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This is a business report for a large retail store decided to produce a new series of clothes designed by a top model.Through this report our company is going to help them draft a communication plan with the help of some research, both primary and secondary.We are also going to design a logo and a strapline for their new series of clothes.

Primary Research

In primary research we have to find the out what customers need,there likes and dislikes and there feedback about the product.So for the customer's review our company have done a primary search in 2 traditions.

1. Online Questions

Primary research will help to find out our particular needs, and for that we have to ask question, but in this busy world we cannot stop any one by and ask our question. Therefore, this way would waste our valuable time, so I used social web site (face book) to find out the answer of my question. I have found 20 United Kingdom youngsters and chatted with them online, and through mail I got 13 feedbacks. Then I chose more 20 people and I got 17 feedbacks. This way helped me to find out whatever information I have wanted to know.

2. Market Survey

Firstly our company decided to perform a survey called "Market Survey" in which our marketing team went to Westfield one of the biggest shopping mall in london with alot of big designer cloth shops. I also collected data of how they show their product and which made me go to their stores. Besides, I have talked with some people and have gotten some more ideas.

Secondary research

Secondly, this type of research is based on information gleaned from studies previously performed by government agencies, chambers of commerce, trade associations, and other organizations. These information are usually available in pamphlets, newsletters, trade

publications, websites, magazines and newspapers. Through these, we researched the consumers and though we found the consumers without any difficulty in a very clear way. Through this , we can set up all the things including. brand name, logo, advertisement media and models as well. For marketing the product, secondary research have provided me innovative ideas so that our new brand can impress people and make their interest in buying our product.


We have to find the following in order to make the business booming, according to our communication plan research.

Our targeting consumer segment

Segmentation involves to find out the kinds of consumers with different needs. In the auto market, for example, some consumers require speed and performance, while others are much more worried about spaciousness and security. In general, it holds true that "you can't be all things to all people," and experience has demonstrated that firms that specialize in meeting the needs of one group of consumers over another tend to be more profitable.

Brand name

Brand name is one of the important and potent forces for a company for the marketing and advertising purposes of a product. It is actually the thing which makes us different in much ways in the market from our competitors and this emotions tug connects us with the common people. So we need to find a name according to our product.

Brand logo

A business logo is an essential part of a company's identity in the market. There are two main criteria that we have used to create logos:

Recognizable & Distinctive

A logo should stand out and be identifiable among the visual confusion of other brands. We obviously do not want our identity being confused with other brands, so it should be different from other logos preferably everywhere, but at least in an industry or country. 


The logo of a brand should be according to the usage of product. Such as application and visual shape. So for example, if we select a logo which is a long striped one, generally will not fit in any design so we should avoid that. In the same way, if the logo contains colour gradients and we need to get it print in black and white so we will be in trouble. That does not mean that we should have a short logos, but a logo which has worth representing the product.

Advertisements plan

It is an outline of what goals an advertising campaign should achieve, how to accomplish those goals, and how to determine whether or not the campaign was successful in obtaining those goals. The advertiser's goal is advertising the product or institutional (nonproduct) advertising, direct or indirect action, and primary or selective advertising. Product advertising sells the product, while institutional advertising sells the organization. Direct action is the hard sell initiated by a close-out sale, a weekly special, or the like. Indirect action, the soft sell, might inform the audience about company expansion to a new product line.Our brand new is to market, so we also need to do advertisement; we have to choose a right way.

Advertising planning takes a lot of work, but the extra effort is to value it. Working on our advertising plan today will pay off with more customers walking through the door tomorrow.


Media is very important to business communication. In here, we have to choose the most cost-effective media to get our message to the right people, for example television, radios, news paper and website.

This apparatus is designed to help you make that choice. It asks us a short series of questions about:

1. our product or service

2. The target audience for that product or service

It directs us to management on the advertising media most likely to help your business, providing us with a series of options to help us develop our own media plan.


My research has drawn me to the clothes product business which is very competitive in market as there are number of stores and malls and every store has its own importance and name. So for this we to make our product distinctive from others to gain consumer's interest.

Secondary research

In our finding, we have to find the people who are going to be targeted. Additionally, we have to know about their behaviour

Targeted Group

In 2000, the UK retail clothing market was worth $43 billion, as it was having grown by just 3.8% since 1999. Women's, girls' and children's clothing account for the major share of the market, making up 68.7% of the total value, so our main target is women's product.


