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Marketing Communications Proposal for Arts Company 


Content’s Page.




Communication Objectives

Target Audience

Micro Analysis

Macro Environment

Communications Mix

Digital Audit

Reference Page



Client Objectives.

I have been approached to design a marketing communications proposal for SWG3.

Client Aims

The aim of this proposal is to help SWG3 reach their intended target audience, this proposal will be added to SWG3’S 2019 event’s programme.

Who Are SWG3?

SWG3 – (Studio Warehouse Glasgow) are one of the most far reaching arts venue is Scotland, they are located by the river clyde on the edge of Glasgow’s city centre.

SWG3 have already held a number of 300 individual events so far in 2018, ranging from live music events, global, brand activations, corporate dinners, fashion shows and food festivals.

The venue itself has recently launched its stylish, luxurious “Acid bar”, a bar and café area which also features a rotation of “restaurant residences” – Ox and Finch restaurant will move into SWG3 acid bar as a pop-up for the duration of one month as well as launching a brand-new ticket box office and cloakroom area.

SWG3 is known for having its three fabulous exhibition spaces these are – the photography studio, the TV studio and the vast Galvaniser’s warehouse.

SWG3 have a total of 22 fully trained individuals.

Communication Objectives

SWG3 are looking to reach out to the older target audience who have a high level of disposable incomes, they are already fully established amongst their younger audiences.

Target Audience

SWG3’s target audience is to target people amongst the age of 45+ and tourists.

Micro Analysis

The Micro Analysis is the promotional audit which is carried out by SWG3 themselves.

Situational Analysis of SWG3

The Marketing Mix.


SWG3’s product is “fit for purpose” meaning that it meets customers’ expectations of what they use it for and what they are expecting it to be for.

Customers would want a number of things from SWG3 for example, the location.

The location of the venue itself is quite hard to reach, particularly if customers do not drive, there are no clear visible transport links to and from the venue.

SWG3 does not have any dedicated parking at the venue, however they do provide metered parking at Eastvale Place and Kelvinhaugh Street, so people would have to park elsewhere as metered parking in Glasgow can be very expensive even for a short period of time.

However, on SWG3’s website they have also stated that blue badge parking is available in the yard area, but the spaces are very limited and are only on a first come, first served basis.

SWG3 have also mentioned that vehicles can drop people off and pick up people close to the venue entrance.

SWG3 is keen to promote equality for people with disabilities, inside the venue they do have lifts that can be used for people with access needs, SWG3 staff are on hand to ensure they meet customers requirement’s as well as providing them with the best experience possible.

The layout of the venue is very accessible, and they provide a number of services to customers.

The venue has very relaxed atmosphere for customers, however, SWG3 do not provide much information on any insurance policies.

SWG3 has the capacity to accommodate between 125 – 5,000 people between their 5 di-verse venues.

The sound generated through the venue will be really loud, It has been highlighted on the venues website that they provide earplugs which are available to purchase in the venue and the noise must be kept to a limit.


Ticket prices from SWG3 are so much substantially cheaper than either of their competitors like ABC 02 academy, SECC and the hydro by comparing their ticket prices online it showed that SWG3 were by far the cheapest.

SWG3 are currently offering a promotional discount on tickets at the moment, where many people who purchase tickets online through ticketswap will get 3 tickets for the price of 4 at a discounted rate.

The venue’s level of service to its own customers is all about its cheap ticket prices, exceptional customer service, outstanding prices on their drinks and catering services from Ox and Finch as well as the Acid Bar.

Venue hire prices cannot be negotiated without speaking with the client first.

It would be cheaper to hire an area in the venue rather than hiring an area within the use of in-house service.


The venue place is located by Glasgow’s river clyde, it is very difficult to get to the place.

The area in which the venue is situated in there is not much atmosphere about the place as it just looks like it’s been placed in a dark alley way with a sign of SWG3’s placed above the top.

However, the area is also very quiet and small, the office of SWG3 can also be located directly across from the venue.

SWG3 have provided instructions on how to get to the venue which can be found on its web-site




SWG3 can look to promote their events to their intended target audience of 45+ and tourists the venue can use a number of promotional materials as a way of attracting their audiences to the venue.

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A number of ways they can do this for example, looking at SWG3’s events page on their website have in the past held events like bongos’ bingos, grease summer nights, The power of living and yoga sessions, ultimate 80s night and a poetry club.

