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Marketing Strategy By Mcdonald S In India And Uk Marketing Essay

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For successfully completing this dissertation, different marketing strategies adopted by McDonalds in India and UK will be analyzed. Analysis of company’s different marketing strategies will assist in doing comparison and contrast among its marketing strategies for two different nations (Kotler, 2002). The dissertation will involve all different types of marketing strategies adopted by company in an organized manner. As well, there will be a discussion of other strategies also that the company used to support or attain its marketing strategies. It will also include data collection aspect so that research problem can be addressed substantially. In the end, results and findings will also be discussed so that understanding of others can be enhanced and guided towards their own business related problems.

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McDonald’s is the world’s leading inclusive foodservice retailer. It operates with more than 30,000 local restaurants that serve 52 million people in excess of 100 countries every day. It is one of the worlds most renowned and important brands, as it embraces a leading share in the internationally branded speedy service restaurant segment (McDonald’s Corporation, 2010). In addition to its successful operations in number of countries it also operates successfully in India and UK. The company had attained significant position in India as well as in UK and it is all because of the specific marketing strategies adopted by the company (Franchising at McDonalds, 2008).

The company has attained substantial growth in the period of 2000-2010 in India and UK and it is all because of its selection of appropriate marketing strategies. Both of these countries have their own characteristics’ and people and for attracting them it was essential to adopt different marketing strategies that have been successfully done by McDonalds. The company entered in India in the year 1996 and it entered with joint venture with Connaught Plaza restaurants and hard castle Restaurants (Marketing Strategies of McDonalds, 2008). With its entry in India the company confronted several challenges due to religion barriers.

After some years, it adopted diverse marketing strategies especially in the period of 2000-2010. In this period the company continually adapted to the customer’s tastes, value systems, lifestyles, language and perception. Similar is the case with UK where also company has tried to understand customers’ beliefs. McDonald successfully entered both the countries and confronted several challenges (Re-branding: the McDonald’s strategy, 2007). All confronted challenges were resolved with the help of vital marketing strategies. The first substantial strategy adopted by the company in India as well as in UK was to continually adapt to customers tastes and values.

For serving Indian market where huge population is vegetarian, the company made changes in its product lines as it came up with completely new product line of vegetarian items. In UK also company made several changes as every country customers have different perceptions and values (Marketing Strategies of McDonalds, 2008).

In addition to this, the company also adopted segmentation, targeting and positioning strategy in Indian Market. Demographic segmentation strategy was used by the company with age as the parameter. The main target segments are children, youth and the young urban family. As well, the company also made use of attractive outlets in which children were fascinated with different sets and characters. This strategy of the company assisted it in making McDonald’s a fun place to eat (Marketing Strategies of McDonalds, 2008). This helped the company in attracting children as well as young urban families that want to spend some quality time.

For attracting youngsters the company adopted pricing strategy and prices several products aggressively as it was aware with the customers’ price sensitivity. It positioned itself with different attractive slogans and pictures. It made use of slogans like “Mc Donald mein hai kuch baat”, “You deserve a break today” & “Feed your inner child” (Marketing Strategies of McDonalds, 2008). In this way and with other strategies the company positioned itself effectively in the minds of Indian Customers.

On the other hand in the UK, McDonald’s adopted a co-ordinated marketing strategy. All of us are aware with the fact that if a firm wants to be successful, it should imperatively identify what its customers want. Subsequently it should try to develop products that could satisfy its customers and should charge them with the rational price and afterwards should make the continuation of the products recognized through promotion (Re-branding: the McDonald’s strategy, 2007). Similar is the case with McDonald’s in UK where company adopted an all-inclusive marketing strategy and considered all above discussed aspects.

In the period of 2000-2010, the company has substantially tried to identify what its customers want and subsequently it had developed products accordingly. In addition to this, it has tried to satisfy its customers with exclusive outlets and fun environment (Kurtz, MacKenzie & Snow, 2009). In UK also, the company had adopted effective pricing strategies so that its customers cannot be cheated in any way. The company had promoted its products and offering through different media channels like TV, radio, cinema and online advertising (Franchising at McDonalds, 2008). In UK it has adopted an all inclusive marketing mix that has concerned every aspect of its operations and customers.

In both the countries, McDonalds have adopted significant marketing strategies in the period of 2000-2010 and this is the reason that in present it has attained important place in the minds of its people. In India, also the company had adopted an all inclusive marketing mix that focuses on all elements of marketing mix (Franchising at McDonalds, 2008). With the help of marketing mix, it has become able in coming up with effective offer to its customers.

