brand in the world. Most of the achievement was based on a hundred year of advertising history. That is no doubt that why Coca-Cola continuous spending more than a billion dollar on advertising. Coca-cola who was market leader in carbonated soft drink successful introduces their product by launching TV commercials to attract all type of audience. Magic of advertising helps Coca-Cola brand remain in consumer’s mind and creates create brand royalty in the long term as well. Therefore, advertising was the main factor contributing to Coca-Cola’s success

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