These events could prove to be more appealing to the older demographic, the venue can look at promoting these events through their social media channels like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

SWG3 could also create a TV advertisement which can be played on the TV as well as having facebook sponsored posts or even setting up a stall in the Glasgow area where they can promote their services and events as well as distributing leaflets to people.

This could help spark interest from their desired target market, which means that they could be interested in what SWG3 is offering them and might want to visit the venue.


The venue needs to ensure that they fully understand their intended target customers’ needs and wants as we know, they are looking to target 45+ as well as the tourist market, they need to take into consideration what they like, they could find this out by conducting market research to gather these results, word of mouth, focus groups and surveys could help.

It is also important for staff at the venue to have a good attitude as well as having a great appearance and trained to deliver the utmost customer service experience as possible, this will help SWG3 to continue a good relationship with their customers.


SWG3 have prices for tickets to their events which can be viewed just on their site, in which students are charged around about £7/£5 each. Even their own acid bar also provides a list of casual dining prices which are listed on the site.


Physical Evidence

SWG3 could have an open day at the venue where people can come down to visit the venue to get a good feel of what their product and services are like.

The signage of the venue needs to be visual, and easy to see, however it is just located at the top of the building and is hard to locate unless you are looking up at the building, the venue has included some signage in the venue.

The staff who work in the venue all need to ensure they are wearing appropriate uniforms.

The layout of the venue is very spacious, which means that there is plenty of space for people.

SWG3’s décor is very modern, sleek and very current which gives the venue an overall welcoming feel to it when people come to the venue.

Also, the venue looks very clean, and I would imagine is kept clean to the highest standard.

The whole look and feel of SWG3 creates a very ambient balance about it.


SWG3 need to adopt their own marketing strategy which they can use to help attract their target audiences 45+ and tourists and as well as retaining their existing younger audiences.

They could conduct market research as a form of a proactive strategy which would inform SWG3 of the wants/needs of their new intended target market this would also help to build a strong relationship with them as well as interaction and introduce loyalty rewards for customers which would help to stop retention rates.

The venues current customers are mostly a younger audience as stated that SWG3 have established themselves within the younger target market, they are looking to attract more older people to the venue.


SWG3 has major competition from other well-established places in Glasgow like the Hydro, ABC 02 arena and the SECC.

SWG3 should always be thinking ahead of their competitor’s, they would have to consider how they can do things different than their competitor’s do, so for example ABC 02 arena, the Hydro and SECC all have accessible transport links for people coming and going to the venue where this plays as a disadvantage to SWG3 as they have no accessible transport links to their venue there and back for people.

However, SWG3 has very unique venue spaces for hire that can accommodate for just about every event, whereas the Hydro, SECC and O2 do not have these venue spaces provided for their customers.

Like SWG3, the SECC also allows people to hire out their venue spaces however they are limited to the number of space and are much smaller than SWG3 in size.

Number of Employees

SWG3 has a total of 22 fully trained employees and also utilize agency staff.

Marketing Information Systems

SWG3 has enforced a strict privacy policy regarding their customer and supplier database.

The venue collects individuals details from a subscription of their digital newsletter.

They also collect information from third parties that they work really closely with i.e. ticket agents and service providers.

Sales Figures.

SWG3 have over the 5 years grown massively in popularity they have been increasing their profits by at least 10% year on year and have a total equity worth around £210,000 in 2018.

SWG3 have possess substantially assets worth at least £500,000.


As previously stated before in the Marketing Information systems, they have a strict policy in place about their suppliers.

Trakke are also one of SWG3’s suppliers, who sell high end artwork and high-end bags from the Venue.

However, DJ’s, Event’s staff, Restaurant Staff, Agency staff, staff of the venue and Artists who play at the venue are all suppliers of the venue.


SWG3 have a partnership with Andrew Mickel the director of McTaggart and Mickel is the only shareholder that SWG3 has at the moment, he has the direct influence on the venue as he helps to make effective decisions related to the finances of the venue.

SWG3 have adopted a positive relationship with Mr Mickel which has helped the venue sustain its success.

Again, Andrew can change SWG3’s goals and objectives that’s only if they are not managed carefully, he also gets any shares the venue.


The distributors are the ticket agents that work with the venue which are ticket web, the venues tickets are distributed onto ticket web’s website where customers can purchase them online.

Macro Environment

The Macro factors are totally uncontrollable, which means that SWG3 has no control over, this leads to a substantial number of threats and opportunities that could influence the venue.