The total population of the UK is approximately 60 million, and is split roughly equally between men and women.

By age, the population is divided as follows in the UK:

0-19 - 25.4%

20-49 - 42.3%

49 + - 32.3%

Over 83 percent of clothing and accessories are purchased by women who are at the age of 25 and more. Even 28 percent of menswear purchased in the UK is bought by women.

According to this data, our main target is women's and age between 20-49 because this is the working class people and has perfect age to 20-49 enjoy the life and love and buy what ever they want.

If we use this segment consumer behaviour we can easily reach the market.

Advertisement and Media

In this business world, there are so many media that connect people and companies. However, we cannot choose any of them; we have to choose right media to our advertising purpose. The latest Nielsen Global Online Consumer Survey has found that brand websites are as trusted as online consumer opinions. Recommendations from personal connections are the most trusted form of advertising with 90% approval, while both online consumer opinions and brand websites share second place with 70% approval.

According to this graph, we can conclude that consumer does not trust whatever we tell them, so we cannot do the advertisement ourselves. They want to know about the details of each product. Many people are expecting recommendation from well known people, so we can use this consumer behaviour in our advertisement.

Brand name & logo

  Fashion plays a fundamental role in daily life and is being considered essential in people's lives, fashion is very important in this world in order to being renowned as an individual by society. Therefore, I want to give the brand name "Heart of Fashion", since my company guides people to be acclimated to the latest trend.


Our advertisement attracts the consumers' hearts as our brand is heart of fashion. Through our advertisement, we are going to show some real phenomenon that are occurring in the world and project to improve the huge effects of it because we going to tell about this world problem and our heart of fashion will try to control from our consumers.

For each £45trade, a valuable plant will be planted in order to lessen pollution and global warming. This message would impress the people as they are concerned about these issues.

Who is going to introduce us?

We can chose different famous people for our advertisement. Today, the consumers have various interest in different fields, some like sports, music, cinema education etc. According to our secondary research, recommending the well-known people, we chose world famous people.

Bill gates: He will impress almost all people, as he is a tremendous social worker.

A.R. Rahman- He can impress the people who come from Asia and who loves music.

Emma Watson- She would impress the young generation and the kids.

Britney Spears- She would impress the music lovers.

Angelina Jolie- She would impress women's

David Backam- He would l impress the people who interested in sports

Tiger Woods- He would impress people who come from Africa, and spot lovers.

They are the people who are going to act in our advertisement.

How are we going to introduce?

To communicate with the consumers, there are several ways to get their interest in our product so we are going to approach them from something which make our good reputation in the consumer's mind. If we use simple and cheap ways to communicate with them then they will not even bother to our product so we will use huge different ways to introduce our business.

First look

We are going to sponsor the dresses of UK candidates in 2012 Olympic. This process would be more expensive, but our first look must be impressive

Broad casting Media

After our first look introduction, we are going to communicate through media such as broad casting, printing and online. Broadcasting is very famous nowadays, so that we are going to show our advertisements in all of the famous channels because every channel have particular segment of people, for example, Sky sport where if we want to communicate with youngsters we can use this channel.

Printed Media is also a famous one because that is related to our daily life. We can read or see them while we travel, for example, news paper, magazine, bill board, leaf let, advert board .


In our secondary segmentation research, we will post consumer's opinion online and though brand websites are best for communicating with the common people. In certainty, people want to complete all of their work easily. If they want to buy anything they are ordering online. Therefore, we also need a website. this website will not only contain the details of our new product but also it will have certain attractions like sports entertainment and education details. and which will be updated frequently. Our website URL is

Other Methods

Carrier bag Employee's uniform

Measuring the Success

To evaluate the success of our efforts is necessary to determine if we are making progress on our goals. There are quite a few types of evaluation that should be carried out while we are implementing the communications scheme, these are: 

Sale - over sale should be increase day by day.

Newspaper article - if it's over communication plan success business news paper and magazine will write about us because our plan not normal.

Online survey- in our website we can do a survey about our store we can include some question related to communication plan.

Viewers - we can calculate viewers' number of our website.