Over View Of The Company Masood Textile Mills Marketing Essay

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The masood textile mills is the Pakistan largest vertically knitwear producing firm in the Pakistan possessing complete in house process including spinning, weaving knitting and apparel manufacturing to be vertical provide MTM a complete edge to briskly times, better control and flexibility in operation to yield customer satisfaction. It is the biggest textile firm with the 17000 thousand employees. The masood textile mills limited provides the best quality knitwear product. The MTM provides a line of products in knitwear through out the world including loungewear, sleepwear, sportswear, active wear, athletics, underwear’s, fabric, yarn. The MTM produce its own raw material to all finish products. MTM also provide also yarn and raw fabric to the other organizations. MTM is leading company in the Pakistan who is providing quality knitwear in Europe and U.K and its products are demanded a lot.

The masood textile mills is facing now a day the timely delivery of the product or the orders to the customers. Due to this problem the company is impacting bad image in the customers mind however the company has quality products which loyal the customer but when the orders of the customer are not fulfilled when they needed it will not have any value when the products not deliver to them at the time. So it is a big issue to the firm that how this problem can be solved. The second problem of the company is a specific brand name. The masood textiles providing its products to the customers who are not consumer but these are the companies who are delivering the product of the masood textile mill with their own brand name

If these strategies will efficiently implemented which we suggest for the masood textile mills limited the weakness of the firm like no completion of the orders and late delivery of the orders can be decreased the above formulated strategies will insure to increase the profit in the next year.

The next weakness of the Masood textile mills is they have no brand name if the branding strategy will implemented with will have great impact on the MTM. When it will have their products with brand name in the markets the goodwill of the company will increase in the consumer mind and the demand of the products will increase. Another aspect is that now days the customer is brand conscious and demands a brand of any products especially in the garments or knitwear sector. So it can increase the demand of the MTM brands.

The MTM is failed to fulfill the orders if the company implemented the above mentioned strategies will have positive impact and not only increase the production capacity of the firm but will also fulfill the needs of the customer.