In India, the company has intentionally kept its product depth and product width limited. In both the countries India and UK, the company has designed its products by studying the behaviour of its consumers (Re-branding: the McDonald’s strategy, 2007). Due to Indian cultural values it has offered totally different product range in comparison to its UK offerings. In India it had dropped ham, beef and mutton burgers from its menu as Indian religion prohibits its consumption. India is the only country where McDonald’s serve vegetarian menu.

As well, for attaining success in both the countries, the company has continuously innovated its products and offerings in accordance to the changing preferences and tastes of its customers. With its diverse and unique marketing strategies, McDonalds has become able in positioning itself as a globally reputed brand and world class food quality food retailer in India as well as in UK (Franchising at McDonalds, 2008). The company had developed several value propositions on the basis of their customer needs. As well, it also makes use of other aspects like hygienic environment, good ambience and great service.

All these aspects in addition to its distinctive marketing strategies had assisted McDonalds in attaining success in India and UK in the period of 2000-2010. The company had made use of balanced approach that concentrates on customers, offerings and corporate responsibility. From its entry in both the countries the company continuously altered its approach in accordance to consumers’ tastes and preferences and this strategy of the company directed it towards successful positioning in the minds of its existing and potential customers (Marketing Strategies of McDonalds, 2008). In present, the company is doing well in both the countries and it is because of its balanced approach and unique marketing strategies from time-to time.

Purpose of the Study

Nowadays, all companies are operating in a highly competitive environment and for dealing with this, it is essential to have effective marketing strategies. Due to intense competition, the role of marketing strategies is increasing significantly and similar is the situation with McDonalds. The company operates in number of countries and in all countries it operates with distinctive marketing strategies. With the help of this study the role of marketing strategies in international business context will become apparent (Ranchhod, Gauzente, & Tinson, 2004). This study will assist in analyzing the marketing strategies adopted by McDonalds in two different nations.

This study will render information about significant marketing strategies that are vital for a firm to analyse before establishing its presence in some international location. As well, it will also facilitate in identifying the reason behind McDonald’s success in India and UK. It will also help in increasing understanding of present businesses regarding the marketing strategies that are vital for successful business operations (Ferrell & Hartline, 2008).

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Research Methodologies

This research will be completed with the help of descriptive research methodology. For completing dissertation, qualitative methodology will be used as it is the most effective way to identify and evaluate business problems. In concern to primary method of data collection, questionnaires will be used and for secondary data, literature review will be applied. In addition to this other sources of information can also be used for completing this study (Marczyk, DeMatteo & Festinger, 2005). Qualitative methodology along with questionnaire methodology and literature review would be helpful in collecting data about McDonald’s strategies in India and UK. Comparative analysis will become easier with the help of descriptive research methodology.

Ethical Considerations

The credibility of a dissertation can be judged with ethical consideration. A study always need to be completed will pre-established ethical guidelines as in this way only the true objectives of a research can be attained. For comparing the marketing strategies of McDonald’s in India and UK, it is vital that all guidelines for conducting a research is followed and maintained (Cohen, Manion & Morrison, 2007). All research activities should be done by following all research conducting guidelines. Privacy and authenticity regarding collected information need to be maintained as otherwise it may have a negative effect on research objectives.

Limitations of the Methodologies

In general, it is believed that every research method has some limitations (Cohen, Manion & Morrison, 2007). The questionnaire research methodology and the literature review that will be used in this research study to compare and contrast McDonald’s marketing strategies also have some limitations that are as follows:

Low rate of return of the duly filled in questionnaires; bias due to no-response is often undetermined.

It can be used only when respondents are educated and collaborating.

There is inherent inflexibleness because of the trouble of amending the approach once questionnaires have been discharged.

The check over questionnaire may be lost once it is sent (Cohen, Manion & Morrison, 2007).

It is difficult to know that whether willing responders are truly representative.

Literature review used may lack with sufficient information required to make conclusions.

Information collected through literature review may be lacking on the aspects of validity and reliability.

Findings & Analysis

In the end of the research study, the data collected will be analyzed so that concluding findings can be discussed and elaborated. The findings of the study will be presented in the end of the research study that will involve findings from questionnaires and literature review. This section will involve result of the study so that readers can easily understand the marketing strategies adopted by McDonalds in India and UK.


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