The decline of the UK Pound would see potential customers tightening their budget as prices will rise and less disposable income.

The venue want to ensure that they keep fully up to date with the latest on Brexit to see if foreign tourists still want to travel to the uk, despite the uk voting to the leave the EU, an-other factor could be that many international customers could feel scared to travel due to the uncertainty of Brexit as well as many of the European artists feeling betrayed by the uk and might not want to play in the uk anymore.

Jeopardy after Brexit as a lot of food suppliers for SWG3 may be imported from EU count-tries meaning that Brexit would mean that the venue would have to try and source new sup-pliers outside the EU.


Economic down growth and the recent recession is still having a major impact on customers spending powers, living costs, employment rates as well as interest rates.

Brexit is also affecting a number of customers homes with the huge rise of living costs which means that it is leaving so many households struggling to live, this could have a huge negative factor on SWG3 as it would have an impact on their ticket sales, causing SWG3 to lose money as a number of customers will find it so hard to afford tickets to the venue, making it much harder for them to attend the venue.


Some of the social factors could be the attitudes towards customers who are taking drugs and alcohol, as drug use is rising within the UK at substantial rate so it is important that the venue act upon this, as security must be put into place to ensure that there are no drugs taken into the venue, so SWG3 need to ensure these measures are in place to stop this hap-penning.

The number of tourists who enjoy leisure activities such as shopping, going to pubs and nightclubs have proved to be the most popular, this would be beneficial for SWG3 to look at as it.

The aging population can also be another social factor that can affect SWG3 as an aging population is providing to be so harmful for economic growth which means its putting so much more pressure on the public finances.


SWG3 need to keep up with new emerging technologies to keep up to date with current technology.

Social media is involving in a daily basis, SWG3 should look at introducing free Wi-Fi as this is in high demand for customers as they are always on their social media all the time, but this could be a good thing for SWG3 to capitalise on so for example the venues marketing team could post updates on their social media sites, they could interact with customers as well as helping to attract more customers to the venue.

The equipment of SWG3 is very state of the arts. The venue has a real visual big screen as well as cool pyrotechnics which generate an ambience feel for customers.

They have superb strobe lighting and sounds that actually give the concert by far the most upbeat and positive party atmosphere.


Veganism is a massive food trend happening at the moment, SWG3 needs to ensure that the pop-up restaurants as well as the acid bar meet every dietary requirement for customers.

SWG3 need to be fully sustainable as they need to keep in breach if they are totally environmental friendly as this should be a top priority in their agenda and should be maintaining this rather than having it as a one off, they should also be promoting recycling so all cups should be made plastic for recycling and offering recycling products as the state of recycling has been increasing every year.

SWG3 can also sure that they main sustainable by installing energy efficient appliances within the venue.

Brexit will also serve as a huge downfall for SWG3 as a fall in the rate of economic growth and a downpouring output gap a downturn will also include a recession which means that it would make it a lot harder for customers to come to the venue due to financial situations.

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Weather patterns would be a factor as the weather in Scotland is never predicted, SWG3 must also make sure when holding events they pick a good time of the year to have them in as they wouldn’t want to have an event in the winter months as there could be snow issues as bad as they were in 2010 which means that many people wouldn’t want to leave their homes as it would be too cold for them to travel.


SWG3 need to ensure that they are fully complying with the uk licensing laws, as mentioned on their website that customers are ID before entering the venue, it should also be on their agenda that people are of the legal age to be supplied with alcohol in the venue, this is a legal requirement for the venue and if customers look under 25 SWG3 should make sure that photographic Id must be presented.

The venue has also provided safe transport home for their staff after they finish their shifts as part of a new campaign from the venue, as the venue care so much about their staff that they want to ensure staff safety.

Soft drinks provided within the venue will be much pricier due to the current sugar tax this is out of SWG3’S hands.

Communications Mix


SWG3 advertise around several places in Glasgow, for example their posters can be found about the town.

The venue also advertises through public transport areas such as the subway, and even have sponsored facebook posts and use outdoor billboards to advertise.

Artists who perform at the venue actively promote SWG3 on twitter, this is a form of partner advertising.

The venue has also recently launched a Robert Burns Mural campaign in Glasgow.







Public Relations

The venue has a number of news articles which can be found on the website, SWG3 is very much mentioned within the media. They have a ton of news articles about them as such, has led to a number of newspapers writing articles about the venue from the likes of the sun, the herald, the Sunday post and the evening times. These press stories have helped the venue gain a lot of high credible publicity.

Sales Promotion

SWG3 is currently doing an offer on tickets where customers can now buy 4 tickets for the price of 3 which is part of their january sale offer and is a great way to promote more ticket sales and bring in more boost in sales.

The venue has also hosted a number of competitions, this is a good form of sales promotion for SWG3 as it would help to attract new customers and we all know customers enjoy a good competition.

Direct Selling/Marketing

Direct Marketing that is used by SWG3 is visitors have the opportunity to sign up SWG3’s mailing list where they will receive direct emails from the venue on updates on SWG3 as well as events, music, DJs.

mail marketing is used by the venue; however, it is only used for contacting customers about marketing purposes.
Digital Audit

Social Presence

SWG3 have achieved an enormous amount of social media following on their social media platforms -Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

The venue has shown a lot of engagement on their social media platforms, at the moment SWG3’s Instagram has a staggering 18K followers, with many of their posts receiving a lot of likes, the most liked posts on their Instagram page comes from the gigs and artists that are playing at the venue.

SWG3’s Facebook page has gained a whopping 54,197 likes; this social platform is one of their most used which is also updated regularly.

The venue’s twitter is currently sitting with a total of 14.5K followers, again with most of their posts liked are the same as their Instagram page.

Online Reviews

SWG3 have received a lot of positive reviews from many of their customers who have attended the venue, many of SWG3’s customers have mentioned that they enjoy coming to the venue.

Some stated that it was perfect for nights out and have briefly mentioned that they provide a great music range, as well as recommending the venue to others.

SWG3’s customers have mentioned that many of that they are likely to come back to the venue again.

The venue has also received a few negative reviews too – with many of their customers feeling they have been unhappy with the level of customer service they have received from SWG3, Many have stated that they felt they were ignored when trying to get a refund on tickets, furthermore have said they were not happy with the way that the venue does not have any viable transport links for customers getting to and from the venue.

Google Reviews currently has a rating of 4.5 for SWG3 and Design My Night has rated SWG3 a total of 3 stars.

Google Rankings

I had to conduct a number of search results in order to find SWG3 if I were a tourist looking for places to go in Glasgow, I had conducted a number of searches, SWG3 came up in the following searches I done – what’s happening in Glasgow, concert venues in Glasgow, Glasgow event spaces.

SWG3 came up in the top-ranking searches in google, ideally, I would like to see it just appear on what’s happening in Glasgow search, as tourists will be more likely to find the venue on there.

(Screenshots of my searches provided)













Website Usability

The website of SWG3 is rather easy to navigate and is totally user friendly, if customers are looking to buy tickets online, they have to scroll all the way right to the bottom of the site and then just simply click on ticket web, all tickets for SWG3 still have to be bought either through ticket web or skiddle as previously mentioned before.

Again, the website is very well laid out, the homepage does have a number of videos to sit and watch, a picture gallery, list of events which gives visitors to the site such a deep insight as to who SWG3 really are.

The overall look of the website is that it is very youthful, more appealing to younger people.

Other than that, the actual content of the website as a whole is still very readable and keeps visitors interested.

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Graded Unit – Planning Stage

Due 1st of February 2019.


Start Date

Date Completed


Aims and Objectives

8th December 2018

10th December 2018

I found this part very easy as the aims and objectives were easily pulled from the client brief, also I included all key considerations as it mentions on the plan.

Brief Summarised

11th December 2018

11th December 2018

I used the information taken from the brief and then was able to summarize this up in my own words.

Target Audience

17th December 2018

17th December 2018

I was able to identify SWG3’s target audience as mentioned in the brief, this was a very straight-forward part that I found easy to undertake.

Communications Mix

14th January 2019

20th January 2019

The Comms Mix itself was a bit tricky one I conducted my research I found this part okay

Micro Analysis

29th December 2018

13th January 2019

I found the micro analysis really changeling, as it was difficult to try and require the right information that was needed, I did manage to find what I was looking for in the end.

Macro Analysis

21st January 2019

21st January 2019

The Macro process I felt was hard to do, I had to keep referring to my notes to make sure that I covered all key points that was required, I will admit that this part was my hardest part.

Digital Audit

1st January 2019


11th January 2019

Digital Audit was the part I enjoyed.

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